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Fibromyalgia + Rectum spasms & nerve pulsations

I'm 21 years old and have been diagnosed by Fibromyalgia 3 years ago. I took a mild anti-depressant treatment (Tryptizol) for one year and it improved my sleeping efficiency (but not the muscle spasms/ pain), later i took Lyrica for one month, but i got nerve pulsations and tremors all over my body as a side-effect so i quit.

My problem with Fibromyalgia is partially solved as i'm now having relaxation physiotherapy sessions on my trigger points (i think they're somehow effective, but on the long run). However, there's this problem that is affecting my whole life, that is- i get frequent rectum spasms and non-sensational pulsations that originate from the rectum and cause me tremors all over my limbs and back. I'm not sure if this has to do with Fibromyalgia or if it's a side-effect of medications and anti-depressant treatment.

I really need your help as it seems no doctor is aware of how this problem is affecting my life.. i have difficulty defecating, not constipation but because of this weird spasm at the rectum muscles. In addition, i've read about PGAD (Persistant Genital Arousal Disorder) and i think it is similar to these nerve pulsations that i get and it is often a consequence of anti-depressant treatment. I'm really worried lest it would affect my marriage life, therefore i'm postponing all my wedding plans with no definite reason because i don't know how my future life would be like.

I appreciate your help, thanks.
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Look up Proctalgia Fugax.

The nick name is P.I.T.A.  Pain in the ***. If what you have is anything like what I have, it is treatable. I get this condition post stress and developed it prior to my getting FM.

The wonderful part is that I had in the past kept the medicine to stop the spasms on me at all times. I took them under my tongue and rested a few minutes and the spasm would subside.  Now, I don't get the spasms, except for a hint, a slight reminder of what was.The name of the med even slips my mind.

Mine was accompanied by nerve involvement at the rectum which caused severe pain that overwhelmed my body and caused a reaction that caused me to pass out.
I too was getting married and still did.  
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Thank you Phtartist for your reply. Just wanted to ask you, so you think those rectal spasms are not related to Fibromyalgia? another thing.. it does not affect marriage life anyhow?
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No these started when I was dating my husband over 20 years ago. My FM came on 12 years ago. It is not related as far a I can see.

Marriage is a partnership Angel. Things come our way throughout it. This has come and gone for about 22 years of our relationship. The thing is, it is something you deal with. Relaxation breathing exercises have helped me and knowing I wasn't alone helped. Have you looked it up yet, if not do so. There is a blog for it.

Go to your gastroenterologist. The medicine I was given that works is Hyoscyamine Sulfate, it is a Sublingual tablet.

Best wishes
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I have had similiar rectal pain that could not be diagnosed for many years.  Last year I learned I had FM.  When I had a colonoscopy the doctor said the spasms can be treated.  He gave me pills to take when I feel an attack coming on.  It is so unpredictable, I haven't used them yet.  At least there is hope.  I guess it was from the FM all along.  Also, I am happily married for 45 years.  Don't let that stop you!  Good luck.
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I get this pain from time to time.  I also get a similar kind of painful throbbing in the vulva.  It took me a long time to find out what that was called:  vulvadynia.  And, when I was researching it online it took a long time to find that it, too, is associated with FM.  Nearly all the sites talk about painful intercourse, as if that's the only reason a woman feels pain down there!  For some of us that issue isn't even a part of the picture.  I get this pain unexpectedly, and it doesn't seem to be associated with PMS or anything to do with my cycle at all.  It just happens.  I think the one thing that guarantees that it will happen to me is STRESS.
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Yeah - I used to get that along with my fissures. Now I've seemed to 'outgrow' the rectum pain (thank goodness) but the fissures still come and go. Ah well. I'll take what I can get ;).

Um. Not to be too graphic either, but women have a bit of a home advantage here...one thing that helped me (and according to my dr when I finally opened up and told him about it a lot of women use) is to use pressure in the vagina (with fingers or thumb) when having a bowel movement to assist. This seemed to help me because I too had problems with regular bowel movements in that they'd ball all up in the end and then it was really difficult. But now I can take care of it with ease using that technique rather than straining for ages and getting my rectal muscles all angry.
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I get this too and i get spasms inside my vagina too when i am aroused during sex making it hard to have intercourse i have wondered what this was for a while i guees its another thing to put down to fibro,have you talked it over with your dr?

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Hello everone.. thanks alot for sharing with me your personal experiences. I figured out what i has.. it is called 'obstructed defecation' where the anal muscles don't relax during defecation. I have had a BOTOX injection in my anal muscles (outer sphincter + puborectalis) for relxation accompanied by biofeedback sessions. Defecation process improved slightly throughout the past month (which gives me some hope that i'm on my way for being cured), however i still get the rectal spasms frequently esp. during sleep and when i wake up. I'll ask the doctor about this medicine Phtartist told me about (Hyoscyamine Sulfate) if it's suitable i'll take it right away to get rid of those bad spasms. If anyone knows any medecines that worked for rectal spasms without any side-effects, can you please tell me? and did it totally cure it?
hello, I hope you're doing great now. I just wanted to ask if it's better if I go off "tryptizol" since ive been experience lots of side effects even being on a very low dose for fibro.
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45 yr female I  just started these symptoms my gyno is baffled using my tens unit helps some? he rx lortisone now i have blisters on my butt? no clue if its an allergy or if thats why i have this sensation.. any clue?
Restless Genital Syndrome is a medical disorder that has been reported only in women.These women report weird sensations at the clitoris, vagina, labia and the region around the vagina,
(such as on the pubic bone and the groins) and sometimes the anal region. These sensations have previously been called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
(PSAS) and Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD).
The weird sensations consist of tingling, itching-like and wave-like sensations, small shocks or cramps in or around the clitoris and vagina.
Women usually experience a close to orgasm sensation as if they are on the verge on getting an orgasm. These feelings do not cease like in a
genuine orgasm but lead to an imperative urge to masturbate or to have intercourse in an attempt to get rid of these feelings. Miraculously,
while having these sensations, women do not long for or fantasize about sex.
Unfortunately, masturbation or intercourse do not lead to a diminishment of the genital sensations, but, usually, aggravate the sensations.
The sensations are usually present the whole day, aggravate with sitting down and are often accompanied by restless legs (restless legs syndrome; RLS)
and a frequent urge to void (overactive bladder syndrome; OAB).

Restless genital syndrome makes a woman often completely desperate. Most affected women do not talk about their complaints out of embarrassment.
Avoidance to talk with anybody else about the complaints usually leads to social isolation meaning the losing of friends, who usually do not understand
what is the matter.
Latest News and Articles on ReGS/PSAS/ PGAD by Prof. Marcel D. Waldinger

In 2009, Prof. Dr. Waldinger and his colleagues have published five important articles on Restless Genital Syndrome.
Prof. Waldinger has been the first to identify  the real cause of ReGS and therefore also the real cause of PSAS or PGAD.
It is a small fiber sensory neuropathy (SFSN) of the dorsal nerve of the clitoris (DNC), a small nerve in the vicinity of the clitoris and vagina.
Prof. Waldinger has also been the first to show the efficacy of TENS treatment for ReGS, PSAS or PGAD.

IMPORTANT!! Some internet sites, particularly in the USA, state that PGAD is a newly described disorder that is not yet fully understood
or defined and is difficult to treat. This is unfortunate as it gives the impression that PGAD still is a rather mysterious disorder. But it is not.
These websites are not up-dated with recent research. The studies of Prof.
Waldinger have shown that ReGS, including PSAS or PGAD, is a well-described
neurological disorder that can be treated with TENS and or medication (daily clonazepam, or oxazepam, or on-demand tramadol;  local injection with
bupivacaine 0.5% or bupivacaine 0.5% + 40 mg methylprednisolon).

1.Waldinger MD, van Gils AP, Ottervanger HP, Vandenbroucke WVA, Tavy DLJ. Persistent genital arousal disorder in 18 Dutch women:
Part 1. MRI, EEG and transvaginal ultrasonography investigations. J Sex Medicine 2009; 6: 474-81
2.Waldinger MD, Schweitzer DH. Persistent genital arousal disorder in 18 Dutch women: Part II. A syndrome clustered with restless legs and overactive bladder.  J Sex Medicine 2009; 6: 482-97
3.Waldinger MD, Venema PL, van Gils APG, Schweitzer DH. New insights into Restless Genital Syndrome: static mechanical hyperesthesia and neuropathy of the Nervus Dorsalis Clitoridis. J Sex Medicine 2009; 6: 2778-87
4.Waldinger MD, de Lint GJ, Venema PL, van Gils APG, Schweitzer DH. Successful Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in two women with Restless Genital Syndrome: The role of A?- and C-nerve fibers. J Sex Medicine 2009; 6: e-pub
5.Waldinger MD, Venema PL, van Gils APG, Schutter EMJ, Schweitzer DH. Restless Genital Syndrome before and after clitoridectomy for spontaneous orgasms: A case report. J Sex Med 2009; 6: e-pub

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I have the same problem with anal spasm that I was just diagnosed with  - and a rectocele it is very painful because when I get constipated it pushes on all my abdominal adhesions from 5 surgeries that I have chronic pain from. but I also have this weird sensations at the clitoris, vagina, labia and the region around the vagina that you are calling Restless Genital Syndrome.  I wonder if it is caused from the pressure of the rectocele as well ?  They have also recommended the botox - did you have this done?  Has anyone had this done - has it helped?
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Sorry one more questions - Abdominal Pelvic Adhesions - has anyone found a really good cure for these besides physical therapy, acupuncture and nerve blockers?
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Yes.  Look into ball rolling.  On the ovarian cyst forum if you look at the health pages (top right) attached to it you will find a listing about adhesions.  Give it a try.
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i'm, using TENS unit ,  it says the nerve that is being aggravated It is a small fiber sensory neuropathy (SFSN) of the dorsal nerve of the clitoris (DNC), a small nerve in the vicinity of the clitoris and vagina.
Prof. Waldinger try chiropractic, low back adjustment  might help also  have u had a hysterectomy? I did...
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RECAP- The studies of Prof. Waldinger have shown that ReGS, including PSAS or PGAD, is a well-described neurological disorder... that can be treated with TENS and or medication (daily clonazepam, or oxazepam, or on-demand tramadol;  local injection with bupivacaine 0.5% or bupivacaine 0.5% + 40 mg methylprednisolon).

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Hi Ronnie.. Hi everyone. I'm so sorry for getting back at you after all that long.
I've had the BOTOX injection one year ago in my anal sphincters & puborectalis muscles & i've improved much. My defecation problem is nearly solved! good luck Ronnie & everyone, hope you feel better. Just one note, if the Biofeeback stresses you out, just drop it out, you don't really have to do that. By the way, BOTOX have nearly no side-effects. Also, an anti-depressants episode post-injection could really help for relaxation onwards.
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Hello to everyone on this thread. Just wanted to check if you've found-out solutions for your "Obstructed Defecation Disorder" & your persistant rectal spasms. Again, my story is i was about to die because of this medical condition, as at one point i was unable to pass out for about 10 days! Then I had this BOTOX injection in my anal muscles, & my problem is almost totally solved. Especially, it was followed by psychological treatment, i took "Effexor" anti-depressant & really helped with the relaxation needed. Although, I around the same time of the healing-up process, i coincidently developed a new rare condition called "Visual Snow". I'm not sure if it is relevant in some way though.

Hope you all heal from that soon & feel better. God bless you all =)
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Just read these posts, and was glad to see that other people were talking about this. The rectal area has a lot of nerves, and muscles and I've had pain there every since I had a hysterectomy, very painful vaginal problems, and throbbing in the rectal area, and it all depends on the bowel movement of the day, some days it is not to bad and other days it is unbearable, and this condition makes you feel so isolated, because of the the nature of it's location. Thanks for sharing, and giving some solutions. So what kind of doctor does the botox injections? And does the Hyoscyaminc sulfate work?
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hello. I have posted in other forums and just came across this one and it sounded pretty familiar. I am a 31 yr old female and have been having some weird symptoms for the past 3 months. It started with tingling and numbling in my left foot and at the same time I believe I came down with mono as I have tested positive for ebv in the past but never had any symptoms that i noticed until now. the fever, chills, sore throat and swollen glands have now recided but I was left with a beast that still has not gone away. the tingling/numbing has been in my system from the very beginning. I have had test after test including a recent mri(brain)  which only showed sinus infection. One of the neurologist I saw said that I had fibromyalgia symptoms and then dismissed me. I now have I guess you call them tremors in my body and I literally feel the nerves jumping in my body. My legs and feet hurt including I have pains in my butt! Literally! It feels like whatever it is is just traveling up and down my spinal cord causing problems. Now I feel the jerking and pain in my butt and and back it's really concerning me. My new doctor a neuromuscular doc wants me to get another mri but of my spine next. She also did mention that many of her patients have these types of symptoms and it's all due to stress. I know stress can cause things to happen but not these weird symptoms?! She knows that I am under stress and I wonder if that is why she said it. i don't understand how mothers are not suppose to be stressed if they are raising children alone while husband is deployed all the time. Some advice and med help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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This condition is so confusing. I have all that and have been to many doctors and nothing shows up but RA+ on the low end. I have been dealing with it for  yrs. and the symptoms change. I am 61 and all thru the yrs. I have had all kind of different problems, it is so amazing how it just jumps around. I think it is some kind of indifferential connective tissue
autoimmune condition, which means it can be anything. It is very frustrating because you can't get a definitive diagnose and people think you are a hypocondriac (sp?) (forgive my spelling, that's another thing) I burn all over, and my hands have horrible attacks where they swell, pop, and hurt. My hips hurt, legs, feet, just everything. When I was younger I had upper respiratory problems constantly, but now it's changed to just hurting and burning all over. I connect it to our family history of RH- incompatibilty. I do believe that it is connected to autoimmune disorder. Medical field is not into it, but I have researched it for yrs. and whether anybody else believes or not, I DO. and I believe that even though you may not be negative yourself, it can be in the family. There are many people who have a lot of stress but do not have this, stress does exacerbate conditions for sure, but this is different, and I do not believe it is just stress. Research autoimmune disorders. One of my worse problems have been EXTREME fatigue, and they would come in cicles and that is better now because of the meds I am on, one of the main ones is thyroid, and noone would treat me for it because it didn't show up very much on tests.But, I am on other meds that definitely help. I am now on a medication regiment that is helping, it took some time, but I feel better than before. Hate to be on drugs, but I am tired of missing out on life.I'll be glad to share info if you wish.
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I told you to get IGENEX Lyme testing done.  Every one of these symptoms are Lymes and coinfections.

Thankgiving, research www.immed.org about chronic intracellular bacterial infections (Mycoplasmal).  I think if you had either Lyme or Mycoplasma testing done at a specialized lab, you would find the root of your problem. Mycoplama fermentans, Hominis, Penetrans are the primary infectious mycos.
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That's the problem  I am having which is finding good doctors but I will work on that. Thanks again.
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You know I have read a lot about this in my search for these crazy symptoms over the yrs and did think there was some connection. I did grow up on a farm and spent a lot of time in our dog lot (we had hunting dogs) and I have spent a lot of time with every animal you can think of and have been an avid hiker, so that wouldn't be out of the question. The funny thing is, and something I have questioned over the yrs. is when I've had to take an antibiotic for something I always had a spell of feeling better, more energy, which made me question why that was. So you may have something there.Thanks, I'll be on yet another search.
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Hello everyone who posted here. I found another term for this condition ; it is called "Anismus" in case you're searching for one-word term online. Please consider BOTOX treatment, if you haven't found a solution yet, as it did help me to a great extent. I wish you would be relieved of it soon. Anyone who wants to ask me any questions please don't hesitate or you can inbox me. Good luck & God bless you all.
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I wonder if you guys get notifications when i reply to the thread?!
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