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Fibromyalgia Attacks??

Do people with fibromyalgia experience attacks similar to MS that last for a week or so and then subside with more mild symptoms, or is it a chronic condition?  And are the painful areas always sensitive to touch?

I've been dealing with something that feels neurological in nature and I'm working with my neurologist on eliminating certain conditions.  I have thus far eliminated two conditions that resemble the symptoms I've been dealing with i.e., ALS and B12 deficiency.  I had an MRI on my brain last April that was normal, but have not had one on my brain stem/cervical spine, so that's the next step.  I have not discussed fibromyalgia as a possible outcome, but I know that it resembles symptoms similar to MS, so I'm exploring that as a possible outcome at this point.

Any insight you have would be helpful.

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Yes, many people with FM get 'flare ups' where the symptoms will become more severe, sometimes just for a day or two or it can be weeks/months before they subside.
As far as i know, it generally is known as a chronic condition.

My tender points are always tender to the touch and i always have a certain degree of pain somewhere, luckily not usually so bad to stop me doing things. I have spoke to people who sometimes their tender points aren't always tender.
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I'm glad that your test have returned as negative of worse conditions.  That's good news.

Fibro is chronic and also waxes and wanes.  You could experience a flare one week and do well the next, or it could run into years of flaring and then subside.  Everyone experiences the symptoms differently.  

I wish you good luck on future testing and hope that you get some answers soon.  Please take care.
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I use to get a flare once a month and now it's been "flared up" for a year now.  The amount of sleep I get, hormones, what I eat, infections, and stress all are factors that can affect the pain.

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I have also been ruled out for all of the tests that have been taken. I've gone through testing 4 different times and everything came back negative. My Fibro flares come on quick and hard. They last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks and sometimes longer. We have a pool at home but it's not heated, but we do have a hottub and that helps alot.

   Somedays it takes me all day to do a couple of loads of laundry. I finally broke down and hired a lady to come in every day and help me with the housework and it has been a blessing. My husband had been trying to convince me for several months and I fought it, but then I realised that it was for the bet. The trip to the Rheumy today took everything out of me.

gentle hugs
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I was injured in the foot and ankle. I had been diagnosed years before with fibromyalgia, but payed it no mind...doesn't seem to be a cure. So, two days after the injury which produced swelling in that foot, my whole body swelled up. It was very pronounced when I woke up that morning. That seemed odd to me. Usually swelling is better in the morning. But this was both feet, hands and bags under the eyes. I tried resting, increasing water...nothing worked. It has now been over a month since that time and the swelling is still there. The pain is worse and spots on my back are aggravated in the mornings. The pain is crawling up my legs and knees and hips. I'm pretty miserable. I don't have insurance so I thought I could find some help here. Anyone have suggestions? this seems very long. Today is especially bad. I'm using a rolling walker to get around.
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Some hospitals have an indigent program. Which means you can be seen even if you can't pay. Check your local hospital.

If you can find out the medications your doctor is going to prescribe or has perscribed, then you can get the medicine free, if you do not have a large income.

Get the name of the company that makes the Brand Name Medicine, go online and search for the companies name  and add indigent program on the end of the name, like Kraft Indigent Program, see?

They will have a form you need to fill out. Fill it out but DO NOT PUT IN THE DATE.

Take to doctor and have him sign it.  Make a bunch of copies. So you don't have to go back to the doctor to sign it.

Make sure everything is dated before faxing. Fax it. You will receive your medication.

In 3 or 6 month you will have to fax this again. Take your copy, put in todays date and then fax it in.  This way you will not run out of medicine before the next arrives.

Good luck
Take to
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The web site www.needymeds.com is the best place for that.  You can click on the left (a list) where it says brand names or brands.  then pick your medicine out of a list.  they have the alphabet and you pick the letters it starts with until you find it.  when you get there, it will have a link to where a program is for that medicine is.  to enroll you have to send proof of income and sometimes bank statements, and a page from the doctor along with a prescription.  You have to apply annually.  Some of the meds they send to your home, some to the doctor's office.  it is a wonderful service put on by the drug companies.  I pay for Medicare, and my supplemental insurance but I wont buy the part D because of this program.  The only thing I have to buy is my pain meds.  I feel like if I have to buy them, I won't just go overboard on them haha.  I get my Lyrica free along with my Epilepsy, high blood pressure, and even my chantix when I was quitting smoking.  They pay for my zoloft, and a couple of others.  I get 4 or 5 scritps from the same place.  when you are about out you can call them and ask them if you need anything new to get a refill.  sometimes  a new script from the doc and sometimes a re-certification.  The income is not that low.  I think for one person in a household, it is like 26,000 and goes up considerably.  Something like 200% or 300% of the poverty level.  It covers those of us to poor to buy the insurance, and to rich to apply for welfare lol.
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