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Fibromyalgia Treatments

Had anyone seen a rheumatoid specialist for this condition? Are they offering any treatments for it, other than the standard antidepressant treatment? Those treatments don't work for me, and there is no need to waste the money seeing a specialist for an antidepressant treatment that a family doctor could give me. My symptoms of chronic fatigue seemed to start with Epstein Barr, now I have the joint/nerve pain.

I recently saw a medical acupuncturist for treatment, and this quack doctor discounted everything I told her about the Epstein Barr virus, and told me that this whole condition was in my head, and I needed antidepressants. Although, she did do the acupuncture to boost my adrenal function for energy. I have noticed that shortly after the procedure, the nerve and joint pain "flare-up" came back, and it hasn't boosted my energy. And I have noticed some strange side effects after the treatment, such as chills and metallic taste in mouth. Although, its only been a few days. Maybe it takes longer for it to work.  
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Hi candyman54321.

How were you diagnosed?
It is a Rheumatologist who you must see for a fibromyalgia diagnosis and if positive,consequent treatment follows,  prescribed normally by the Rheumatologist.
There is no effective standard medical treatment for fibromyalgia other than symptom management, by the way.
The suspected side-effects of the acupuncture cannot be attributed to the
treatment itself, as it cannot be verified.
Those " strange" side effects could be easily caused by stress alone.

I started a thread here quite sometime ago, under the title "IWILLDOTHIS"
where one can find many ways to help deal better with fibromyalgia.
Most of the recommendations are mainly natural and complementary to any
medical treatments.  Just do a search here on this page, either on the top left side (magnifying glass icon) or search box on the top right.

Hope this helps.

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I was never "officially diagnosed," with this condition. I'm not aware of any doctors in my area that will diagnose this, or acknowledge its existence (except  advertisements from Rheumatologist). I was only curious about what treatment they offer. Antidepressants are a garbage-can treatment that I don't want, and don't want to waste the money seeing a specialist for it. My family doctor can give me this, and can also treat the pain when it flares-up. I was interested in seeing a specialist only because I want unique/specialized treatment for this condition. I'm finding quite often that specialists aren't offering anything different from a family doctor, yet they are charging far more for their visits. And most are arrogant, with an over-bloated ego....And they seem to know less about the body as a whole, than a family doctor.  
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I have been suffering for about 4 years now with fibromyalga , chronic fatigue syndrome. And also disc bulges and arthritis. I take 30mg duloxetene in morning and 60mg every night and zapain every four hours. I have seen nerologist and rheumatologist , medication helps but still suffer with pins and needles from head to toe, restlessness leg syndrome , pain in all joints , chronic pain lack of sleep . Neck and hands are unbearable in the evening.  I have tried a fast amount of other tablets what were not great . So still waiting for a wonder drug.
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