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Fibromyalgia Vs Multiple Sclerosis

Does anyone know what the difference between the 2 are???? My mom has told me that all of her sisters have ms and the dr is treating me for fibro after i took him a symptom list. Help I go to the dr on Thursday the 30th and i dont wanna seem dumb going into this
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did ur dr do a MRI of ur brain??I understand that is standard in dxing MS......there r so many conditions that have the same or an overlap of symptoms it can be dificult to get a dx and treatment in a timely manor.....there are health pages on the right of each forum of medhelp......please read thru...it will be easier for u to read to understand what is going on with ur body......otheer conditons that often are misdiagnosed as fibro is chiari ....so it will take a good dr some time and a list of tests to give u a proper dx.
I hope that helps and didn't confuse u.....

Good luck
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They may share some symptoms but are completely different.  MS is a progressive neurological DISEASE.  There is actual damage to the central nervous system.  Fibro is not a disease.  It is a group of symptoms without a known cause.  It is a diagnosis of exclusion when all  diseases have been ruled out.  There is no actual damage occuring to the body.  It feels like it but it is not occuring.  They both cause symptoms like numbness and tingling, pain, stiffness though.  Both can be debilitating. There are many conditions which cause symptoms that overlap with other conditions.
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A Neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic told me that difference between Fibromyalgia and MS is that MS causes brain damage and Fibromyalgia does not, but other than that the symptoms are the same.  I have been diagnosed with both and then told they weren’t sure if I have MS.  I do believe that Fibromyalgia flares are similar the MS Flares.  I don’t particularly care if I have one or the other because they both suck.  
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