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Fibromyalgia and Me

Hello all;
   I'm new here and I guess I'll write a short bio first. I'm a 53 year old grandmother and I was diagnosed about 5 months ago with Fibro. Although my Dr. seems to think as I do, that I've suffered with Fibro since childhood. I had a partial knee replacement in March of 07and two months later I was back in the hospital for a revision. Five days after the revision the replacement broke again and I had to have a full knee replacement in Oct. 07. All of this due to the first ortho surgeon cutting too much away from my tibia.
    I have been blessed with my doctors. My internist/gp  did the blood work to check for Rh, he then sent me to my Rhuemy who in turn diagnosed me with fibro. They work together and stay in close contact regarding my treatment. I take Tramadol, Zoloft, Flexeril, Restoril, high blood pressure meds, a statin for cholesterol, and meloxicam. I couldn't tolerate Lyrica or Neurontin, both made me very ill.
    My Rhuemy feels that the trauma from having had 3 major knee surgeries in exactly 7 months brought my fibro to fruitation. My grown children and my husband all understand that this disease is unseen but will take total control if I allowed it to do so. I'm blessed that my family have been by my side since my diagnoses.
    I've lurked around the net to try and find a support group. I think I found a new home here. Thank you for taking me in.

gentle hugs
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Hello and welcome. I also have fibro (diagnosed 9 yrs and counting). You sound as if you have found, as I have, a wonderful group of drs. to help you (as much as fibro can be helped). That is a rare find from what I've been told. We are lucky; no blessed. Fibro can take over your entire life if you let it. It sounds as if you have a good attitude about it and you are well informed. People with fibro seem to be very well educated about their disease. I think it's b/c we are always seeking new information hoping something will help. I take Flexiril, hydrocodone, cymbalta, skelaxin, ziac for high blood pressure, and nexium. I took lyrica but could not tolerate the side effects. I also took tramadol but it was like popping a tic-tac for me. It did nothing! I also use a C-PAP machine for sleep apnea. Sleep disorders and fibro seem to go hand in hand. I have tried several meds for cholesterol, but they all made my fibro worse!!! Every morning, I could hardly stand when getting out of bed. As of now, I am on nothing for this which scares me. I can't lower it on my own either. What do you take for this? Has it ever bothered you?
I am pleased to meet you, but not happy you are suffering from fibro. Only those who suffer truely understand. I, too, am blessed with a really understanding and supportive family. They still can't understand as well as people who have fibro can. Yes, you have found a very supportive group here. I hope you stay. If you ever want to talk or vent, send me a message.
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