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Fibromyalgia and RH negative blood group


I'm interested to know if there are many FMS sufferers who have a RH Neg blood type.  I have seen quite a few people on forums who have FMS and are also RH Neg.  Does anyone know if there is a connection?  I would be very interested to find out.

I have been diagnosed with FMS and also have a RH Neg blood type.
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I don't have fibro, but I have CFS. Although they are two very separate conditions, I thought I would mention that I also have an Rh NEG blood type. (A NEG).
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I have never been diagnosed with either, however not feeling well lately and have the symptoms of fibro, however been diagnosed with lyme two years ago....and yes I have RH negative blood.
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I have Fibromyalgia and Rh neg blood type.  (O neg)
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I have Fibromyalgia and am RH negative, as well!
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It seems like it's a fairly common thing with RH neg & Fibromyalgia, Does anyone know if there is any research into this?  I would be very interested to find out.
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I have Fibro and I am O-     let me know what you find out about the connection  
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I have FBS and I'm RH neg too. I never realised there could even be a connection.
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I have longed believed that autioimmune disorders are connected to rh
negative blood, and also disorders like adhd, add, dyslexia. There are so many people I have talked to that are rh negative with an array of problems. I also have cfs.
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I do have FM but not this blood type. I've never heard of this type. What is it? why do you think there is a link?
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This is interesting. I am not really sure what type blood I have. I thought it was O positive though??? But I could be totally wrong. I've never been told since I was an adult. Does anyone know how you find out?
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I had mine checked when I had surgery.  I'm A positive. I had never heard about blood type and fibro link. It could be very interesting to look at.  There is a book "Eat Right for Your Type."  It outlines each blood type and what foods you should and should not eat. I don't follow it but it's interesting, most of the foods for A positive that I should eat make me feel yucky or I don't like.  
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I should have asked when I had my surgery done last year. Darn! Oh well. I am fairly sure my blood type is O positive. You know, I think I have heard of this book you mentioned.

I'll have to double check on my blood type though when I can and do some digging into blood type and autoimmune illnesses a little further. See if I can find any links? It's worth some research I spose...
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Dustybrown, do check find out. You need to know for other reasons. I originally wanted to know because of the book.  My sister and her daughters live by this book "Eat Right for your Type" it's also on tape. You can probably find it at 2nd hand book stores too.  It's interesting.  If you are O I think O blood type can eat protein where a A positive should limit protein. I can't digest steak or port very well. I eat it by not often.  I am also very acidic so I try to eat foods that are more alkaline and that is why I always take an enzyme supplement before eating a meal.  Also A positive types are more prone to stomach cancers and I have so many stomach problems so it gives you a heads up on what to watch out for.  Take care!
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I have a strong immediate family history- mom, dad and only sibling all have various autoimmune disorders. In the last 3 years, I have been diagnosed with psoaraisis and celiac- both auto immune. I am also Rh neg. To my knowledge, my mom and sister are positive blood types. I am getting testing done for MS, too- another autoimmune disorder. I really think there is a strong correlation with Rh negative and autoimmune in general.
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I am A RH- blood type and have Fibro
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have fibro and  A positive   but  alot of people i know that have fibro have relatives with MS now is this a coincidence?
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My rh factor is positive, too.  I was diagnosed with FMS.  
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I have fm/cfs , and have  RH  O negative type blood
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Yes, I absolutely believe that it is connected. Just because a person is positive does not mean that there is not a connection with the Rh- because in my family alone ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia runs rampad, also pain issues similar to Fibro, but in different places, such as with myself and my son, sister, all who are negative. The 3 siblings in my immediate family, and the children of the negatives have all the above, the one family member who is positive is the only one that does not, nor does his positive children. Fibro, and CFS can be connected to connective tissue disorder, which I believe I have, but this can be a spectrum disorder, and I have about one of every symptom out of each of the spectrums, and have always had spells of just feeling terrible all over, and spells of severe muscle weakness. One of the other things I found in my searches is that there is a connection with ADD and CFS.I am A- and ADD, and have not been definitively been diagnosed with CFS, but have struggled for yrs with chronc fatigue, and other issues.It was finally determined that I had Hypothyroid, which never showed strongly enough on labs to treat me, but finally did get treated for it, along with estrogen and testosterone, and this has helped. But there are a lot of negatives with thyroid conditions. YES, I do believe it can be much more prevalant among negatives, and I am researching it.
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Thanks for your post, I have concentrated on the negative aspect of the blood, and do agree of the negative being connected to autioimmune conditions, but there can be many factors, and is very complicated. I cannot eat red meat because it takes forever to digest and it is miserable for me because I was left with a chronic pelvic pain from a hystectomy, and my colon is exceptionally long, and when things don't move correctly I am in a lot of pelvic pain, but I tend to get weak and anemic from time to time and I crave red meat, but I am sorry if I dare eat it. Pork is not too bad, and chicken is not as bad, but fish digest better than any, but get tired of it, and I do need some meat. The easiest for me to digest is sauteed vegetables. What enzeme do you use and does it really help? I tried one a few yrs ago and it gave me a stomach ache, burning. I also have stomach problems, especially stress related, or any kind of aspirin, or anti-inflammatories.
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Your family sounds like mine. From the research I have done so far it is the negatives of the family that have the problems. Both, of celiac, and psoaraisis are in my family.
I have spells of severe muscle weakness in my arms and ligaments there, but it gets better, but when I have it, it is difficult to even reach up in the cabinet to get a mug, or throw the covers back on my bed, now that is not normal. Am A-. What are your symptoms that concern you for MS? I had a test a while back for the autioimmune disorders, but do not have the results back yet. I do have Raynauds syndrome which is autioimmune, my dad had Buergers disease a vascular problem, lost both of his legs at age 40 died at 47. Buergers is also associated with connective tissue disorder.
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Diagnosed 2001 with CFS and Fibro in 2007 ( probably had it in 2001 as well) and I m o-
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yeah, Lynn, I am convinced there are some correlations with the negative blood, that's certainly not to say that as an absolute, but I've seen a lot of people on the negative blood website that have one of the related conditions. I think the very fact there are people out there noticing this and creating a web site about it says something in itself.
Have you had your thyroid checked? I had hypo for a long time before anybody would treat me, because of the old guidlines for labs, but synthyroid has helped along with vitamin D, which is very important, and I also use a compounded testosterone. Another thing that has helped me, which a lot of people seem to be ADD who have chronic fatigue, is a med for ADD, has helped tremedously. I know some people have an aversion to medications, but I am 60, and have been struggling with this chronic fatigue so long, I am just plain tired, and don't care, if I feel better I  have no problem with taking something to make me feel better. I have done all the things you are suppose to do to be healthy, and I probably would be worse off if I hadn't taken care of myself, so I feel justified, and I am ready to feel better.
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I too, have fibro and have 0- blood. hmmm.....interesting!
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