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Fibromyalgia and RLS (& CFS)

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I also have severe RLS (restless leg syndrome (in my arms and legs)) I wonder if I don't also have CFS. I am in such pain all the time and I am exhausted all the time.  I noticed several people who post questions about Fibro mention that they have RLS also.  I wonder if the two don't go hand in hand?  I have not found anything that works for the pain, (I tried LYRICA - had bad side affects)  I now use pain pills (which I buy over the internet (I am too afraid to ask my doctor for pain medication- he treats me like I am a Hypochondriac)) I take REQUIP for the RLS which helps somewhat. and I take BACLOFIN for the muscle spasms  which does help. but I have not found anything to help with the overall body pain and the Exhaustion. I am open to suggestions on which to ask my doctor for. I sometimes think they only way out of this nightmare is suicide. No I am not depressed. I do belive in God, and I believe the is something beyond this life. I am an older lady 58 years old so I have lived my life. But to tell you the truth I hate doctors I think many of them are over educated idiots. (who don't listen to a word you say) and if no one can help me out of this nightmare and make this go away, (I have been dealing with this for almost 3 years -with no end in sight) I am not sure I want to continue like this, it is a question on quality of life. So I am open for any suggestions.
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I feel the same way. My doctor is leaning towards fibromyalgia and already diagnosed CFS. Only, my doctor will prescribe me pain pills for my aches and pains. They even help the Exhaustion a little. But, I haven't taken a pain pill for 4 days, so I'm really feeling it now. I have RLS and my legs hurt extremely all the time. Today I am very weak and have cried. Reading your post helps me know I'm not alone. Why can't they fix this? Sometimes I wish I could just touch a doctor and "somehow" he would know and realize what I'm going through. I'm sure that if the doctors had what we have, they would find a cure! You're right, it is a nightmare, but we are here for you. I was going for walks(pushing myself) for a while. That seemed to help a little. The weathers cooling, so maybe you could try it? I understand you're 58, I'm 38 and have only been suffering with this for a year and a half now. Each morning I wake up and feel more awful than the day before. I usually feel best right before bed. Of course! I want to try Lyrica, but I have heard of the side effects, and I'm worried. I wish you could find something to help you. I hear Cymbalta works, too. Maybe ask him for that.

Remember, you are important in this world! None of us feel that we can make it another day, but we do. Right now, it seems that "quantity" is better than "quality" of life at the moment. Just have faith(in yourself and God) and things will work out, sooner or later.

I hope you are feeling better today. Best wishes,

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I just read a short article on remedies for RLS on Care2.com.  It mentioned iron and magnesium and one other that I never heard of called L-theanine and mentioned Dr. Teitelbaum.  That got my attention.  He suggested 200 mg of Sun Theanine (don't know where to get it either) one hour before bed time.  The article said that it's good for sleep, too.  The article mentioned that this is a natural form of GABA.
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THANK YOU , I will try to searh on the web and find out more on it .
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