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Fibromyalgia and appetite

So for members who have had FMS for some time, does it also tend to affect your appetite significantly?
Does is make it lower or higher or a combination of both?
I find that I just eat less.

My appetite has really been fluctuating for the past 2+ months. Right now it is minimal at best and I'm afraid I'm losing weight.
It doesn't help that I've become rather depressed the past week as well. At times I sense my stomach needs food but I just don't have the desire to eat.
But even when I was in brighter spirits, I never had what I would consider the healthy appetite I was used up until my fibromyalgia-like symptoms occurred.
And please note though I use the phrase
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I was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist last year.  I'm still skeptical myself.

Anyhow, I have a pretty lousy appetite.  I wouldn't say I had a significant one before, but it's definitely dropped off.
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Thanks for sharing.
I really feel freaked out about this entire ordeal and it has become a source of stress.
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I don't have much of an appetite either. Since my latest flare up from November until now, I have lost 11 pounds. None of my clothes fit.
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Any type of chronic condition and especially pain can cause depression of varied degrees. This can lead to eating more/less. If you get a long acting antidepressant, it may take care of the problem. Best of luck.
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iv noticed im not eatin much either ????wonder y well as i feel like **** maby and my belly always feels full lately could b that
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