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Fibromyalgia and autism

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (after 25 years) and have a son diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum.  I am noticing that he is getting pain in/around his shoulder joint usually lasting for 24 hours.  I started with the same symptoms.  Does anyone else have both these conditions within the family and especially anyone with autism and fibromyalgia.

On a different topic, I have had alot of success recently using dietry intervention.  It involves removing all simple carbohydrates (sugar, wheat etc) and all stimulents (ie. coffee, tea, alcohol), and all artificial sweetners etc.  You also have to eat something every 2-2 1/2 hours to maintain blood sugar levels.  And it is combined with physio to massage the muscle back into a normal function again.  Her website is www.tacklingfibro.co.uk.  She is reputable as our support group was visited by the regional director of the fibromyalgia association in the UK who gave a testimonial of how she has recovered.  By recovered I mean that she still has to stick with the diet etc, but all her symptoms have gone and she is now back in work.  My symptoms are going also (over 9 months).  I no longer wake up exhausted or fall asleep after dinner.  I function well into the evening (ironing and washing dishes).  This is a huge improvement for me.  Some of my continual muscle pain and spasms have gone and so has the cognitive fog.  In my situation it also turned out I am also intolerant to gluten, but many are just unable to process the simple carbohydrates.
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There is an 18 year old diagnosed with autism and other health problems that is on the same treatment protocol that I'm on. He is making progress and his family members, who are also being treated for other various conditions, are also making progress.

I'll send you the link if you are interested in reading the interview with him & his mother.

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I have been taking Lyrica about 1 yr.  When I first started Lyrica I immediately experienced euphoria.  It was great, I felt wonderful, almost like being high!  I again experience it whenever the dosage is increased.  This euphoric feeling went away in a short period of time which was disappointing.  However, I have found that it still continues to help in a more normal way.  My energy level is better than before, I have less pain and my mood is also better.   I can still over-do it and  I can still have flare-ups but they are shorter.   One thing Lyrica continues to do is elevate my sense of taste and increase my hunger.  I enjoy the enhanced flavor but the weight gain is a big problem.  At first I thought I wasn't eating any more, but now I think I actually do.  I have gained about 15# and retain water which leads to swelling.  I now take water pills and that helps.  I have foot problems which prevents me from exercising.  If I could exercise I could deal with the weight gain better.  I recently reduced the Lyrica but I started feeling bad again and increased it back up.  I am just going to battle the weight gain harder and get surgery on my foot so I can walk.  It's good to keep the dose as low as possible and still get help from it.
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