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Fibromyalgia and muscle spasms

51 yo female
DIAGNOSISES:  Fibromyalgia; OA; non DM neuropathy-both  feet; DDD; DBD; DJD; scoliosis and others not relevent to question.
PAIN MEDS:  Lyrica 150mg BID; Voltaren 100mg BID; Baclofen 20mg TID.
SURGERIES:  4 spinal fusion sx(1 cervical, 3 L/S); scoliosis repair L/S; total RT knee.
LABS: WNL, electrolytes WNL, hydration excellent (only H2O or decaf).
QUESTION:  Is there a relationship betwwen fibromyalgia and SEVERE muscle spasms?
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Hey Sandra!
Welcome to the forum!
The short answer is yes  very likely .
Stress induces muscle spasms-physical and emotional stress-
Pain causes the body to go into a "bad posture" position.
Should this take place multiple times a day, it creates the perfect conditions for muscle spasms. Add emotional distress-caused by all the physical suffering plus  everything else that goes with mentally dealing with chronic disease- and you have enough causative factors to explain the severe muscle spasms.
I find with my experience in the Holistic and Energy Medicine field, that stress reduction
through Holistic Energy Psychotherapy and Reiki- to mention a couple-, do wonders for many sufferers.

**I hope that the forum people keep allowing me some "latitude" when I mention holistic
suggestions here, instead of directing the members to the alternative therapies.

I must add that should some of your spasms come from nerve malfunction(independent from what I mentioned above) or damage then that would be a different category of causative factors that would have to be addressed separately.
The more the conditions, surgeries and medications, the more the variables.

I would suggest to ensure you have enough Magnesium-do not rely on blood tests as only 1% of the body's Mg is in the blood- and GSH levels which are health and longevity
predictors. Tests for GSH are very specialized and expensive though.
However chances are that because of your conditions , your body cannot produce  enough
GSH , to replenish what is being used to deal with all that.
Should you need more info on Mg and GSH, please let me know, as supplementation
delivery to be efficient, requires specific protocol.
So post again please.
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