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Fibromyalgia meds and Thyroid

I have tried multiple meds such as antidepressants and Gabapentin... always have had multiple side effects.  Things like heart palpitation's, anziety and vision troubles.  I can take xanax and Soma with no problems.  My question is "could it be the Armour Thyroid that I take that causes the trouble?"

I also have a movement disorder labeled as tremors/non-epileptic seizures which also gets worse with antidepressants.  The neurotin and gabapentin which should help cause me to stumble and get blurred vision.  I have a hard time taking the xanax and soma as I fear addiction.... it s the only thing that lets me sleep at night.  Any suggestions?

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Hi Lalab ,

Armour thyroid when taken in correct dosage generally causes no side effects . However serious side effects do occur when the dosage is too high . Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism may occur which include – Heart palpitations , Tachycardia, Heart attack , chest pain , Heart failure , difficulty breathing , Hypertension , Insomnia , anxiety , muscle weakness and a lot of other symptoms . So first of all you need to get the dose of Armour Thyroid adjusted .Please consult an endocrinologist for the same at the earliest because some of these symptoms are serious .  .
Please try Neurontin and Gabapentin once again after your dose of Armour Thyroid is adjusted  because at present that is causing the main side effects .
Long term use of Xanax does not cause a more severe addiction than most benzodiazepenes. If you take the medication in a controlled dose , it will not pose a threat for drug dependence . It is included in Schedule lV of drug dependence schedule , schedule V being the lowest drug dependence causing drugs .    Please consult your physician for further discussion . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
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You are having seizures ? Has your physician tested you for lyme disease ?
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I have never had any other symptoms for Lyme disease.... I considered having it tested but Dr. has never thought it was the cause of any of my problem's.  I live in chronic pain the more pain the more trouble with movement disorder.  Lately have come to find our a lot of fibro patients have similar problems.  Thanks for asking.
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Thank you so much for your answer.  I do get a complete blood work on the tsh every six months.  As long as I take no antidepressants I have no heart palpitations.  I will talk to my Dr. about trying the Neurontin or Gabapentin again.  Again thank you so much for taking the time to answer
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cymbaltia is great really works no more burning
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