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Fibromyalgia never ending nightmare...HELP!!!

I have a family member that has suffered with Fibro for years but did not know until about 2 years ago what was wrong. This was when her symptoms got so bad she could barely do more than sit in a chair or lay in bed. She went to several doctors ($$$$$$) before anyone believed her. Actually a visit to the ER was when she got diagnosed. Lyrica did not work for her, bad reactions. Prednisone was a nightmare, made her super manic and hyper. They sent her to a pain clinic and gave her percocets and tramadols but she has developed a high tolerance to them so she is back where she started because they won't increase her dosage and they won't offer her any other options. Anti-inflammatory over the counter pills don't help much anymore. Plus she is on blood pressure medicine and I heard that low blood pressure can make Fibro pain worsen. What does someone do with high blood pressure and Fibro and pain pills don't help for long?????
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Hi and welcome.
I feel so bad that all her unanswered problems exist. This is not uncommon for fibromyalgia sufferers.
I've been where she is as far as pain meds. Until she can finds another doctor she ay want to do a cleansing of her body. This in itself is useful and takes courage.
When I find my meds not being affective I knw I am on that slop to dependence and needing more.  
Tramadol in itself is a very affective pain receptor blocker but it does work on serotonin in the brain too.  Taking this with Percocet which is also a med you can become dependent on is setting ourselves up for double dependence.
Definitely find a different doctor.
A side note is to have her be tested for tick born diseases by a Lyme literate doctor that sends the blood to only specific labs that can finitely test for these pathogens.
I have high blood pressure, what it makes worse is the headache plus a jittery feeling. It seems to heighten my emotions when my BP is high. This is stress and stress leads to pain.
I am taking as needed, percocet and Flexeril. Docs tell us to take them every so many hours. To me that is a way of training the body to need it. Some days I am not to be doing anything, I brave the day out. Take a hot bath and keep my mind active.
I'm fortunate to be a photographer, I make crafts and paint. My biggest save my sanity activity that has my mind off of the often severe pain is video gaming on the Xbox and Playstation 3.
When I am engrossed in an one world game where you can roam anywhere, and see beautiful scenery, it actually lifts my spirits and not thinking ( focusing) on how awful I feel, helps. The pain s stil there but the distraction is excellent.
You friend sounds like depression is apparent. The meds she has been given did not work for me either. Has she been prescribed anti depressants? Some help with pain and energy like Cymbalta and Wellbutrin.
For myself, I became concerned about side affects and drug interactions after doing an interaction checker on medscape.
I took myself off all prescription meds and for depression and pain I take Sam-E. for muscle pain my doc suggested a natural pharmaceutical turmeric, which I heard personal testimony as to it's benefits, it worked.
Write me any time, you're good to help your family member.
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Has she tried other methods to control pain, besides "just pills", there are so many other ways that with the pain medication will make it tolerable. You won't ever be painfree, you just learn to cope using many things that may work. Not all things work for everyone, so it will be a trial & error.

That is the issue with any type of pain medication, eventually you will build a tolerance & have to keep increasing.

I would try other sites to get helpfuly ways of helping with the pain in addition to what she is on now.
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Please use the above link for some useful suggestions.
You may pm me directly for more details.

It is very considerate of you to be there for your family member.
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Have she tried any other FDA approved medications for fibromyalgia besides Lyrica?  For example, Cymbalta and Savella?.  Having terrible reactions to those pills, I take Trazodone which has tremendously helped me from being a cripple.
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I found tremendous improvement in my fibro once I got my depression under control (I take Remeron).  I would also recommend Trazadone like Sara mentioned - it does help me sleep.  Sleep and some kind of activity are the best things you can do.  Also, take a look at diet and reduce gluten and sugar.  Add supplements such as Fish oil, calcium, vitamin D, selenium and magnesium can help.  
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