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Fibromyalgia of the knees

Is it possible for fibromyalgia to "settle" in your knees?  Over the last 10-15 yrs I first had severe elbow pain, thought it was from carrying my purse and heavy shopping bags, then my pain gradually moved to my feet "ie." plantar fasciatis, had cortisone injections in feet and before that in elbows.  Could the pain, dull ache, in any position be caused by sciatic nerve pressure or arthritis or fibromyalgia?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Fibro is a deep muscle pain; knees are bone, not muscle. I've seen a lot of people mention knee pain and I tend to wonder if they have arthritis, I have arthritis in some of my joints which include my knees but I never consider that pain as my Fibro pain. That always hits me hard in the thighs and hip areas. Just to sit on a toilet can be very painful. The siatica nerve can cause a very sharp pain in the back and down the leg, but that is a different type of pain as opposed to Fibro pain.
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Hello, all.... I've been posting around the MedHelp site for a bit now, but have just landed here in the Fibro forum.

Before I post my question, I want to speak to LindaTX's question.

I saw my rheumatologist, who has been practicing for probably 35+ years, just four days ago.  He and I got into a bit of a heated discussion about how to differentiate arthritis pain from fibro-m pain, and in the end, he said that whatever one calls it, pain is pain, and that in his practice, he's seen symptoms of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia (I have both) overlap. He and I have a long-standing professional relationship and have developed a good rapport over the years - I don't think he was being "smart" or dismissive when he told me that.  I don't know if that's of any help, or if it only made things more confusing!

To my question.... I have been working through my second titration package of Savella since Monday, (switched from Lyrica - can't take the lethargy and weight gain any longer, PLUS, I am not certain that Lyrica ever helped me with the pain).

After day four with the first Savella pack (25 mg. a.m. and p.m.), I punched the pills through the holes and flushed them.   I was SO jittery, I felt that I just couldn't stick it out through to the ultimate 100mg./day dose.  

Now, I am determined to try to bear with it,  I'm "lucky" in that I've gained only 20 pounds during the seven months I had been taking Lyrica, but because my osteo-arth is so bad, I can't afford to add a single ounce, much less an additional pound.  Not to mention plain old womanly vanity!  LOL!

Soooo....my question to those of us who may be using Savella - has anyone settled on an effective dose lower than the customary maintenance dose of 100 mg./day?

I understand that everyone is different; nevertheless, I would very much appreciate any input anyone can offer me about this.

Thank You!  :), and my very best of all of my fellow sufferers.
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I think a lot of Rheumatologist want to place us in either two categories, the "has inflammatory arthritis category" or the "crazy fibro patient category" (especially true if you are under 45 years old). My doctor even has specially colored cards for each type of patient for check out when making your next appointment.

Now this is bad because I refuse antidepressants and also because I have moderate osteoarthritis on top of the fibro plus sciatica and nerve damage in my spine and DDD, so I need anti-inflammatories in addition to whatever else my doctor may try to push on me.

I do take an anti seizure med. I used to take Lyrica, but I too gained tons of weight, so I switched to Topamax and actually lost a bunch of weight. This works much better, but you have to be on a high enough dose for it to work. Also, a lot of doctors don't use this med for pain, but Keppra also works well too and it's a good alternative to the funky antidepressants they have out there. My thought is- I am not depressed- I am in pain. Enough said.  
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My thought is- I am not depressed- I am in pain.

I SO agree with that.  At this same appt. on Monday, we also talked about total knee replacements.  He said not to allow my "depression" to guide me in my decision.  I told him that I am NOT depressed - more like irritated and fed up by the physical changes in my body, but not depressed.

The fits all depression umbrella - soooo annoying.

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grendslori is right, about Fibro being a disease of the muscles, however it also can directly effect the nerves. Or it has in my case. And there are muscles and nerves connected to the knees to allow for feeling and movement.

So, if your pain is from Fibromyalgia it could be centered in the muscles, tendons, or even nerves in the knees.
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My personal experience is that every joint feels like a dull ache with it being tightened in a vicegrip.  This disease effects, tendions, ligaments & muscles.  The scientific community is still trying to make headway as to what may cause this disease.  Some theorize that it is hereditary while others believe that if you've been inflicted with a rhuemtoid disease in your past such as rhuematic/scarlet fever you are more susptible to contracting Fibromyalgia.

I'll continue to pray for all that have been inflicted with this as they don't seem to know a cure for us.

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Thanks for the help.  Years ago I thought I probably had fibromyalgia but at that time the Dr.s didn't even believe fibromyalgia was a "real" disease.  I was checked for arthritis and at that time was negative. The fact that this moves from one joint, no more pain, to another makes me wonder.  I also have had the sore "trigger points" and the extreme lethargy. I wish there was a vitamin or herb or natural remedy I could take.  I have to be careful because I have a heart issue as well.
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I have fibromayalgia for 12 years. I have regular appointments with a fibro specialist and i can tell you know one of the most common symptoms is KNEE PAIN. Confirmed by my fibro doctor. But it is specifically on the outside side of the knee. There are up to 18 tender spots in fibros but must be in exact places. I have all 18 i have had scans, x rays, blood tests full scans, head scans, every test under the sun done. Nothing explained all these tender spots til I saw the specialist. To be fibro first everything else has to be discounted and you need at least 15 of those exact tender spots and also there are up to one hundred odd symptoms! I have 80 something. My knees are agony going down hills and stairs but bearable on flat surface.
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Ps I have also had tests for arthritis. Negative. I had to have a 20 mins full body examination, where I to my own surprise found everything he manipulated hurt even all my finger joints, my ribs and chest. He said my ribs were inflamed a rarer fibro symptom. He explained that it is primarily a condition of the nerves muscles and CAN affect joints. Also the brain doesn't perceive pain the same as normal people. We feel it 50x worse. Also I am always full of bruises, some i know where they're from some i have no idea. Another symptom he told me. I am also extremely light and sound sensitive with chronic severe migraines and cluster headaches. Migraines can be another symptom in fibro. I was only diagnosed 1 year ago but all these symptoms as well as severe deep hip pain,upper leg pain and burning sensations as well as prickly and insects all over me sensations, unable to regulate body temperature and of course the extreme tiredness and waking feeling like I've been hit by a bus. I could go on but my symptoms filled 20 pages front and back.
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Ps I didn't explain very well all the symptoms i have been having for 12 years and more and more new ones come yearly. That is why they believe I have had it 12 years. All the tests under the sun went on past 11 years!
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Hi Countess of Rochester!
Can you please copy and paste your 3 posts here and start a new thread with your own question/title?
You are now at the bottom of a 6 year old thread!
I don't work for MedHelp as a Moderator, but just a senior member trying to help.
There may be things , which can explain the level of suffering and the multiple symptoms of your condition.
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