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Fibromyalgia or just fat

Hi, I'm an obese women early 40's but feel like I'm sixty.  I've previously despite being overweight been fairly active with swimming or walks, or yoga but have been in far too much pain to do anything lately.  I've had severe back pain that is being treated by a chiropractor, but its really slow going.  I also every month get so tired and run down that I can barely move and end up calling in sick for 1-3 days.  I have sleep apnea which I always wear my mask. Every day I have sore muscles, and pains but some days it's so bad that I just can't move and have to stay in bed and rest.  It's too the point that it's embarassing for me to call in to work sick but I really am too exhausted and in pain to go to work.  Because I'm overweight my dr just want me to lose weight and I'll be fine.  While I agree that being overweight can cause these symptoms, I'm just at my wits end - what if it's something else.  I'm in so much pain and discomfort that exercising is too much for me.  How do I know - how do I get the dr to at least consider it might be something else?
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Welcome. , I would try another doctor. He is servicing you! He needs to do some tests to rule out other things starting with a basic CBC and Chem panel.
Communication is very important between patient and doctor. If he is not hearing you, get another doctor.
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Hey chelan3,
A couple suggestions to help you. Easy stuff!
Go to the normal breathing website and learn how to breath properly!
Seriously! It is the most under-rated wellness and health aspect.
Inadequate and improper shallow breathing, helps produce lactic acid.
A significant build up of lactic acid in your body will make you feel like an athlete who is"hitting the wall"half way into the marathon, not able to
keep going anymore! And there are more benefits. Check it out!
Consume Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in place of other oils- specially cooking oils as they are PRO-INFLAMMATORY!
Check the coconut research center website for details.
EVCO also increases metabolism and it does not store as fat,.
Instead it is used for energy and without much conversion like carbs.
Therefore there's no carb processing load-your pancreas loves this!
As long as you engage in some daily activity. This is a must!!!
I understand your limitations, however, you can be creative and
come-up with"baby-steps"to get started with easy exercises.
Make a life or death situation to implement ideas like that. It will work!
Finally, avoid carbs like the plague! Look into low carb diets, avoid any junk food,sweets,sodas,white flour,artificial sugars,etc.
Consume plenty of fresh and organic vegetables, mercury free fish
limited dairy and and pastured meat, some fresh fruit and plenty of spring or filtered water 1 hour away from meals.
If you find that it is difficult to stick to your goals, then consider the ultimate adhesive: Hypnotherapy!
I have witnessed people's lives turn 180 degrees after a few sessions (I am a board certified Hypnotist). It is so powerful, as it gradually removes
the mental and emotional blocks from the subconscious, replacing them with empowering action oriented positive suggestions and beliefs.
(Those are the blocks the conscious mind is unable to deal with in most cases.)
Just do not opt for one session only. I usually suggest a bundle of 5 and I offer the 6th session at no charge, as a lot of extra issues come up.
Well worth looking into.
The advice from Phtartist is great! Talk to your Doctor. Appeal to his Inner Self. He must become aware that he is there to SERVE others and not himself. I'm saying this in a constructive way. He is depriving you from
delivering the best possible care, and he's depriving himself from the gratification and satisfaction of truly helping his patients get better!
If he does not want to listen at all, by all means tell him how you feel and switch to a more caring Doctor. ( We all are the creators of the system, and now we must become the creators of a better system, so voice your opinion,express your feelings and take some action! )
Post again to comment or for support or if you need more details.
Wishing you well,

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I just really wanted to say that I whole heartedly agree with you on this previous post! You sound like a really motivating person! Thank you so much for being there for others when they are at their wits end! I truely believe that you have something to teach everyone u come into contact with through out your life! Good Job!
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Hey supermomma531,
Thanks for your kind words!
You are a very caring and loving person.
I'm very grateful for all the pain and suffering I experienced in the past,
for I would have never had the opportunity to learn and
rise to where I am today- surrounded by light,
without having fallen in such a dark abyss in my life.
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Hey supermomma531,
Thanks for your kind words!
You are a very caring and loving person.
I'm very grateful for all the pain and suffering I experienced in the past,
for I would have never had the opportunity to learn and
rise to where I am today- surrounded by light,
without having fallen in such a dark abyss in my life.
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If you can get a referral to a rhuematologist. They are the ones that can tell you if your primary issue is obesity or something else. In the meantime try to be kind to yourself.

As for exercise do what you can. If all you can do is walk a little ways than do that. Use distraction techniques for the pain such as counting backwards by threes while you are doing it. Sometimes pain is a liar, and if we don't keep moving our bodies will cease up and get worse. Even little things like doing an arm curl during a commercial can help. Its a lot of little baby steps.If it is an aching pain I've been told to keep going. If it is an acute pain (muscle spasms for example) than I was told to stop and try something easier a bit later. Doing some mild stretches in the shower can also be helpful.

You may also want to check with your workplace into their disability policies. If you have short term disability it may be helpful. Allow you time to take care of yourself.
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I was just browsing through posts and this one by chelan3 caught my eye. This is my story! I have lost over 80 lbs in 4 mths by radically changing my diet as you describe above, except that I have not tried the EVCO. One thing I have not tried is hypnotherapy, mainly due to the cost, and I admit some skepticism. And despite losing all this weight, some on purpose, some not due to nausea and vomiting, I feel like and am moving in slow motion. I do not know if my adrenals have shut down (due to previous high doses of steroids) or if my metabolism has. When I started feeling like crap, I increased my caloric intake from 1200 to 2000 (when having nausea and vomiting I was lucky to get 800 cal per day) Everyone's above comments and caring attitude towards one another is very inspiring. If it wasn't for this website, I honestly think I would have lost everything by now, not just my job.
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I'm in the same boat. I was always fit, trim, active, slim until I became pregnant in my 30's. I was on bedrest for almost 6 mths, had 2 major surgeries while pregnant, followed by severe pre-eclampsia (borderline eclampsia), followed by 10 surgeries over the next decade. I became obese (160 lbs overweight). I was in my late 30's-early 40's when I had the 10 surgeries and my MDs always blamed my weight for why I was not recovering well from the surgeries. Like you, I missed a lot of work. Despite being an RN, I do find that almost all doctors really do not listen to their patients - they are too much in a hurry. And they just love to pass you off from doctor to doctor. And when someone has back pain, most doctors, I find just think their patients are drug seeking. At this point, I honestly am fed up with western medicine, and especially angry that it is so costly to get medical insurance on one's own. I also am at my wits end, but will never, ever, give up hope. There is an answer out there somewhere.
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Hey Underwater101,
Do not lose sight of who you REALLY are.
You are not your circumstances! You are not your medical conditions!
You are Wonderful Human Being with a Great Spirit within this outer shell
called body. Thin, fat, wide, whatever, you are still beautiful, regardless
of the perception instilled in most people's heads.
Separating yourself from perceptions and "see" things the way they truly
are and what matters most, is like an instant cleansing of sorts.
All is perfect in our world, just the way all is and it will always be.
It is our thinking that is not even our own- molded and conditioned - that
makes things imperfect!  
I have been through childhood traumas,
undiagnosed mystery debilitating disease, two near fatal accidents
and I'm so grateful to be here alive and well and healthy - to share with
people wisdom , friendship , advice so we can ALL improve and grow!
And to be able to treat everyone on an equal basis and see the beauty in everyone. Some of our greater teachers in life are the needy, the elderly,
the homeless. As my mom used to say: "They are God's workers in disguise".
It is our fundamental Purpose in life to contribute and make this world
  a better place.
Follow your Heart and your Spirit and you will never look back!
I truly feel your despair and suffering, hopefully my words will give you
There's an Angel in  human disguise who I was privileged to have met last year in a concert in my home town.
His name is Justin Hines .
Here's a link to a special video of his titled "courage":
I get tears in my eyes every time I watch it.
Justin was born with a permanent multi-joint disabling disease.
I hope you enjoy it!
Well, I could give suggestions anytime for heath related issues, however,
I felt today to offer you this instead.
Post again or pm me directly to comment or if you have  questions.
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I am underweight....and believe it or not I am still in pain & fatigue...

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Well, it's 3 mos later and not much has changed unfortunately.  I stopped going to the chiropractor since it didn't seem to help much long term and was eatting a big hole in my bank account!  Previously when I'd been to see the dr it happened to be on good or not so bad days.  But in early Feb I had a bad day where I had a lot of mobility problems and happened to have a dr appt that day.  Well, he saw me and was a little surprised I was in such a bad way.  He examined me again and again I mentioned the fatigue.  I went shopping with girlfriends for a day and ended up so tired I slept 15h and stayed in bed the entire next day!  He was a little puzzled as he said I tested positive for the leg test to test sciatica but my other symptoms didn't match a diagnosis of sciatica?  He sent me for some bloodwork first and told me to continue with the exercises he gave me.  He mentioned he might have to send me to a specialist.  Then when I saw him last week he had a medical student with him and he told her he was treating me for sciatica?!  I told him what he said the last time and he seemed puzzled!  My CBC was fine and showed no problems.  He's doing some other tests for my fatigue (only because I inisisted something doesn't feel right).  He said it might be chronic fatigue syndrome but he has to rule everything else out first.  Gosh I hate feeling crappy!!
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