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Fibromyalgia or just tension and knots?

I'm 32 male. Have suffered with Generalized Anxiety Disorder on and off for about 8 years now. I don't always feel anxious, but my Dr. thinks I'm always a TAD anxious without realizing it. I'm also a worry wart, and I worry about having fibromyalgia.

Everything started about 1.5 years ago. August of 2014. After doing a lot of exercise and running, out of nowhere, I noticed one night, that when having intercourse with my wife, my erections would sometimes HURT. It was bizarre. I just thought maybe I strained something, and thought nothing of it.

Then after about 2 weeks of erectile pain, I went to the Dr., and he was not concerned and said to give it time. Then a day or 2 later, I started noticing I felt like I had to pee all the time. My bladder would hurt SO BAD, as if I was holding my pee for an hour, and it was about to explode. But when I'd go pee, there'd be nothing but a few drops. I'd also leak a lot in my boxers, like big dribbles after peeing. It was embarrassing and scary.

I went BACK to my doctor, and he tested me for a UTI, and it was NEGATIVE. He then though I COULD have a bladder infection (which is rare in men) and he put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks. IT DID NOTHING FOR ME. I was in AGONY. Could not even sleep at night.

After calling him and going back to him he was STUMPED. He said "does your lower back happen to be hurting? I said, YES!!! I keep stretching it."

I didnt noticed the back pain before, because the bladder pain was over-powering the back pain. He then said, "sounds like you have a pinched nerve in your lower back causing false signals to your bladder."

He said to just stretch, get massages etc. THIS FINALLY GOT BETTER. However, I still had some minor erection pain.

Then my lower back would cycle, it would come back, and one time even made my legs WEAK and JELLO LIKE when walking down stairs. They would literally jiggle like they were going to give out. My Dr. explained that was NORMAL with a lower back pinched nerve. But said to continue massage and stretching. I went to a Chiropractor who helped fix this issue!! THANK GOD.

I still get lower back issues from time to time, but my Chiro can usually fix me up.

Now... last Summer, August of 2015, I noticed my upper back muscles were having issues. They hurt bad. My shoulder blade muscles hurt... then it would spread to my neck, and then head. I felt like my head was TOO HEAVY to stay on my neck. I had constant tension headaches, felt dizzy sometimes, it was TRULY awful. I was also going through a very stressful time.

My brother who is a massage therapist, massaged me and said I had lots of knots in my shoulder blades that can cause referred pain and further spasms. While his deep tissue massages felt good, it was only temporary, but between him and a few visits to my chiropractor, I was feeling better again.

Now I just keep cycling with these 2 issues. RIGHT NOW, it's my shoulder blades again. I can get on a hard rubber ball against a wall and feel hard bumps (knots) and apply pressure, but they do not release.

I work on a computer every day, as I am a videographer and editor.

I'm SCARED I have fibromyalgia or something. Maybe even Mayofacial pain syndrome.

My chiropractor and my brother the massage therapist say "You don't have fibromyalgia, just muscle imbalance and knots."

My doctor also doesnt think I have fibro, or anything serious, but he doesnt do any tests, or hasnt referred me to a specialist b/c he doesnt feel it's necessary.

While I DO get relief from my chiropractor and my brother, it's only for a couple to 3 months, and it's usually back.

My wife did a "at home" tender point test (according to charts online), and I feel NO PAIN when she presses hard on them.

My aunt has fibro, and she said that I would not be able to roll on hard rubber ball on a wall (working on knots) if I fibromyalgia. She said that I would be in SO MUCH PAIN.

Do you think this is all just muscle knots from years on a computer and filmmaking? Could it be a mix of that and having Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Thanks for reading. Sorry so long! :)
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Well, I just got back from my chiropractor that I see regularly, and he said that I DO NOT HAVE FIBRO.

He knows how to do the TENDER POINT TEST. Matter of fact, he had a big poster on his wall of it, that I never noticed.

He checked 11 of them, and I had ZERO pain.

He reassured me that poor body mechanics over the years, and a history of anxiety is the answer to my recurring issues.
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I also went to the Dr. yesterday, and he also does NOT think I have fibro.

He said I could have mayofascial pain syndrome, which is nothing to be afraid of. (I have an anxiety disorder as well, I've dealt with for many years)

He said the mayofascial pain could be caused by my anxiety disorder, or just from getting older and bio-mechanics.

He said, either way it's not a big deal at all, and if massage and chiropractics helps me get relief for a few months at a time, then KEEP DOING IT. :)

I'm a naturalist, so I prefer that anyway. :)
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