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Fibromyalgia or something else?

I was originally diagnosed with fibro in 1993; 21 years ago.  It's been a rough road.  The problem is for the last few years I've been adding symptom and symptom to my "laundry list" and now I'm wondering if this is still fibro (which my doc seems to think...).  What's your thoughts?

Major confusion
Virtually no short term memory
burning/electric pain down back and in left arm and leg (I've don't the 240 shuffle before and it's pretty darn close)
on/off tremors (some mild some body wracking)
numbness in the face (mostly just the nose and upper lip)
horrible fatigue in the afternoon I fall asleep no matter what (not the drained feeling I used to be)
chest tight pain that makes it nearly unable to breath
major constipation/bladder issues

in addition to the pain, headaches, stiffness, slow thinking, tingling in arms/hands and feet, knee pain, and the other horrifying pain that I've had for all these years.

Scripts include: Cymbalta 60mg, Welbutrin, tramadol, protonix, linzess, zolfran, and topomax
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Sounds more like Neuropathy, have you ever been tested for Lyme Disease?  Fibro generally does no cause all of your symptoms
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I believe that I was tested for Lyme when I was originally diagnosed and I had another blood test that was described as "checking for autoimmune disorders" but I hadn't thought of Lyme (here in the Northwoods its not uncommon).  I will defiantly request for them to test.  Thank You!!
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It is important that your bloodwork go to Igenex for proper results
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Find an LLMD as "other" doctors, even infectious disease specialists
will mess up your life. You have no idea the controversies surrounding
Lyme disease and co-infections.
It could be also Pathogenic Mycoplasma, which according to Dr.Garth Nicolson(the leading expert in this field & part time Expert on medhelp)
up to 80% of fms patients have such an underlying infection.

Best wishes.
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I have been unable to find an LLMD, although there isn't a whole lot to choose from around here.  I know there has been a large number of test to check for many different things...I have been referred to neuro to get there take and to have a LP, MRI, and (if the insurance will approve it) PET.  It appears to be another wait and see game from here.
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Many of your symptoms occur with Fibro. They also occur with other discarders. I would see my Rheumatologist and my Neurologist for starters. Be sure to ask for a thyroid test. If you have dry mouth and eyes insist on a lip biopsy for Sjogren's Disease. The overlap in symptoms is very confusion. Both Fibromyalgia and Sjogrens cause short term memory loss, severe fatigue (I often feel that may arms and legs are so heavy I cannot move them and that I am going to sink through the earth.) My sleep patterns are totally off. Good luck!
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VERY IMPORTANT: See your primary care dr for an EKG...probably nothing to do with your heart, but better safe than sorry. The breathing issue is a concern, thought that also happens with Sjogren's. I am not sure what your bladder issues may be. If you have Sjogren's, you are at risk for Interstitial Cystitis, for which Fibro raises risk as well. Sjogren's causes constipation, as do pain meds.

Take care and good luck. I hope you obtain the answers you need.
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Thank you for your thoughts, I've actually have had an EKG and Echo/ultrasound of arteries within the last year--all came back normal.  All labs have come back normal (to include thyroid).  I've done a lot more research and it scares me to even think it, but ever symptom fits MS.  But I won't be going off that bridge until I have to.  The chest tightening/can't breath is what I believe they call the "hug," I have many symptoms of spinal lesions in additon to my "lovely" fibro.  Atleast that can be proven with a simple MRI.  I see the Nuero in April.  I thank all of you for your time and thoughts...I hope it's just a bad case of Fibro :)
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