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Does anyone who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia know of the best medication to take to help relieve the discomfort associated with this disease?
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It seems to depend on the doctor I think. I have been diagnosed for almost a year now. My fibromyalgia is associated with my Sjogren's syndrome. I am taking Morphine and oxycodone but suffer from chronic pancreatitis as well. Good luck finding something that works for you. Gabapentin may help relieve some of the nervous system symptoms.
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Hi to both.
And welcome to the forum.

Please ensure you know the potential dangers of long term use of
Narcotic/Opioid class of meds, side effects, etc. You doctor may be
too "busy" to forewarn you. Also same for GABA analogues.
And should you be convinced it's the right one for you, read carefully the information and the warnings that accompany your prescription the first time you get it from your pharmacist. Look online for drug interactions with other medications you may be taking.
One more consideration is potential withdrawal issues. Do your research well!
I have a friend, who started with one medication for one condition,
and now is on 14 meds, most of them to manage the side effects of each other and his life now is TOTALLY dependant on taking all these meds daily.

If you want to look into a natural approach, do a search here in this community, on the right side of this page. Search for "I will do this".

Hope it helps.
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As well as the Sjogren's syndrome, I suffer from Sarcoidosis, chronic pancreatitis and gastroparesis. My dr. is fully aware of the medication that I take and considers the risk to benefit ratio when prescribing narcotics. I would rather be comfortable enough to function than be unable to function due to debilitating pain.
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I have Fibromyalgia and can only work three days a week with days in between and have to sleep 12 hours and two short naps during the days off.

This year if I do too much during one day, my upper back spasms into a neck/shoulder pain spasm and causes migraine, and I am bedridden. The only thing that provides relief is a hot bath and codeine and 2 muscle relaxants and one gravol. It has only been that bad for one year.

Hot water bottle constantly on upper back and hot bath or I will NOT fall asleep due to pain and spasms.

Is this something other people have? I also have chronic dry eyes and red itchiness that NOTHING helps and they say it's related to Fibro.

Do others have spasms and eye problems? Do this stuff get worse??
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Sharayahh, welcome to the forum.

I have gone through very similar symptoms to yours many years ago.
As most of my tests were showing negative results, I did not want to take medications, just to feel better, so I decided to embark on my own quest for
health knowledge, in an attempt to have some control over my life.
At a certain point, I had honestly felt like a deflated soccer ball in the park, getting kicked around without any plan or purpose.
Doctors were tossing me around from one speciality to another, with little or any communication between them.
At the end, because of an erratic and argumentative neuro,
( he had mixed up my file with someone else's, saying to me "how dare you question my work?") , I simply walked out of his office and consequently
out of conventional medicine.
Long story short, I studied, studied, studied anything related to Health.
Took courses, attended seminars and workshops and deepened my knowledge, to the level that I managed to self-diagnose and treat
my condition (PTSD). And I never looked back!

It is very common to have a significant emotional/mental issue in suspected or diagnosed complex conditions like CFS, FMS and others.
Physical/chemical Imbalances play a large role of course and those must be verified and corrected, but the emotional/mental usually goes unchecked.

For dry eyes, try warm compresses, stay well hydrated, use a humidifier
if dry in your house, avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol and blink often!
Too much computer use, texting etc. usually contributes to the issue.
Dry eyes is not a typical FMS symptom. Spasms are more common,
but not typical either.

Red itchiness-do Dr. Coca's Pulse test, free download.

If you want, send me more details about you,  when and how your FMS was diagnosed, food habits, age, family situation, fitness level etc.

Take care.

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Wow, thankyou so much....I will do the Dr. coco's test when I find it.

I have been in London only two years, and I was told that allergies are a huge problem here, but I was told I have inflammation that antibiotics seems to help with BION tears (no preservatives) and fish oil tabs. I was told that CFS can be related?

I dont have a doctor here just yet, but I did see Ivey Clinic specialist, but I still have eye issues....some days worse than others.

I am on absolutely no medication at all. I am a vegetarian with a no sugar/no fat diet....but I eat chicken and fish once in a while. I dont drink or smoke and I am very active, in running/martial arts for past ten years.

I dont LOOK ill, but that's what is so weird, I have to sleep so much just to be okay on my work days. If people only knew!! I also take a fair amount of vitamins, and drink tons of water.

I was married years ago, but I had two deaths in my family, and supposedly, there is unresolved grief from years ago. (My mom, my son and my grandfather)  I love animals and enjoy ALOT of solitude, almost crave it. People stress me out. I am spiritual but not religious.

My doctor in Kingston ten years ago, felt strongly that I have Fibro, because I have had TWO recent tests for arthritis, but it came up clear from that. I was on medication over ten years ago for depression, but I am off those now.

I will leave that with you for now. Thankyou SO MUCH, you gave a great response, and I will search for the eye test. Bye for now, K
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Hi "K"!

Oh my! I can sense the emotional pain you have locked inside you.
This is totally bizarre! It "came" to me when I first read your original post, however,I didn't mentioned it, fearing that you might think I'm "off the wall"
or something.
Earlier this year, my younger brother passed on as well as my mom.
I'm very spiritual myself-not religious- but I'm now at peace with their passing.

You must find a way to unleash what you're holding inside you.
There's a great possibility, that once you deal with your unresolved grief
and any other significant emotional issues that you may be still holding,
most of your health challenges will eventually vanish!
Energy psychotherapy or hypnotherapy may be the best way to approach
this. Very efficient with visible results in short time usually.
  My perspective on this, is from a client's point of view and a therapist's
point of view, as well.
Can't submit long posts! MH glitch.

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It seems that you put a lot of attention and energy into taking care of your
health, and the fact that you don't take any meds is exceptional!

One area of concern would be the low fat intake.
a. Possible nutritional imbalance issues-too many carbs may contribute to
inflammation and metabolic issues. Too much protein may contribute to
liver or kidney issues and possibly osteoporosis.
b. Cholesterol issues! HDL (good cholesterol) will drop when fat intake is too low. Low HDL in turn contributes to heart disease
c. Increased incidence of disease including cancer.
  There are many fat soluble vitamins that you may be deficient,
because of poor absorption. How are your Vitamin B levels?
Also the body cannot manufacture Essential Fatty Acids-you need to consume oils and foods that contain them.
Important for mental health, heart health, disease prevention and more.

A balanced approach is best.

What type of martial arts do you do?
I did Kuk-Sool-Won for a number of years but had to quit because of a bad injury. I'm OK now, just need to take it easy.

By the way, the deeper meaning of you dry eyes is "the inability to see
with love and joy"!  Does this make any sense to you?

Post again or message me if you have any questions or just to chat.
Wish you well.

PS. The "spinal release procedure" (energy medicine), helped a few people with redness and itchiness. Just thought about it. Haven't used this in a while.
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