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I was diagnosed with fibro about 18 years ago.  I've been using Lyrica & was using Cymbalta for a while as well.  I quit using the antidepressant because it seemed to make the depression worse.  I'm on low income & I'm telling this medication is getting so expensive that I have a hard time affording to buy just a months worth at taking one a day.  At certain times of the year I have to take more than one a day.  Is there a more natural way to deal with fibro?  I never  use to be allergic to anything, now I seem to be allergic to everything.  Is it possible that this might be a side effect of the fibro?   If not what could be causing the problem?  The doctors don't seem to be able to find out whats causing the problem.  Any suggestion or help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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Hola natureladykm!

At least you live in a place where the weather is nicer and the cost of living
is lower.

You may want to do a search here -click on the magnifying glass image on the top left of this page) by typing "IWILLDOTHIS".
It will bring you to a thread I started a while back with many helpful suggestions for dealing with Fibro.

If you need any further details let me know.

Best wishes!


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Buenos Dias natureladykm!

I copied my reply to you from the IWILLDOTHIS thread for convenience.

Well, I think you need to rebalance your immune system.

Approx. 80% of your immunity is within your gut, so you may need to correct any gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, and to improve your healthy flora, before anything else.
Probiotics might be helpful, but they have to be high quality.

For starters I would eliminate any grains, sugars, flours (corn -non GMO- and rice should be fine)  for a few months and see if this helps.
This is the most offensive food group.
The second most offensive group is dairy.

It probably took many years for your condition(s) to develop and please do not expect any immediate results, as this would not be realistic.

You may also post at the allergy community, nonetheless, you're welcome to comment or to ask questions here anytime!

Best Wishes.
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