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Is there anybody out there that has been painfree for years that is not on prescription meds for fibromyalgia.  I am looking for other methods of treatment for Fibromyalgia that do not require prescription meds
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I am not pain free at all but sometimes what doesnt work for one person could  work for another person. you could try magnetic mattress cover which are recommended for all over body pain. .Some people do benefit from them .For me unfortunately it didnt help.The other thing i have started to take recently is a combination of glucosamine,chondroitin and MSM which is a natural type of anti inflammatory as i have a lot of pain all over my body. I will have to wait and see if it help's.At least it is a from natural sources.Look on internet for good sources and preferabely marine chondroitin as better and doesnt come from cattle,good luck,kim07
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i have been taking Mona Vie Active for my genetic lung disease and chronic inflammatory disease. i was taking a dozen or more over the counter pain meds per day before Mona Vie as well as using my inhaler (Advair) up to 8-10 times per day.
i have been down to pain meds about once per week (a couple Advil or Aspirins) and i am using my inhaler twice a day. I have been using my inhaler once in the morning and once in the evening for about two weeks now.
my mother in law has Fybromyalgia and has suffered for several years. cries from the pain and the number of meds that she has to take...we found that Mona Vie is helping others because of the Acai Berry. she just started taking it yesterday to see if it will help her.
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i put that my rescue inhaler was Advair, that was wrong and i did not want to confuse anyone!
my rescue inhaler is Albuterol, i do not take Advair anymore.
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There was someone on here a bit ago trying to sell Mona Vie, but making sound like a question and not a sales pitch.  Are you the same person?  Medhelp removed that post.
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If you look through the posts, do you see anything that fits for you?  There are treatment ideas that aren't meds.  I've written a bunch of stuff...  And there is a lot else.  If you have questions on anything or want to suggest stuff, let us know!!!

Personally I did very well with the magnetic mattresses.  I (laughing) used to drag it with me to visit my family because I liked it so much.  I still use it and the 2nd one I double it with, but I don't drag it around like a blankee anymore.  

There's exercise - very graduated.  There's the dysautonmias and related treatments.  Accupture, chinese herbs, massage, special joint strengthing exercises, homopathic, diet changes, all have helped for some people.  Then there's the real  alternative stuff like removing all mercury fillings (only fits a small % of people), and stuff I dont' remember because it's not right for me.
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In 2012/13 my fibromyalgia was at its worst. I had pins and needles down my left arm constantly like a million ants crawling on my skin. I had such pain in my arms and legs that if someone just knocked me it hurt. I could not even walk from my lounge to my kitchen without crutches. I went to the docs/hospital who all did not or could not help, the meds did nothing. In the end I researched it myself and found that magnesium just off the shelf at the normal shops (taken twice a day 12 hrs apart to begin with then once a day after a few weeks) worked. I had become so stressed, not sleeping, overworked etc that my body had leeched all the nutrients from my body and within 24 hours the pain had begun to stop. It wont harm you in small doses to try as it is natural and now in 2017 I still take 1 dose before bed every night just to keep the pains away. For me it was a miracle cure and wonderful  to be 90% well again
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