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Iam suffering with neck and shoulder stiffness and also the sleep disorder for the last 15 years. Consulted with docors and I have got information that I have fibomyalgia. I am taking  5 HTP tab 50 mg 1 tab per day and occassionaly taking librocol tab as well. It was started on Jan 2008. My pain is not completely cured, however, it is controlled. Is fibromyalgia is curable disease. What steps I need to take to cure this disease. Really every day my pain continuing. I am so disturbed with this disease.
Please help me...please.
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Sorry to say that FM is not curable. But you can get it under control with the right meds. You must find a doc that is well informed on this problem. I have had a flare up since Oct.07 & am still in pain daily. But I have learned how to do what I can & don't over due things or you will end up paying for it for a few days or weeks after. Do not push yourself to get things done as you will suffer for it in the end. Hope this helps some
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Have had fibro for 21 yrs. Did not sleep well for years--could not get to REM stage sleep.Stress makes fibro worse but so does food and airborn allergies.
What helps: Stopped eating red meat in Nov.07 and have been sleeping very well since.
                   Stopped eating food allergic to but more importantly went on low oxalate diet----stops muscle pain. Calcium citrate caps also aid in ridding body of oxalates.
                    Take probiotics and do not let Candida overgrowth.

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I have fibro also... the good news is that after 18 years...it has gone into remission.

IT CAN go into remission. As mahd said you have to take it easy on how much you do as far stress goes. Pace yourself.

Calcium supplement and diet help emensly. Try Not to "own" the label of "fibromyalgia"
aceptance to the best of your ability is key.

Best to you.
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I'm new here and I was diagnosed w/ fibre in 1994. Could you please tell me what a low oxalate diet. I am in so much pain. Narcotics barely dull the pain. I'm willing to try anything.

Thank you,  kathy800
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