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I have recently been showing symptoms of Fibromyalgia and was wondering what helps the Fatigue and flu-like feeling that goes with fibromyalgia?
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There are several things that have helped me.  For one thing I try really hard to get a good nights sleep w/o disturbance.  I take some supplements that help...5HTP and Melatonin.  Both are natural supstances found at the vitamin area at Wal-Mart.  My rhematologist sent me to a physical therapist who showed me some exercises.  They also did ultrasound and tens unit therapy.  But the exercises have really helped.  Another tip is, don't overdo.  Know when to stop.  When you start to feel your muscles ache, it's time to rest.  It is a process of building your body back up.  You can also try the generic of Musinix.  This helps some people.  

Hope this helps.
Praying for you.
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I have also been taking Melatonin it helped me get a really good sleep there for a while but then it has seemed to quit working. That's the way it is with everything I take. Also my doctor has also reffered me to physical therepy. The first time I went it seemed like the exercises that he showed me made my muscles hurt worse. So now I am really wondering, should I go back to physical therepy and see if it helps my Fibromylgia?

p.s: What's your opinion do you think I should go back to Physical Therpy?


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Have they checked you vit D level?  

Symptoms of vit D deficiency are:
calf muscle & feet pain
cramps in feet & legs
muscle weakness
waddling walk
bone pain & weakness
tingling in extremities
heart palpitations

I know when the symptoms are flaring, I have to be careful NOT to push myself.  Even when I've got a million things on my "to do" list.  So the plan would be to exercise when your symptoms are not so bad.  

I'm assuming they have ruled out lupus.

Are you going to a family dr. or a rheumatologist?

I  know how frustrating all of this is.  It is very debilitating.  I see that you are 13...are you trying to go to school and deal with all of this?  Are you under some stress?  You don't have to open up to me, but perhaps stress could have brought on the symptoms you are having.  Don't keep things bottled up.  

Other things that I've heard that could help is a massage.  Although some people can not tollerate this.  I've not tried that option because we have spent so much money on the other things going on in my body.  

Go by your local library and see if they have any books on fibromyalgia.  Educate yourself.  I picked up a great book called "Fibromyalgia for Dummies".  It had specific exercises and other treatment options that you might want to try.  Realistically speaking, a pain-free life might not ever be.  The goal should be a life that I can function.  I was extremely sick a year ago.  Unable to even get out of bed.  I got my husband to get me a cane, but what I really needed was a wheelchair.  People brought me teaching tapes on healing and faith.  I listened to them almost non-stop (in between sleeping).  I spoke the word of God over my situation.  I was determined that whatever I had was not going to take my life.  I can't tell you how much better I am now.  I'm having a flare today, but I'm not in bed.  Now when I have a flare, I just need my cane.  Compared to a year ago, when I turned a gray ashey color and my BP was 60/40.  I was dieing.  Now no one even knows I'm sick.  I'm doing really well.

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Hello thanks for your help!!    Let me tell you my story.

     I got a really bad case of Chronis Sinunitus. I had Sinunitus for about 2 months. No doctor I went to would help me and try and find out what was wrong. They just tryed to say I was deppressed. My parents and I would tell them I am NOT DEPPRESSED!! Finally we went to a doctor in lexington and they could tell that my face was swelled up and they ran a CT scan and figured out that I had Chronic Sinunitus. But after the sinunitus cleared up I developed symptoms of fibromyalgia. Such as muscle saorness, extreme Fatigue, exaustion, headache. I've always had symptoms of fibromyalgia but never real bad but after I got that Sinus Infection my symptoms of FM became Severe. I also have a family history of Fibromyalgia, my Father, Aunt, and first cousin has it.
My symptoms are so severe that my doctor had to put me off of school ,and on to homebound, where a teacher comes out to my house and brings me work twice a week.
But I think that I am finally going to get some help because my doctor has made me an appointment with with a doctor( Charles Lapp ) he is in north Carolinia. He is supoposed to be a Specialist and one of the best about dealing and treating Fibromyalgia. I hope you can understand all of this. Also yes my doctor has checked my vitiamin D level and it was low she put me on medicine. Also she put me on vitamin B shots. Do you think that my  vitamin D level being low could be contributing to my Fatigue???

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I've been having muscle weakness and burning in my arms and legs for about 8 months which is causing depression haven't done any testing yet so afraid I have als or ms do you know how long it takes for these to manifest itself. Thanks , Daisy53
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