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Finding a doctor

Hi -

I am new to the forum and thank you for allowing me to join.
To make a long story short -
I have all the symptoms of CFS but the doctors I have been referred to are not looking at my whole body.No one will commit to a diagnosis and in the meantime I am the one suffering.
I am now basically bedbound recovering from pneumonia that won't go away because I am inactive.
I had a pressure sore because I stay on thee sofa 24/7.
I do not have energy to do basic tasks or even my own personal needs.
Previously I was holding down a full time high stress job and raising 3 teen-agers. PS - I loved my job.

I had a few months of Ritalin which made me feel wonderful. I was enjoying life, taking less pain meds, starting a business which is now on hold and the $20,000 worth of products are sitting in my living room, doing gardening, etc

Now that's all over and I lay here hoping the next day will be better.

Does anyone know a doctor in Eastern Pa ( around the Quakertown/Allentown area who specializes in the treat ment of CFS and sees the value of using Ritalin for therapy?

Thank you,
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