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My doctor wanted me to try Cymbalta again because I am extremely depressed, extreme pain and fatigue.  Has anyone had any luck with it.  Does it cause weight gain.  I refuse to take anythng that causes weight gain.  My husband continues to be unsupportive.  I tried to reach him last Sat  night regarding my daughter.  He wasn't answering his cell.  I had a feeling he was at my ex husbands house celebrating my ex's b'day.  My husband had been telling me for  2 years he hasn't been there...long story.  Anyway, I had a feeling he was there and went.  Long story short, When I went into the house, my husband walked over to me very cocky and I slapped him.  My ex husband proceeded to assault me trying to get me out of the house while my husband just stood there watching.  I am covered in bruises. I'm trying very hard not to contact my husband anymore.  He still doesn't contact our children.  My pain is worse than ever.  I know I shouldn't be contacting him.  I just don't know what's wrong with me.  Just a couple of weeks ago he admitted to still loving me.  Anyway....I'm sorrry about going on about this again...I feel hopeless and ready to give up.  I read some of your posts about Cymbalta.  Has it helped anyone.  Does anyone know of a more natural approach that has worked for them.  My husband told me the other day that he was sick of my s--- and to get up off my lazy a--and get a job.  I ONLY have fribromyalgia and depression.  He's researched and knows of SO MANY woman that have this and still work.  Thanks.
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Hi Palmo!
I started taking Cymbalta because I have chronic pain syndrome and severe depression. Do you have a Psychiatrist, if you don't you really need to. There is, I am sure, a lot more going on there what was posted.   Cymbalta shouldn't be given unless a psychiatrist thinks appropriate, it threw me right into a Bipolar episode - and I was told this class of drugs can make you even worse.  Now that I am on better meds, for the most part my pain has gone way down, I had no clue that depression can cause so much physical pain.  Be honest with all of your behaviours, because I had no clue that some, which I thought were in no way part of BP were.  Once I got over the intial shock, it makes a lot of sense of why I do what I do, and how I behaved in relationships. I'm not saying you have BP - but reg. depression doesn't do the things that you have said in your posts. In my 20's and early 30's I had a hard time staying away from ex's - then I went to the opposite extreme of when dating to be distant. weird I know. Pain can make life a living hell, and depression on top of that can make life unbearable.
  Please message me if you wish :) take care
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I took Cymbalta and was also taking a number of meds related to my migraines and other FIbromyalgia issues. I ended up with something called Serotonin Syndrome. MOre cases are being reported each year. I insisted on having a test called the P450 Cytochrome Polymorphism test to determine if I had a genetic marker that would make me metabolize medications poorly. I insisted on this for two years before ending up in the hospital. Finally, I was tested at Mato Clinic and wouldn't you know... I tested positive. Cymbalta is one of the meds that I can't metabolize. Therefore, it was in my system causing toxity build-up which gave effects like over dosing on the med. I personally feel that everyone who goes on any MAOI, SSRI, SSNRI or stimulant med should have this test done, especially if they have Fibromyalgia. If your psychiatrist doesn't know or think that this test is not accurate, talk to your pharmacist. They will tell you otherwise. My pharmacists saved my life! Just because you are depressed doesn't mean you are crazy. Talk to your docs. I am doing things as naturally as possible, taking VIt. D, FIsh oil, no gluten, no dairy. It has taken a year to emotionally and mentally get to where I am at. But my NEW docs and pharmacists have been great. Notice how I said NEW docs. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith not to have too much faith in your current docs to look for the right docs. Blessings to you. Feel free to contact me if you want. This test can be ordered by your doc at either Mayo clinic or Baylor Metabolic Institute.
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First, I have fibromyalgia and cannot work. I think there are varying degrees of it and some people can continue working, while for others, working just makes matters worse. Please don't allow anyone to make you feel bad for not working, it's just that many people don't take the time to completely understand.

I have both anxiety and depression.  I also have panic attacks. Cymbalta is not good if you are prone to panic attacks. I've tried natural remedies for both including SAM-e, Anxiety Control which is comprised of several herbs and amino acids along with GABA, and 5-htp.  The SAM-e worked for a while with depression, then it seemed to cause insomnia.  I was probably on too high of a dose (400mg). I may try it again at a lower dose.  Anxiety Control helps if you are willing to take 6 pills a day.  It didn't help for a panic attack, I take Ativan for this. 5-htp is suppose to increase serotonin.  I didn't actually give this one a fair shot, so cannot say if it is effective or not.  I have even tried natural progesterone cream, it's suppose to be calming, but had the opposite effect on me. Not sure if I am going to try to stick this one out to see if it improves.

Fibromyalgia is very difficult to manage without the support of others. Surround yourself with people in your life who will support you, not bring you down more. Medication helps if you also have support. Support may be formal like church or counseling or informal like friends, neighbors, other family members.

My Best to You.
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I also have Fibromyalgia / CFS, along with Severe  Derpression, Anxiety disorder, Chronic Pain. My Psychiatrist put me on Cymbalta a month ago for the pain & depression. But he has me taking the Cymbalta &  1 Effexor each morning & 2 Effexor late afternoon.  I am not sure how much it is helping yet, I am not crying as much.  I can no longer work because of my health.  

I have learned that you do need some kind of support group, & it is okay to ask for help. I wish you the very best. If you would like to talk, please  get in touch with me. The  MH family is a very good place for support.  Good Luck, I am here for you.

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What kind of doctor ordered that test for you.  I have not done well on any medication.  My psychiatrist tried me on Cymbalta several months ago.  I felt it made me more depressed.  I am taking SamE, have gone thru 2 boxes and still feel no relief from pain or depression.  It doesn't help with everything my husband does.  He is either abusing me or ignoring me and the children.  I have been using natural progesterone for about a year.  I don't know if I'm using too much and maybe that is causing more depression.  But like I said, my husband every day for 3 years was severly emotionally/verbally abusive.  The only reason i took it for so long is because I have been so sick.  Now he is out of the house and I am so afraid and sick and depressed.   Now he is threatening to have me mentally evaluated.  He has lied to me for years about going out drinking with other women, bank accounts, credit cards, sleeping on the couch every night.  I have not been this depressed my whole life.  I have had my issues with depression, but I overcame so much when I began to walk in the early am, do yoga, meditation, etc.  But what has gone down with my husband has been too much to  handle.  So, no I don't know if there are bipolar issues, clinical depression, or all of this induced by my marriage.  I've seen a reumatologist, but I think he is at a loss with me.  i think my psychiatrist is at a loss.  I need to feel better so that I can take care of my children and work.  They deserve a happy mother.  I think the fact that I happened to come down with herpes last month has added to this depression.  Even though I found out he was out drinking with other women, he said it was work related and said it is I who cheated.  In the last month I have found out about a lot of lies and he says I am fabricating everything and I'm in my own little world.  I keep myself locked in my house...that's my problem.  I'm sorry for going on again.   There is not a friend or family member left who thinks I am not a head case.  I am pretty much alone.  I don't feel that the therapist helps very much.  So, whatever other advice you can give me would be great.
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I think i got a little confused with my last post, combiniing a couple of responses.  I just wanted to thank everyone for your help.  I'm just having such a hard time, even though my husband is gone.  I think it hurts more that he left me the way he did.  I dream about him every night.  I'm beginning to think all these doctors are quacks and I'm going to end up like Anna Niclole Smith or Heath Ledger.  I've never been one to take all these pills and nothing is even helping me.  I am taking Xanax because if I don't I'll cry all day long.  But I think I take to much and end up like  a zombie.  I truly do feel sick every day.  I feel like I have the flu. I wake up several times every night.  Last night I thought I had a fever,  But as usual, just a little elevated and turns into nothing but flu like symptoms 24/7.  If only my husband believed me.  It has made everything so much worse.  Even when he was home, most of the time I did not act sick.  I only said how bad I felt when he would badger me about working.  Then he punished me by sleeping on the couch saying that he did it out of respect for me so as not to bother me.  It's all such bull.  I am trying to get on with my life.  I've always been that kind of person.  But this illness has brought me down.  I need to stop for now.  I hurt too much.  Thank you all for listening.  I want you to know, that in 14 years I have never been on a message board on talked to people about the fms/cfs.  It has only been the last year I started confiding in so called friends about my husband and the illness.  I guess it's all too much for them too.  So, thank you.
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I don't suffer from depression and never have (at least not more than an hour or so... LOL!), but I have read that Cymbalta is a dual acting antidepressant medicine that has been found to decrease pain in patients with fibromyalgia. It also helps improve energy, decrease anxiety, improve depression, and help alertness and concentration - so this medicine has multiple potential benefits in fibromyalgia.

Of course my diagnosis is CFS, but I do have some pain... and all of us with CFS or fibro seem to attract other conditions and/or autoimmune conditions. We are like magnets !

The only pain that I do need help with is headaches that I often get. Relepex works wonders for my headaches, but insurance won't pay for it.... and it costs over $70 for only 3 pills !  So I will usually get a 1/2 hour massage and take 2 Exederin tablets afterwards and that usually nips it in the bud.
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There is a product called Amoryn . It works for me , used to take it . No side effects or withdrawl .

"Life is not fair - Get Used To It"

"Nothing Lasts For Ever"
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Thanks for the product name.  However, I don't appreciate your remark. I have never even been on a message board before  this and you do not know the whole of what my life is like.  I have expected family and so-called friends to say these things, but not here.  i am a very strong minded, spiritual person dealing with a lot of issues.  
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It's impossible for me to even realize what you are going through . Just a bad decision on my part . I was browsing through some forums and found the quotes , thought they was cool . I am sorry if I hurt your feelings . I am not judging you or anything . Time heals all wounds or as they say ... have faith in God . I am also homebound for 7 years with depression/severe muscle pains/ibs/asthma but not given up hope because if you stop fighting then you can be rest assured that it's going to be over with ! There is a great website on near death experiences http://near-death.com , most  profound nde's every documented with lots of research and answers into life , death , relationships and why we face the situations we face in life . I recommend that site , truly beleive the knowledge they bring back can truly help us have a positive outlook on life .

>> http://inherentexcellence.com/blog/?p=49

Larry king's show change your life change your mind . experts discuss depression and how we create our future with our own thoughts .

Before being born , we chose our own parents and illnesses , struggle , etc to help us grow spiritually and to remain compassionate and loving in the midst of great difficulties . One near death experiencer asked Christ "life is had I don't want to go back" and he got reply "Life is supposed to be hard , we have all been through this" , my english is kind of bad sorry , pls do visit that site , it will give you great strength , with time everything will pass on , as sorrows come without being asked for so will happiness . My good wishes to you . God bless and will keep you in my prayers !
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Thanks for writing back.  It just triggered something my husband always says...life's not fair, get used to it.  I can assure you he did not mean it in a spiritual way.  I am sorry I lashed out at you.  Since this illness (15 yrs now) I've been on a conscious spiritual path.  The book I started writing in 2001 is a metaphorical, spiritual journey...my journey.  When my husband began being more abusive 3 years ago, I think I turned into a sort of Rip Van Winkle, except doing all the things a mother does no matter how bad I felt.  Sometime I would fall asleep in the car waiting for them at school or something like that.  Anyway...for the most part I have practiced and studied many spiritual philosophies, I am almost a cert yoga teacher, (it has taken me 5 years...it took the other students 5 months)  I have studied Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc, etc.  I said a prayer a month ago (I was just telling someone else this )  I asked to know the truth (with regards to my husband)  be careful what you pray for.  I found out many things and I have seen the hell realm, lets just say.  Every day I try to listen to a tape, or read a passage from a book, or meditate, even for a minute.  I'm trying to put good thoughs in my head.  I'm currently reading Gregg Braden's book, "The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief".  It's more of the same, but it goes more in depth with the quantum theory and really gets you to explore you subconscious belief patterns.  It's a great book.  I'm going to check out the website you mentioned.  My daughter and I were just discussing death and near death experiences.  She is currently reading The Tibetan Book Of The Dead.  We'll check it out.  Again, I am sorry. Most of the time I do try to live by those mottos or I think I would not be here.  You are in my prayers as well.
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Can I get this yest fomd in the UK?
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