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Most of my life I have always been cold especially in the winter but 4-5 years ago I started getting very overheated with just the slightest bit of heat. Whether in the summer at the beach or in the winter in my car or in my apartment. In my car I turn the heat on for maybe 3-4 minutes & then I turn it off because it just gets to be too much even at the lowest setting. The whole car ride I turn the heat off & on. It's the same in my apartment. I just turn up the heat to 67 & it's too much. I'm more comfortable with the setting between 64-66 but my boyfriend says he gets cold & turns it to to 70. He just blasts me out of the room with the heat. Is this common with Fibromyalgia? I was recently diagnosed a week ago but I have known that I have it for 6 months by researching the internet with my symptoms.
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yes, consensus with you and the above. i too used to have frog-like thermia - cold fingers and toes in winter.
but now in recent years - with diagnosed exhaustion (cfs), thyroidism, adrenal lack, mild fibromyalgia - i overheat at the slightest exertion and also weather badly in the heat. so my hands and arm muscles will be v warm after typing, for example, as though i had actually been doing a lot more than just typing...
just before getting thyroid test and diagnosis, over a year ago, i thought i was pre-menopausal because i would wake up in the middle of the night with strange temp regulation - overheated and sweating! - dr said i wasn't menopausal!
this symptom is now extinct since thyroid has been treated.
good luck and just make yourself comfy as possible please
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Yep, it is often thyroid related.  I woke up tonight too hot and my heat isn't even on.  It's so hard to sleep when the body is acting like that.

I started using just one kelp capsule each day with food.  It does seem to help with the chronic constipation a little bit, but the other symptoms don't seem to be reducing.  I have been chronically iodine deficient for years, so I knew that using the kelp according to the instructions was safe for me to do so.  Anyone who is already using thyroid medication should NOT use kelp.  The label clearly states this, too.  

Many with FMS have thyroid issues and often with thyroid issues are adrenal issues.  The reason is that the two organs counterbalance the hormones.  Often, when one is out of whack, the other one is, too.  The adrenal glands are the glands that sit on top of your kidneys.

Oddly enough, some of us women actually have too low of progesteren levels, too.  The testostrogen levels may be fine or even too high, but the other male hormone that women have less of then men is often too low.  This issue is usually overlooked in conventional medicine.  You have to self-advocate in order to get it tested.  Even then, your conventional doctor may not test it and your insurance will refuse to pay for the test without a conventional doctor authorizing the test.  So, you may have to find a way to pay a natural doctor to get this test done.
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Heat intolerances can be caused by thyroid problems. Or other autoimmune disorders. I have fibromyalgia too and have experienced heat intolerance but found it to be related to thyroid problems.  
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