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HELP!! Back pain, muscle twitching + burning sensation

I'm a 24 y/o who's in remission from Papillary Thyroid Cancer.. for almost a year now. (1/13/2009)
For the past two weeks or so, I've been having back pain, mostly in the lower back, shoulders, below the shoulders and such. I've never had back pain before and I didn't lift anything heavy or strain my back. I'm also having leg cramps and muscle twitching, i can feel the twitch in my upper arms and in my legs. At first I thought it was my Calcium being too low but my calcium levels are fine.

Just recently, three days ago, after taking a calcium supplement, an intense burning came in my legs.. this was the first time. I mean I never experienced anything like this before! And the sensation creeped up towards my thighs, and my arms and now its in my backs. It just feels like I'm on fire. I went to the ER last night and they ran blood tests, calcium, magnesium, potassium, electrolytes, etc, everything came back okay. They also checked for Diabetes, which was negative. I also got an xray of my back, normal. He said there was no nerve damage, so i just don't know what's going on! Should I ask for an MRI?? Are these symptoms of fibromyalgia? How can I get tested for fibro?
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I also started to feel a burning/tingling sensation in my mouth now. I'mreally going crazy I don't understand what is going on with my body!!
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Congratulations on being in remission.
The odd thing is and I have fibromyalgia you described all my my symptoms. And the symptoms in my back, legs are nothing new to me. I've lived with this for many years.  But the shoulder pain and you described it exactly is something I have been experiencing for about 2.5 weeks.  
I'm not sure if you have fibromyalgia but it can be brought on by a trauma either physical or emotional. Having cancer and what you've obviously been through could definitely be cause for something like FMS.  
But don't just land on it as a diagnosis. Given that you most likely had treatment for cancer I'm wondering if this could be related to side effects to any of the treatments or medications you took or are taking.  
If I were you I would be looking in to alternative medicine as well as traditional. Meaning how do you build your body back up with foods, herbs, supplements and the therapies that will help your body heal.  Recovering from something like this will take time.  
I always believe in drinking a ton of water to flush your system.  Especially when I have pain water is like a lubricant to our system. Being dehydrated will cause headaches and much more pain.  
If you want to look in to the fibromyalgia there isn't a definitive test.  Going to a rheumatolgist so he or she can rule out other things like lupus, arthritis, lyme disease is a good start. Then he is she is usually your best bet in determining if it is fibromyalgia.
I hope it isn't and it's just your body going through some healing.  I pray that's what it is.
Take care and I hope this helps.
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