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i'm almost at rock bottom here.  i've been suffering for the last 2+ years, and it doesn't seem to want to stop.  it keeps getting worse.  i'm currently taking neurontin 600mg 2x a day.  cfs has not been a definitive diagnosis, but seems likely.  i hurt so much when i wake up and i'm so unbalanced.  i feel like my body is full of lead, so heavy.  i can't even begin to describe the intense, unrelenting fatigue.  i can't think, sometimes i can't even speak.  i'm so tired.  i have 4 kids, 4 cats, a dog, my husband, our home, and myself to take care of, and i am failing miserably.  my kids deserve so much better than what i am capable of right now.  i don't know where else to go or who else to talk to.  please, help me.
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I know how you feel!
It can be so overwhelming to have a family, pets, household and husband when dealing with such an awful illness.
I have fms\cfs dx'd in '00, I was so relieved to hear what the problem was called yet I cried like a hungry baby!
I understand the pain, confusion, swelling, burning and did I say pain! lol! I have to laugh now, I have no more tears besides it hurts to cry.
Listen ngraham819 I'm not my mother, definitely not my grandmother. This is all I have, sometimes I can help most times I can't. When I'm awake I talk to the fam about whts going on. How I need them to help.
I have 4 girls, thank God that they are strong b\c often they hv to pick me up in the morning just to get me going.
My husband is a Godsend! And tries his best to understand,
I fight the guilt like if... It was a bear trying to get my babies!!! Its hard but I know that 1 day... Maybe?
Started with apin clinic at the begng of this year, he is a dr. Who believes what I tell him, who wants to help "give me 2 yrs, by then we should have it under control"
So I eat meat that has a face, fresh, frozen etc not doing the exercising yet but get me a few more minutes with that.
Tonight I walked from the pantry to the sink standing up, not bent over! YEAH me!
So to you keep on fighting and try and find a good dr.
Soft Hug to you...

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