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Has any one else experienced this

Hi all

Just needed to ask if any one else notices this.

When people are talking to me they tend to tap push or touch my arms  oh its so painful. experienced
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If that is the area that is sensitive on any particular day, it will cause some pain...yes.

I have to remind others when they hug to do so lightly (as a strong one will hurt).  You can simply request that those doing this 'ease up' a bit and explain that you are sore in that area.  But yes, that does happen to me as well and isn't unusual for those with FMS.

Take care of yourself.
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So it seems its just you and I that experience this as know one else has commented.

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Actually, it is a common symptom with FMS...soreness, sensitivity, aches and pains within the muscles that seem to appear any place at anytime.  

Know that you are not alone as all here are dealing with multiple types of symptoms and pain.  Sometimes there is a great amount of activity within the forum and other days there is less.  

Wishing you pain free days ahead.
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My post was a bit sarcastic and I apologise for that I have not had a good week and when I saw that only one person had replied along with some others I was cheesed off (selfish really),as im sure given time more people will reply.

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hello am sorry your having such pain. unfortunatly this does sound common symptoms and i have i also had the same pain at one time with a bad flare up, it was  every bone and i was extreamly fragile and sore to touch, but the good thing was it got better with a little time and a lot of looking after. i found wearing extra layer(s) padded my bones, it helped when people would touch or the every day knocks and bumps that can be so slight yet crippiling. it also heps to keep your self coverd, warm clothes, gloves, scalf, and hat a must on cold days. the cold seemed to make things a lot worse for all of us and in many ways.  i found that heat helped me alot. do you take any meds painkillers for this? hope your feeling better soon
take good care of your self
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No need to apologize at all.  We all know the frustration behind these illnesses and that some days are worse than others...it's difficult to not let the pain effect us at times.  We have those days too.  :-)

I hope this coming week will be much better for you.  Take care.
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You are definitly not alone! My Church family are big huggers, especially when sharing the Peace.  There are also some me who have very hearty handshakes. Boy does it hurt sometimes. I usually just comment "Easy!" Knowing it will hurt, but still enjoying the contact of another person. I have come to hate being touched, and people began to feel I was being stand-off-ish.  I used to even hate for my EX husband to touch me. For a variety of reasons, LOL.  Just try letting your friends know that it physically hurts, and to be gentle. I find the contact outweighs the pain, on many levels.

Be well.
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I too have the same problem.  I kinda back away and then explain what the problem is so that they will not feel offended.  Yes, a hug definitely hurts.
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Thank you to you both.

I did not know if this was part of the Fibro or the steroids,  which I have been on over a year been coming down of them for some time I am now only on 4mg so another four weeks and I will be off them GREAT,I am having horrible draw backs.

When I saw the Rheumatologists I said to him no matter what pain killers I take, it does not seem to help and his reply was they wouldn't.Unfortunately this was said as I was walking out the door so next time I see him I will ask why.

The Rheumatologist is very focused on my sleep the correct sleep which he has asked me to do a one min walk every day but that kills me at times.

Anyway my mood is better today but I dont feel good today.

Its strange and I think it could be the steroids my body feels irritated it wants to rest but it also wants to move around I just dont know what to do sit lay or walk round its driving me nuts instead of irritable legs its irritable body.

Sorry now im rambling on.

Thank again.  
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