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Has anyone tried LYCRIA yet?

My RA gave me a free weeks supply RX for Lycria but I have not brought it into the pharmacy yet.  I also got 2 RX to start me slowly if I like it. Trouble is that it is so new that my copay will be almost $40 per month. I am on disibillity right now and can't afford it.  Also it is good for diabetic nerve pain-I don't think that I have nerve pain.I have muscle, joint and low back pain.  So bad that 3 vicodin every 4 hours doesn't do anything for me. It does take the edge off for an hour or so.  I'll appreciate your comments.  This site has been sleeping for over a week. Is everyone having a fibro-flare?
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I have tried lyrica before, twice actually. The first time I tried it it upset my stomach. I waited awhile and tried it again, doctors idea, and it did nothing for my pain, but I will tell you that I had trouble urinating, I mean I felt like I had to go but I had to push to go.(sorry for the description) Then about 3 weeks into it I started having terrible tremors. I thought I was coming down with parkinsons because my hands would shake so bad I couldnt even write. They took me off of lyrica and I don't have the shakes and tremors as bad as I used to, but I still have them. In my opinion I don't think its any good. But my opinion is just my opinion. I have heard that it helps alot of other people. But you have to keep in mind that people with fibro all have different med combinations to help them. None of us are the same. Its a strange, weird, and irritating syndrome! I absolutely hate having this damn fibro.

Just because it didnt work for me though doesn't mean it wont work for you. There are many other meds that work for others and they dont work for me. Good luck in your search though....
and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you have a decent painless year!
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Thanks for your opinion, it goes with my gut feeling.  I already take a combo of drugs for every symptom that fibro gave me. I would rather feel like I do than take the chance of long term side effects from a NEW drug.  I'll watch it for a while to see what kind of "bugs" show up.  I never like trying anything too new.  I'd rather wait a few years, for more info, for the price to go down and for more opinions.  I do that with everything on the market like p.c's and cars etc. Happy Painless New Year to All
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I tried lycra last winter and found that I was too whoozy and dizzy, so I stopped it. I'm going to an environmental allergist now and getting IV of Vitamin C plus B-12 and a few other things. They are not paid for by my insurance, but well worth it as I am finally off of pain meds (for the most part) and hardly need my vicodin. Life is good again.
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I don't understand what vit c & b12 has to do with pain.  I do take b6 for tingling & numbness though. Also magnesium for muscle soreness.  So how much are the shots and how many do you have to get to feel better?
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there's no magic pill for fibro.  since every persons body is different, medication also acts different in each individual.  lycria helped me function and allowed me to continue to workout.  I take methadone and norco also...it takes the edge off
but I still exprience pain.  I don't take pills on an empty stomache, and read up on the medications before I take them.  I have fibro and Have a degenerate disc
disease in the neck and lumber area with bone spurs. Pain really sucks and the Pain medication causes constipation.  I'm having my second back surgery soon and I'm really depressed about it.  There is no end to having pain.  I'm going back to having congitive therapy for pain.  The mind really has an effect on the body.  It worked before, I just try it again.

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I have been on Lyrica for over a year now .. and it has been a blessing for me.  It really takes the edge off and helps me function.  I also have diabetes and have to be careful with the doseage.. I've noticed that I can only take 2-3 a day and the 50mg. or my blood sugar will go up.  I still have to take tylox at night in order to get over the pain enough to sleep.  But, I would suggest trying it to those who haven't... Good luck!
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