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Help with my Fibromyalgia?

I have been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I was wondering what helps with the fatigue and flu-like symptoms besides Lyrica? Also does diet have any thing to do with the fatigue?
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Is your main complaint fatigue or pain ? The reason why I ask is because I've seen some members here who have said they were diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but they have more CFS like symptoms.
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My main complaint is fatigue , and pain/soarness in my muscles mostly in my legs. Also is fibromyalgia and CFS the same condition. My father has fibromyalgia, 1st cousin. But my aunt has CFS.
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Your symptoms sound more like CFS (what I have) than fibromyalgia. I am so upset with these physicians who are getting it wrong... arrg ! They don't seem to keep up to date on these conditions and/or care about their patients. I can tell you that fibro & CFS are very similiar in symptoms, but the CFS/fibro experts have said that these are two separate conditions. Pathogens seem to play a role in these conditions... either causing or contributing to the symptoms. This is also the case in patients who have lyme disease or autoimmune conditions.

I responded to your other questions and gave you some advice to help find a physician who routinely diagnoses and treats both fibro & CFS.... I hope that you will check it out.

Also.. here is a link to our Health Pages : http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=39  I think you will find a ton of helpful information, including symptoms of these conditions and TREATMENTS.. recommended by the experts. Some of these experts have fibro or CFS themselves. Here is my list of physicians that I pay attention to and why:


I hope that you will stick around. We've watched some MedHelp members take advice from other MedHelp members and as a result, were able to get diagnosed and treated faster. Plus... we know how awful it is to either have fibro or CFS... or be uncertain about your diagnosis.



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Sorry to bother you again but I have one more question is there any such condition as Idopatic Pain Syndrome. A doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia because of the pressure points. But he called my fibromyalgia ( Idopathic Pain Syndrome).  
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Hi ! The definition of idopathic is a disease of unknown cause. You certainly could have fibromyalgia because of the pressure point testing that your physician did, but if fatigue is your primary complaint... you should consider asking about CFS (as a primary diagnosis). I think it is 70% of people who have fibro also have CFS (and vice versa).

One thing I've learned though is before you get diagnosed with either one of these conditions, then it is vital to make sure that your diagnosis is correct. There are other health conditions that share similiar symptoms as CFS and fibro. Some of them are:

. lyme disease
. chiari malformation
. autoimmune diseases
. thyroid problems (which are also commonly seen in fibro & CFS patients)

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