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Here again and NEED HELP !!!

Hello again Everyone - I am back again and need help and there is nowhere else I can go. As you all know I was dx with fibro 1/2009. My pain management doc thinks it's from 3 breast cancer surgeries along with radiation on the right breast along with tamoxifen (I stopped taking in Feb 2009). All the sudden my right side of my ribs feel so brusied to the touch. The pain is on my ribs right side down and around  the back & front. Never hurt to breathe deep until now. I can't even lift my arm up without pulling pain. But no other pain. Doc wants to rule out that the cancer spread - went for xrays last night - must wait 3 days for those. If nothing shows - then I go for liver ultrasound. Has anybody had this happen to them. I can't believe with all this pain that it is getting worse. I just don't know what to do anymore !!!! I barely make it to work everyday - my husband is in construction & has been home since Nov - talk about a blessing - he does everything for me. Please help - I can't seem to function anymore. You all have been awesome since I have been here and sorry I count on you all so much. Thanks, Kathy
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I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time and I wish you the best of luck with your tests. I pray that you don't have cancer and that your pain physician can help find a medication that can help your pain.

Keep us posted !

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I can get really bad rib muscle pain. Stretching helps to a degree, as does heating pads/hot baths, but the best results I've gotten is through massage therapy to release that tightness and then to upkeep it through stretching. It can be agonizing to have - you feel almost panicy at times because breathing hurts and therefore you don't feel like you can take in enough oxygen.

Do check with your dr first though that it isn't contraindicated with the possible spread of the cancer.
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There is nothing to be sorry about Sunshine.  That is why we are here...to help through the good and bad times.

I will keep you in my prayers and hope that your tests come back clear.  I know this has to be a frightening time for you and please know we care.  It may be that you are experiencing a severe flare-up...sometimes it's easy to forget just how painful FMS can be.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you fare.  You're in my thoughts.
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Thank you all for your support. I am hoping & praying it's the fibro causing the pain and nothing else, then I can deal with that. Today is the day I find out about what the x-rays show. Pray it goes well. If that comes up normal - next step - ultrasound of the liver & things around the pain site. Very hard to keep pushing yourself. I need to work everyday - very lucky to still have a job with everything going on in this world. How does everyone push themselves to work everyday? It's getting so very hard. The pain is in so many different areas in any given day. Today in the neck, upper & lower back, buttocks, calves and feet. Yesterday it was in all different areas - this s***ks. I hate it - I can't stand the pain today already - needs to take meds. Thanks again for everyone - I know you all understand where I am coming from. Have a Blessed day & I will everyone one what happens today. God Bless, Kathy
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Hand in there kiddo, we're here in spiritecause we are all so far away, but my prayers are being sent your way. I'm finding out everyday that fibro is brutal and has no pity on any of us. When it decides where and where to strike, it goes all out to leave us complely devastated. Like you I hate this **** and so tired of it taking my life over. Please let us know how thins go, take care of you.

gentle hugs
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Could be chondritis (sp?).

I get that from time to time, it literally is VERY painful to just breathe in. The only thing I take for it when it occurs is Aleve.

Praying all goes well today for you..
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Hi Everyone - Thank you all again for being here. It helps soooo much that I am not alone. I received the results of the x-rays of my ribs - this is what the report reads:
Lungs are grossly clear (what does this mean?)
Nonspecific sclerosis right 8th rib
minimal wedge-shaped deformity of some of the thoracic vertebral bodies, likely secondary to osteopenia.These are overall chronic in appearance.
Correlation with nuclear medicine bone scan is recommended.
Made an appointment for a bone scan on Wednes. at 6:45 am, they inject some stuff into you, wait for a few hours then do the scan. Never had this before.

If anyone can recommend me to another forum or give me some insight as to what all this means I would appreciate all the help I can get. I really need it.

I was thinking that I felt so good before the breast cancer surgery in Sept. 2007. I was in the best shape of my life. In 2000 I turned my whole life around - changed my diet, exercised everyday, lost 60 lbs. went into a perfect size 12 by the age of 44 (2004). Now I am at the worse part of my life. Everything is falling apart. Will it ever be normal again? I am going be 49 on Mon 4/27/09 and feel like I am 70. Trying to keep up with working and my big family activities every weekend. I am glad to be alive, I have alot of people that love me. Just so emotional lately.

Thanks again everyone, try to enjoy the weekend. God Bless you all. Sunshine
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