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Herniated disk cause fibro flare-up

I was diagnoised with fibromyalgia in 1998 and had that one big flare up and a few little bouts since then but nothing like what I am going through now after injuring my back on 1-18-2008 causing a herniated disk. I was given two of the steroid shots in my back and my symptoms really got worse to the point where I could not walk, extremely weak legs and hips and it feels as if my legs are going to buckle on me along with intense aching pain and a feeling like my thighs are on fire sometimes.  I did fall down once and twice I over shot the steps with my left leg and almost did the splits. My pain is so intense every minute of the day now that I am miserable. My doctor told me that I have arthritis in my back which I have found out that it is trauma arthritis. He also said that I am magnifying my pain and does not believe me when I tell him my symptoms. The last visit I told him again that my legs were very weak feeling, that the tissue and muscles felt so tight that they would rip open and yet he took ahold of my leg and lifted it straight out and it killed me to the point where I could not walk for 5 days. He said that I have a strong body from the waist down. I do not understand him and why he does not believe me when I tell him my symptoms..
My question is...do you think or know for sure that
#1 a herniated disk can cause trauma arthritis?
#2 can a herniated disk cause the fibromyalgia to kick in.  
I would most sincerely like to know the answer to these questions.
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Most arthritis is due to some type of trauma (unless it is an autoimmune type).  Any time you injure your body arthritis can develop in that area.

Fibromyalgia can develop due to any form of traumatic injury (physical/emotional)...at least that is the theory.  They really do not know what causes it.  

A herniated disk can certainly cause all types of pain.  You are dealing with back pain, walking pain, the adaption of your body (legs, back, stride) to compensate for this pain.  

The balance, overshooting with your step, is something I can totally relate to (as I have that problem as well).  I believe your physician is unsympathetic to your needs and you may do well to seek out someone who is more understanding.

Best of luck to you.
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