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Horses, Fibromyalgia, & Bipolar Disorder

Is there anyone that has horses, fibromyalgia and bipolar or depression? If so, how do you deal? How are you able to take the time with them and take care of them? I just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I've had Bipolar disorder for 13 years. I have had horses, dogs, and cats all my life. Since I was diagnosed with fibro, I don't know how to take care of them like I should. For instance, I have a one month old colt and I haven't been able to train him. I also have a three year old gelding that I raised and now is about to be broke to ride. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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that sux. no way to sugar-coat it: you can't - you can't care for your horses - not physically possible if you want every chance of recovery.
sorry, i don't have horses, but i had the modern-day equivalent - the motorcycle! point being, i was having difficulty riding (i was having difficulty holding a pen), yet the bike gave me about the only joy in my life at the time [how sad is that]. so - i kept the bike but rode it less.
i expect the animals are something you enjoy yet they are a lot of work. i have cfs = incapacitation with minor pain, and had severe short-term depression. so i expect with the all-consuming pain of fibro, i don't know how you can manage this. you need to do things you enjoy, and remove elements of stress and obligation. do the horses have to stay together? if someone can care for them and train them i think this needs to be done. it is a dud answer but when you put yourself first, you also have to miss out on a lot of things, for now.
best, and take care
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Hi, I have horses also BUT I sold my 5 year old mare that needed broke in the fall.  Her mother was sold 3 years ago due to the fact that she needed a lot of attention (work, riding)  The 2 that I have now are very well broke and can be left in the field and pulled out after 6 months and trailered & ridden with no problem, same with the pony.  I do not stall them as it is healthier and more natural for them to be able to come & go as they please.  The dogs need much more attention and I make the effort with their training.  I will see what happens as the years pass.  Good Luck!!

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