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How Many of You Have Other Diseases Either Yourself or in Your Family???

Just out of curiosity: How many of you either have a co-occurring autoimmune or bacterial illness or disease yourself, or do you have a family history of one or more of them? Please feel free to participate in this poll. If I wasn't able to include a particular condition in the poll, please feel free to discuss it. I wasn't able to add additional lines to include them all, but I thought this might bring up a good discussion in this group about genetics and how these things affect those of us who have FM and CFS. I am eager to hear everyone's comments.
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I marked RA, Lupus or inflammatory but also have a thyroid condition.  
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I just realized how ineffective this whole polling system was going to be after I posted this. Ha ha!!! Because I too needed to mark three things and could only mark one. Whoops! I can blame this mistake on the fibro-fog! BUT, the whole premise of the post has it's merit and really does deserve a discussion, so all is not lost. :)

I have almost everything up there except Lyme in my family. I suffer from DDD and Osteoarthritis of the spine and nerve damage as well as Fibro. My Thyroid numbers are also slightly off myself.
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My husband has chronic fatigue and I have degenerative disc (had surgery) along with the fibro., anxiety and depression.

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I have the fibro, lupus, asthma, degenerative disc and osteoarthritis in ALL my joints.

Fibro fog is horrible!
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I have ME/CFS, FMS, Addison Disease, Hypothyroidism, Cardiomyalpathy...
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Hi Kit,
I know the poll isn't perfect, but you should vote for the thyroid problem then if you feel up to it.
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