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How Many of You Have Other Diseases Either Yourself or in Your Family???

Just out of curiosity: How many of you either have a co-occurring autoimmune or bacterial illness or disease yourself, or do you have a family history of one or more of them? Please feel free to participate in this poll. If I wasn't able to include a particular condition in the poll, please feel free to discuss it. I wasn't able to add additional lines to include them all, but I thought this might bring up a good discussion in this group about genetics and how these things affect those of us who have FM and CFS. I am eager to hear everyone's comments.
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I marked RA, Lupus or inflammatory but also have a thyroid condition.  
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I just realized how ineffective this whole polling system was going to be after I posted this. Ha ha!!! Because I too needed to mark three things and could only mark one. Whoops! I can blame this mistake on the fibro-fog! BUT, the whole premise of the post has it's merit and really does deserve a discussion, so all is not lost. :)

I have almost everything up there except Lyme in my family. I suffer from DDD and Osteoarthritis of the spine and nerve damage as well as Fibro. My Thyroid numbers are also slightly off myself.
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My husband has chronic fatigue and I have degenerative disc (had surgery) along with the fibro., anxiety and depression.

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I have the fibro, lupus, asthma, degenerative disc and osteoarthritis in ALL my joints.

Fibro fog is horrible!
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I have ME/CFS, FMS, Addison Disease, Hypothyroidism, Cardiomyalpathy...
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Hi Kit,
I know the poll isn't perfect, but you should vote for the thyroid problem then if you feel up to it.
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wow i cant believe that so many of us have ddd i have a question too how many have cyst in your neuro canal or have had one any at all any where?
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I have recurring Papillary Thyroid Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Congenital Hip Dysplasia, for which I need a left Total Hip Replacement ASAP. I need a right Knee Replacement too, just not yet... Osteopenia, TMJ Syndrome, GERD, IBS, mild Mitral Valve Prolapse, Fatty Liver Disease, Multi Chemical Sensitivites, Hyper-Trophic Scarring, Stage 2 Renal Failure, Vaginismus, Depression and Anxiety.

Ya'll are probably already too tired of reading just my illnesses, but the poll did ask about illnesses in the family too. :-)

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, Thyroid Disease, Diabetes, Periodontitis, TMJ Syndrome, Migraines, Epilepsy, Charco-Marie Tooth, Gallbladder Disease, GERD, IBS, Diverticular Disease, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Celiac Disease, Cancer of the Lung (4), Colon (2), Breast (1), Uterus (1), Skin (4), Heart Disease, Stroke, PAD, COPD/Emphysema, Kidney stones, Incontinence, Alzheimer's

I'm probably forgetting something...I usually do.
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I answered yes to the Lyme option but wanted to add that I have had a cervical spine fusion as well.  Could be related to lyme though.
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blood aunt had hyperthyroid, blood cousin on same side hyperthyroid.

i got hyperthyroid, and fatigue. dodgy shoulder joint - seemingly no reason? all other joints pretty good.
all clustered in w anxiety, depression, mild panic when at its worst. \

thankfully i'm recovering. the forum is supportive and helpful and i say significant in the road to wellness- takes a lot of worry out of things :)
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I have found that my mother and siblings have many of autoimmune illnesses (fibromyalgia, chronic pain) that have not been diagnosed. I am pretty sure my mother had fibromyalgia. I remember her always saying how she ached, this was 30 years ago when you never heard of FMS.  They'd call it depression back then.   She also had heart disease. She died of it as did my younger sister in the early 70's.  
Everyone in my family has had back surgery excluding my dad. We all have degenerative disc disease. I like my father have extremely low blood pressure and mitral valve prolapse, everyone else in my family has high blood pressure.

I have found some differences. I am from the east coast. My family excluding one sister all still live on the east coast.  My life style is different living on the west coast so my health although difficult with FMS, 7 surgeries on my spine is much better than my family members.   I have never smoked and my siblings always have so their health has gotten increasingly worse over the years.  I pray constantly they will stop.  So even though we have had similar health issues mine seem much more manageable due to not smoking, exercise and trying to eat foods that are better for health.  I truly believe that makes all the difference not matter what our family history.  
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I have the same issues with some of my family members smoking and their health is getting worse than mine. I can only imagine how sick I would be if I hadn't given up that habit almost five years ago. Oh my. I nearly died of an asthma attack! Thank god my mother finally quit smoking after having a mini stroke a year ago. I couldn't believe she did it. I am from the west coast- from your country Washington State actually, but I now live in Wisconsin. Some day I hope to move back. Life sure is different all over the country that's for sure!
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I have fibro, bronchial asthma, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, amongst other things. My little sister has fibro , asthma, degenerative disc disease, as well as other things wrong with her. Extremely painful all the time.
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Hi.  I was dx with Fibro last week.  I also have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.  In my family there is a history of RA, OA and Thyroid disease.
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Thanks for weighing in on this thread. I have never heard of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. I just looked it up though and will begin reading about it now that you mentioned you have it. I am very curious now. Welcome to the forum!
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Thank you for the welcome!  CMT is a neuromuscular disease.  One of 40 diseases covered by the MDA.  My daughter (12) also has CMT.
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I had thyroid problems hyperparathyroidism, with removal leaving 1 parathyroid gland. Now I've hypoparathyroidism. I feel the malfunctioning of my thyroid may have triggered my fibro. I also have osteoarthritis resulting in 5 related sugeries. all the conditions have the similar symptoms. Could not tolerate meds perscribed for fibro.
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I have hypothyroidism,adrenal fatigue,fibromylagia, endometriosis, I.C. ,Hypoglycemia,  IBS
My mom has IBS,Parkinsons,Thyroid problems,Heamolytic anemia,no gall bladder,R.A.
My sisters have IBS,Chrohns,Psoriatic arthritus , R.A., OCD
So I think my children are doomed to get something.Sorry boys.
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Bumping this to the top.
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I have fibromyalgia, IBS, rhemetoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, xerostomia, lactose intollerance, and very recently allergies to ALL nuts.  Wonder if the allergies are because of everything else???
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I have DDD, bulging disc, pars defect, spondy, IBS/IBD, fibro symptoms that have not been diagnosed yet, Endometriosis, Interstitial cystitis, GERD/acid reflux, and migraines. Out of all the people who have had surgeries for there DDD.......how many felt better afterwards? How many did it not help? How many had a spine fusion in the lumbar region? What other surgery was performed?
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