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How do u ask for a stronger pain med (w/out sounding like a pill seeker)?

Hi everyone! My question is how do I ask for something stronger without sounding like a "pill seeker" or drug abuser? My Lortab 10mg is like regualr tylenol to my pain. They already have me on Cymbalta, Lyrica, Lortab10mg, Soma, Xanax and Ambien BUT I AM IN SUCH PAIN! It is unreal!

I know it's not a good idea to double up or whatever but I have in desparation- it does not help! My legs give me the worst trouble. I take magnesium, calcium and a few other natural things. I do swim exercise religiosly now BUT the pain is beyond any pain I've ever been through including natural childbirth!!!

How do I ask a doctor to put me on something like Percocet or Oxycodone? Or just anything that will be wotrth taking?? This Lortab is USELESS!! But I've been told if you ask for something specific they think you are just there to get pills for the wrong reason. HAS ANYONE ASKED THEIR DOCTOR FOR SOMETHING STRONGER, AND HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT IT????

By the way thanks in advance for any ideas, thoughts, suggestions or sharing.
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If you are taking all those meds at the same time, you may be a pill popper.  Are you taking magnesiem atleast 4 hrs from taking anything else?  If you take it along with other meds-the other meds will not be aborbed correctely into your system, like you won't get the true effects.  Have you tried positive feedback or hypnosis for the pain.  Try positive thinking and speaking.  Yoga breathing exercises.  Physical therapy, swim less in a heated pool. Stationary bike slowly for five minutes to restart a new ecercise program. You won't be happy with harder drugs, most pain killers don't even work on fibro type pain believe it or not.  I've tried morphine and I've tried oxycontin (doctors choices not mine) and they did nothing but make me tired.  Watch how you stop your meds too, get doctors help on how to do that or else it could kill you.  Good Luck and God Bless
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just tell your doc that what you are taking is not working and in my opinion nothing does that i have ever had,so i stopped takng the lot and i dont seem to be any worse off cos the pain remains the same ,and and i clear each med out of my system before i try something new.hope this has been of some help to you,and ask him how long you shold wait before you try something new.
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I agree with kitty 51 just tell the doc that what you are taking right now is not helping at all with the pain. Ask if there is something else. I was taking percecet one 3 times a day. Which did nothing. I was afraid to overdose so I just suffered. Then a friend of mine told me that his wife is also on them and she takes two at a time which helps. So that is what I did. It did help. I told my doc & he said no that is to much and then switched me to morphine. Just tell the doc what you are taking is not doing a thing. See what he says.
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I have been wondering the same thing! I am scared to ask too, I am on lyrica and ambien and I am still having a really hard time! I am not on any pain medications which I have taken before and they do help some, I hope you find out, good luck! Also if you do find out let me know, I want to ask too but am scared!

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I wrote this post when I was in dying pain. I do alternate between Rx meds and homeopathic treatments/remedies. I also do water exercises and emotional therapy. AND I take a break about every 5-6 months from Rx meds, so that I do build a tolerance or harm my other organs more than I do. I have Post Traumatic Syndrome with Panic Disorder on top of FMA, TMJ, and likely MS.

I do not like that I have to take any meds at all and since posting this I have quit Lyrica because I thought it might be a culprit to my involuntary jerking and shaking. Also, I do not take pain meds daily, only when needed. And I am not going to apologize that sometimes I NEED something to take away this pain!!!

I encourage everyone when reading someone's post/question to really understand that they are being honest, open and putting theirselves out there. Also take in mind every one of us hurts but none of us know to what extent the other persons pain may be or what their threshold for pain may be. What you may not be able to tolerate, maybe I can or vice versa.

Let's all remember why we are here and that this is the one place we should all feel free to be open, honest and ask whatever is bothering us. Non-suffering people in our every day lives do not have a clue so this is the only place we can come to.

I've rec'vd some private messages regarding this and so I had to come back and post this comment. Everyone is free to express their opinions and suggestions- just keep in mind real people in real pain are behind each post!!

How are you feeling now? It was interesting to read your post :)
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I do not know how it is for others, but for me I have never been able to get a Docter to give me more meds for my pain. I only take my cymbolta and busepar and balacet. And sometimes I feel as if im going mad. But my doc wont help me. So i go to the emergency room and they always help me.
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A supplement.. well actually it is a type of sugar, has been shown in research studies that it can improve pain and quality of life in many CFS & fibro patients.  It is called "D-Ribose"... you may want to check it out.  Here is a link to the article;




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MANY, many health problems!!
*L4-5 FUSION 11/2006 **but be4 that i had a botched "clean up" & obtained an infection of pus & fluid in my spine 9/2005. Had 2 have a pic line put in for IV antibiotics & weekly nurse visits for 8 + wks.
*C5-6 FUSION 3/01
*STILL have 2 hern disc's in lumbar, 2 in thorasic, 1 in neck
*Degenerative Disc Disease
*Arn. Chiari DAILY headache/migraines for 13 yrs. now
*Rhem. Arthritis
*DAILY chronic pain

I take 11 perscriptions for my ailments: Some include;  lyrica, cymbalta, etolac, percocet, ms contin, zanaflex!  They HAD me on MAJOR strong stuff  3-5 yrs. ago including: Dilata's, Methadone, Soma & Clonopin.  Couldn't handle ALL the side effects & was house bound & became severely depressed & OVERSLEPT constantly.  


In the PAST my dr. has tried EVERYTHING........... w/ my chronic pain:  tramadol, darvocet, vicodin, loratab, celexa, bextra, MANY diff. anti-depressants ETC.  

~~ I go 2 the dr. EVERY month for pain management. I LOVE my dr.!  I've been seeing her for quite a few yrs.!  And she's VERY conservative about giving pain meds.  SEE................................ the thing is MOST dr's WON'T give pain meds for fibro. INCLUDING my dr.!!  She prescribes my pain meds for my torn up spine, neck & head.  The herniated disc i have ARE pinching nerves etc.! So, she is compassionate that i HAVE 2 have SOME quality of life. She's SEEN me NOT be able to hardly walk & or stand up straight.  I'm DEFINITELY not a pill seeker.  Since i've refused pain meds MANY times.  JUST because one is on a lot of scripts doesn't make them one.  

**I've TRIED ALL kinds of natural herbs & alternate relief. Phy. Therapy/Chiro (made it WAY worse) biofeedback, injections, hypnosis, weekly massages, acupuncture, low impact aerobics. YOU name it i've tried it. And SOME of these made my pain MUCH worse.

AS far as ASKING 4 something stronger............. if u have a good relationship w/ u'r dr. they should be willing to try something stronger on you if what u'r taking ISN"T working.  If they give u the run around FIND a dr. that's compassionate & maybe even SPECIALIZES in u'r ailments.  

Meditation/Yoga, positive thinking is THE BEST DRUG there is. BUT w/ out my reg. meds I'd be in bed........ praying for god to take me & end my pain!! I've been there be4 & it's NO place for our minds to go.

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I'm new on here, and I understand I'm in alot of pain too. They are not sure if I have Fibromyalgia or neuropathy but I take Darvocet now and was on Percocet. They do nothing for the nerve and body pain. I only take them for the Migraines, and that pain doesn't compare to the pain in my legs. As far as meditation I've studied Martial Arts for 17 years, and as it is helpful - I am still having trouble copeing.
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Has u'r regular dr. ordered any specific labs; like SED RATE, Growth Hormone etc.?? If they did & then sent u 2 a fibro clinic u could find out EXACTLY what's going on w/ ya.

I'm sorry u'r having a hard time coping. :( I feel for ya sista.  We all have bad days & some good.  Hopefully, today is a good day for u.  I TRY to FOCUS on the fact that @ least i'm NOT wheelchair bound. Or that i could be legless or have 1 arm or something. I guess i'm just trying to say.... "i have to say in my head.......IT COULD always BE WORSE"!  It might sound kinda silly. But, it works for me.  Try 2 find something that works for you. Remind u'rself of that & focus on u'r blessings. ;)

Bless you
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Like most of the others here, the meds don't do much for my pain. I've found that how I feel on any given day depends on the quality of sleep I got the night before. I sleep on an air bed (Wal-Mart, $10.00) on my floor.
I keep a chair close to help me get up in the morning. You have no idea how much difference that little change made! Any inner-spring mattress feels like I'm sleeping on a sack full of doorknobs. I also take .5 mg Clonazepam at bedtime. I hope this helps
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I have had all kinds of physical therapy and all kinds of drugs. I have found nothing to relieve the pain. As well I have been on many meds and am allergic to most pain meds and come monday I have no choice but to go back on morphine. Last time I was on morphine it almost caused a divorce. My new husband said it made me very mean and it was him or the morphine. Well my doctor at my last appt. told me that no matter what I had to get back on the morphine for my sanity and for the pain. It is all I can do now to get out of bed. I have had 3 false heart attacks in 2 weeks time. Because of over doing on my good days. The muscles around my heart were the weakest in my body so that is were the fibromyligia attacked. May God Bless you and ask your doctor for something that is going to work because you feel like you are going in saine with the pain you are in. I have had firbomyligia for 11 years now and was just diagnosed 5 years ago. I have been stuck in bed for more than 6 mth and confined to a wheelchair for over a year. I am now back up slowly and gingerly and can't make a full day of things but I am atleast out of the house. Believe in yourself enough to not let this disease take you over. No matter how bad it hurts at least step outside and check the mail or walk down your side walk.
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Percocet and other drugs in that category aren't good long-term.  You can evaluate what you are taking.  See if any dosages can go up or try another kind of medication.  With antidepressants for example, there are many brands and medications for that.  They work for the same thing, but have different ingredients and work differently.  What may work for one may not for the other, as well as what may work for you may not with something similar.  It is also good to find out what is causing for you to feel worse (even with the medications) and just to talk to your doctor about it.  I don't know of anything that works for my fibro problems, but everyone is different.
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Jennifer567 and to the rest of you who are fibro sufferers. I too am a fibro victim as I call it. When you live in so much pain and nothing seems to help and because of it your life is spinning out of control... I would like to share with you something that has helped me and for the last 3 1/2 years. I have had very little pain in that time. None most of the time. If I overdo it or don't get enough sleep then I will have some pain but nothing like before. And it has restored my sleep! So I o longer feel like I'm half awake and half a sleep all night.
When I discovered this I was on ten medications that the dr's were giving me to help control the pain. And I literally watched a clock to see when I could take another dose of pain medicine not because it got rid of the pain but it did ease it up where I could tolerate it a while longer. Nothing else not even diet or exercise which I have tried in my search for something to make a difference. So here it is it's a juice made from the mangosteen fruit. If you like me your first reaction will be that is crazy! No juice can help with what I'm dealing with. But I hope some of you will be desperate enough to try it. Make sure that you get the whole fruit mangosteen, which there are many out there that are not. Give it at least time to work 3-6 months drinking at least 3 ozs 2 times a day. I don't know if this post will be even allowed to be posted but I had to try. Many of your dr's won't believe that this can do anything for you. But what do you really have to loose? It's not a cure all but it does have natural anti inflamatory properties that help to reduce the pain like nothing I've experienced for my own pain. And there is scientific and medical research on mangosteen fruit.  As I decided I had nothing to loose. I pray this information is beneficial to some of you.
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I understand and empathize with you as far as your pain in concerned.  I currently take 1 30mg oxycontin 2x a day and norco for breakthrough pain.  I used to just take the norco but as anyone who has been on opoids knows you build a tolerance to these meds.  I just switched to the oxycontin 2 weeks ago and I am ok with it but the side effects suck.  I get headaches and am constipated all the time.  (but I guess that has helped with my IBS some right!?!?!?)  My doc is awsome and really listens to me.  I do my research and bring it to him.  He does not assume I am pill seeking but knows that I want to be active in finding a solution.  He brought up at my last appointment that he was interested in putting me on Duragesic patches.  I told him to let me research it first and we can talk about it on the next visit.  That's why he put me on the oxy.  I am still not too stoked on the patch idea and would rather use that as a last resort but it is for people with opoid resistance and may be a good solution.
My advice... don't  be afraid to talk to your doc and do research and give him suggestions.  He (or she) may be a dr but they can't keep up on everything going on with every illness.  If your doc doesn't want to listen to you...SEE SOMEONE ELSE!!!  
It is a special relationship we have (especially us in chronic pain) with our docs and it has to be based on respect and trust.  If your not getting that find someone who will give that to you.
Stay strong and I wish you the best!
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I have had Fibro for almost 7 years in addition to Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sphenopalatine Neuralgia, Cluster headaches, TMJ, High Blood pressure, Interstitial Cystitis, Crohn's Disease and Reflux. It (Fibro) started really bad then got better once I lost weight and excercised regulary no matter how much pain I was in I would atleast walk a little. I as with everyone else tried a ton of stuff. Now I only take the occassional Flexeril at night and the D-Ribose that was mentioned by someone previously is a lifesaver. 1 tsp. in my coffee every morning. It's a tasteless white powder you can get at any health food store, not too cheap, worth every penny. It takes about 10-14 days give or take to kick in but WOW. The pain subsides and the energy level SOARS. It is awesome. I know several people who have tried it and are like new. They have quit taking their regular meds. Don't get me wrong I know how bad Fibro can be, I know some people suffer more than others, I hope you find something that works for you. The narcotics just aren't generally the way to go with this type of pain. Good luck to you.
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i have taken every pain med there is on the market...i am now on buprenorphine..it is useless for the pain also..
there is not a medication that will take this pain away...NOTHING!
the cymbalta, neurontin, amitriptyline, klonopin, suboxone, oxies, methadone, percs, vikes, morphine, tylenol, advil...there just isnt a thing that gives me any relief..i have stopped searching because i've tried it all, and nothing works, plain and simple.
i really dont know how people can live like this, or for how long.

the only relief i get is an occasional prescription of prednisone, 5 days worth...10 days of relief. 40 mgs a day
i gave up looking for relief..now its just finding ways to learn to live with it..yippee.

good luck..i hope someone here gets relief without chemical dependency or addiction kicking in, this really is something to think about IF you can put the need for relief aside for a bit, not meant to be sarcastic like it may sound.....it is sheer torture to live like this.
narcotics dont work for this type of pain, usually, and are not meant for long term. please try safer alternatives first if you can.
and after being on narcotics for so long, they can actually worsen pain. your pain receptors will play tricks on you...
good luck everyone
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Hearing what all of you go through with your doctors and your pain meds, I thank God every day for my PM doc.  I have fibro, but that's not the reason I see a PM doc.  I also have adhesive arachnoiditis, which doctors have described as living with the pain of cancer without the release of death.  

When I first started seeing this doctor, he had me taking Norco tablets.  He didn't want me on them long term because of all the Tylenol in them, but my finances at the time wouldn't allow for anything more expensive.  As soon as I was able to afford it, he switched me to oxycodone, which works like a charm for me.  Without it, I would be bedridden.  With it, I can work a normal week and do almost everything that I could do before I developed the arachnoiditis, within reason, of course.

As someone said, with opioids, you develop tolerances to them, which necessitates adjusting your dosages to be able to get the same effect over time.  I see my doctor every other month (I have an appointment tomorrow, as a matter of fact) and the first thing he asks me is "are the meds still doing their job?  Or do you need more?"  He has NEVER made me feel odd or embarassed to have to ask for a higher dosage, and when I tell him that I'm just about making it the 30 days because of having to titrate my doses higher, he increases my prescription accordingly.

The key to being able to successfully manage a chronic pain disease is to be blessed with a doctor who isn't afraid to treat the disease aggressively, and who trusts you, as his patient, to be honest with him about your pain control needs.  My doctor is a well-known neurosurgeon/neurological oncologist, it's not like I go to one of those fly-by-night storefront clinics where all they do is write prescriptions for pills.  He does random drug testing of his patients to make sure we're taking our meds the way we're supposed to and not selling them (as so often happens with the people who visit the storefront clinics), he does periodical assessments in the form of informal interviews that, we find out afterward, were actually psychological tests to determine our propensity for becoming addicted.  He monitors each and every one of his patients very carefully and we all love him!  

My heart goes out to people who have to suffer because they can't communicate with their doctors for fear of being misunderstood.  I wish that you could all be blessed with a doctor like mine.  It's difficult enough living with chronic pain without having to do battle for everything that might possibly help to lessen that pain.  You all deserve better.

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"I also have adhesive arachnoiditis, which doctors have described as living with the pain of cancer without the release of death."

That sounds awful ! I am so happy to hear that oxycodone is working for you. And I like what you had written in your last paragraph, "you all deserve better".  I have CFS and fortunate that my pain (although present every single day) is tolerable without medications. I do on occasion have severe headaches and found only one medication, fortunately non-narcotic, works for me. (Relepex)
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I have tried all you are on and they do nothing.  I have been on a duralgesic patch plus percocet for quite awhile now and they feel like taking an aspirin to me.  Just ask the Dr. and be persistent.  My family Dr. doesn't believe fibro. exists so had to go to a specialist.  Ask to go to a pain clinic!
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Appreciated your comment about real people in real pain.  We suffer enough because our suffering is not visible.  I am in the process of applying for disability and they are putting me through Hell.  My own children think I am faking.  I don't understand why they think I would rather spend my life in bed or on my couch in agony rather than golfing everyday like I use to.  My pain has gotten so out of control that I have often wished I didn't believe in God so I could end my life.  I am so tired of people saying you look fine!
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My family Dr. says only women get fibro. because it is in our heads!  Lucky I have a specialist and go to a pain clinic.  I have had fibro. for about 25 yrs.  I use to take Tylenol 3's to golf or play baseball or volleyball.  I worked 3 jobs and raised four kids.  Now at 49 my body has said, "forget it!"  I am on several meds without much help. I have had injections in my spine for the arthritis and it helped some.  
I am so tired of family, friends, colleagues looking at me and saying you look fine.  
Luckily, I am dating a wonderful, understanding man who will give me long massages or help out when needed.  He is a very patient saint.  
If I am denied disability I don't know what I will do.  When working I came home and went to bed immediately and spent weekends in bed.  I can't go back but, I know it is hard for fibro. sufferers to get it.  
They ask if I would go back to work and I said, "I would love to be cured and go back to work!"
I feel trapped in a cocoon of pain.
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"My family Dr. says only women get fibro. because it is in our heads!"

I'm sorry to see that the abuse is still continuing. There are abnormalities in fibro patients and your physician should be keeping up to date on the latest research. Shame on him (or her !).

My recommendations for those of you who are in pain and not getting relief from your current medications would be to discuss this with your physician or specialist... but also bring up your concerns about taking such strong medications.

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I am lucky I have a dr. that understands me and my pain but it took me about 7 years to get to this point.  I have found that oxy and oxycotin does work for me I am on a oxy ir for immediate pain and a long lasting oxycotin for long coverage.  there are other pian meds that I have tried and they don't work.  every person is different and need different care.  I make sure that my dr knows that I am concerned about taking high doses but when I need an increase I just tell then\m that I have had to double up on my pills inorder for them to work and they will usually increase them.  but again it has taken me a long time and I had to go through a pain specialist before my dr would prescribe anything.  sometimes it is a matter of having that second dr (like a pian specialist) inform the dr that this is what you need it takes the pressure off the GP dr.  
good luck and you will find something that works for you.
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