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How do you know if you have fibromyalgia

I am new to the  forum and am trying to find out if I have fibro or not. My PCP suggested that I might. I have shortness of breath and body aches/pains in different places at different times. This includes joint pain, feet pain, knees etc. I have trouble sleeping also.
I have not been able to find a real good explanation of what fibro is and how to treat it. I also could use the name of a pain management clinic in Nashvile, TN if anyone knows.
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Hi Casey,

You need to see a Rheumotologist.  They specialize in arthritis, etc.  They know more about Fibro than your regular pcp.  Fibro is diagnosed by symptoms, not by drawing blood or doing xrays.  You probably know that it is not very well known. That's why you need to see a specialist.  You can find out alot on this website and also try webmd. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
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Have you been tested for lyme?

The doctor told me I had fibro last summer. That just didn't work for me as I knew my body better.

I was tested and found to have lyme and co-infections.
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