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How many of you have been tested for parasites???

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over a year ago, but I just found out I have a rare parasite infection. I had a special comprehensive stool test ordered by my naturopathic practitioner.  This was NOT a routine stool test ordered by a doctor which often misses many kinds of parasite infections.  Parasite infections can mimic fibro and cause chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, irritable bowel, skin rashes and itching, joint aches, muscle aches, food sensitives, etc.

If you are diagosed with Fibromyalgia and find yourself getting sicker and sicker like I was, you absolutely need to have a comprehensive test for parasite infections. Parasites are much more common than people realize and many doctors don't routinely test for them. Individuals with Fibromyalgia are even more susceptible to parasite infections than the normal, healthy person.  My doctors, including my rheumatologist, didn't think to test me for parasites even though I had EVERY symptom of a parasite infection and I am wasting away and one step away from the hospital.  If you want more information on the test I had done, send me a private message.

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Thank you for posting this. I remember when Dr. OZ was on the Oprah Winfrey show talking about parasites and how the majority of Americans have had them at one time or another. For those of us who are chronically ill... we are more susceptible to parasite infections. I don't know why western medicine practitioners don't talk about parasite infections and why you have to go to a Naturopathic physician to address these problems. (or so it seems).
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Do you know the name of the parasite?  I have not been tested.
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I would like to know more about the test/parasite etc. as well.
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My mother in law told me a vegetable called bittermelon ,you cut  it in 1/2  and put it in the blender with water and drink it first thing in the morning for 14 days and parasites will be gone, (my mother in law is all into natural nutrition).
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I was just in the hospital for two days due to sickness caused by this parasite.  It is a protozoan parasite, but do not know the species of protozoan at this point.  A person I worked with at a previous job has the same symptoms.  I believe we were at risk because we worked with homeless individuals as social workers, but I really believe everyone is at risk.  My experience is that most doctors are not trained to recognize symptoms of a parasite infection. So many people may be suffering from this and unaware what's causing it.

Thank you for the natural remedy for parasites.  I am wondering where to find the vegetable bittermelon, maybe a healthfood store?  I am being treated with an anti-parasitic prescription medication with bad side effects and would appreciate something natural instead.

Black walnut, 30 drops a day. It works!
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I suffer from multiple problems that I recently concluded were related to parasite(s), either singular or plural. IF you google on parasites and parasite cleanse you may be shocked to find out that when you had worms as a kid and drank some orange liquid or whatever, it wasnt the only time you had parasites, or maybe ever will come in contact with them. Anti-biotics are often given to people rid the body of all bacteria, but funny thing is people still get sick sometimes more sick, some people have even died from anti-biotics, simply because getting rid of all bacteria is a bad idea. Pro-biotics replenish good bacteria which becomes depleted from overgrowth of candida (yeast) or other parasites that leech into your stomach from city water, meat not well cooked, even from having animals around, and hospitals etc. But sometimes even probiotics are not good enough, and the body starts to need some hardcore anti-bacterial action that wont destroy the good bacteria thats stil fighting to stay alive and keep your immunity up. For some time ive had serious stomach indigestion coupled with esophagul spasms, heart palpitations from constant acid reflux, muscle twitching on my left side related to this stomach problem, brain fog, mood swings, even paranoia which at one point i thougth i was hearing voices. This may seem funny and even strange but if you do some research you'll find there are various parasites that can cause all these problems and more including may neuroligical disorders that can end up affecting the whole body. Though the evidence is inconclusive there are some people now claiming that ALL disorders can be related to bad bacterial (parasitic) overgrowth of some kind or another. Just for one example check out http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/060803_tgondii_culture.html that talks about a finding of a parasite carried by cats that can lead to anxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia. But there are many more examples. Anyway, I didn't know what to believe then I decided to start taking a parasite cleanse (you can usually by a kit at health food stores or health food sections of grocery stores) and eventhough the first little while was intense as my body was healing, i soon found that most of my problems were diminishing and i was feeling better than ever. Unfortunately, I didnt do the cleanse the direct way (To avoid all yeast, and sugars) and when I had stopped taking this cleanse ALL my problems returned. So I discovered first hand that all my health problems which came upon me quite suddenly were indeed related to some sort of parasitic attack. And for those people who dont think that they will get parasites cause theyre really healthy, you should know that even before I somehow became infected I was eating very healthfully, avoiding all refined foods and junk foods, and eating tons of vegetables and what not. But at some time of weakness and not to mention at one point living with about 5 cats in the city, my immune system became weak and BAM i got hit with all these health problems. What I regret now is that eventhough I was eating healthy I really wasnt getting enough probiotics in my diet to keep my good bacteria levels up. Fermented foods, though common in some parts of the world where certain disorders seem quite rare, are very much important for one to be able to withstand parasitic infections. Anyways, its something to look into for someone suffering with a disorder or disease or whatever and feeling like the pills or whatever theyre prescribed, though it may be masking the problems, are really not solving them and the real root of the problem is most likely bacterial infection! Good luck to anyone trying to bring their health back... I know i'm still workin on gettin mine back to what it used to be, and i'm still learning. Rome wasnt built in a day. =)
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After taking an antiparasitic medication,I passed a huge worm in my stool which was depleting my immune system and causing many health problems. My health has never been so poor. In fact, my sleep problem, joint pain, GI problems and muscle problems began with the parasite infection. I believe you have to take an anti-parasitic medication, not an antibiotic. Antibiotics aren't strong enough to kill parasites, but will kill your good bacteria and leave you more vulnerable to the parasite which then can take over. I actually got more sick after taking antibiotics.  I agree, probiotics are very important to replenish good bacteria. I don't think a parasite cleanse will kill a large parasite, but perhaps would be helpful after using an antiparasitic medication to help cleanse the intestine of the toxins parasites leave behind. I am still working on trying to restore my health. I think everyone with fibro. should be checked for parasites!

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Yikes!  Was it a tape worm or a round worm?  Did you have diarrhea or weight loss?
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If I remember right, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum said in his book, "From Fatigued to Fantastic" that one out of every six of his patients (CFS & fibro) have parasites. The treatment protocol that I'm doing has formulas for yeast and parasites. I didn't notice any herxing (detoxing) symptoms with the parasite formula, but the yeast formula gave me severe herxing symptoms.
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I had many cats as a child and I do recall having some sort of parasite from them.  I'm sure my mom had me treated for them at that time.

I was tested last year by giving stool samples 2x a day for 3 days.  It is a very good suggestion that one be tested for this.  Parasites can cause so many problems for humans and there are so many different varities of them around us daily.

Great idea!!!
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Now the hospital lab is saying it wasn't a worm, but rather fibers of some sort. However, the comprehensive stool test I had said I had a protozoa parasite, which of course isn't a worm. The first treatment was harsh and with my body's weakened state, I think it made me more weak.  I am now working on treating my adrenal insufficiency with adrenal extract, but going to ask my doctor for hydrocortisone. I was suppose to do a second treatment for the parasite, but just too weak right now.  I believe there are natural herbs for parasites like wormwood and black walnut which perhaps aren't as harsh on the body as prescription medication.  
Like I said before, everyone needs to get checked for parasites.  I know in my situation, I have adrenal insufficiency (probably common with CFS/FMS) also which probably makes dealing with a parasite even more difficult.  

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How did they treat your parasites ? I know Dr. David A. Jernigan sells a homeopathic formula for parasites. You can decrease and increase your drops... depending on how well you tolerate the herxing (detox) symptoms. His yeast formula worked WONDERS for me !
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I was treated with Tindamax. After that treatment, I now have a kidney infection so I am on Cipro for that now.  I already ordered Dr. Jernigan's parasite formula and one of the other formulas to address the repeated infections I experience. It's the formula called Mircobjen. I'll do the parasite one first, then the other.  It's seems I get every illness that comes within 10 feet of me, so hopefully the Microbjen, from what I read, will boost my body's natural immune defense mechanism. Thank you for the info. I am glad it's working for you and I hope it works for me too!

Warm Regards,

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How refreshing to see (finally) doctors begining to look for causes instead of just concentrating on supressing symptoms! One day they may even catch up wit us homeopaths!
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I know my mom in law cooks with bittermelon sometimes, so it should be available in the ethnic (indian maybe asian) areas of your store.

It's always interesting as heck to hear about these sort of things. I know I was highly sceptical of my naturopath and what I've had done has been very helpful. Way more than I'd have thought.

I have a big IV bolus of magnesium, b vitamens and a whole bunch of other things every couple of months. Helps with fatigue. I'm currently saving my pennies to go see a guy in the states that can test me for all the parasites.
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can someone tell me what the name and link of this anti parasitic formula from this dr. david jernigan is available from please? i cant find it anywhere!

and will this stuff get rid of only the worms or the protozoa type parasites too?
i need a product that will kill both and that is easy on the stomach and body as everything is giving me reactions , palpitations, shortness of breath, inflammation bigtime!
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This is amazing!  I just told my dr at the last appointment that I have been getting really bad diarrhea (sorry if TMI.)  But he suggested I get tested for 3 different parasites in the stool.  He said that w/ previous patients sometimes two come back positive and one negative or whatever.  That's why he's testing for 3.  Well I guess I should get my rear down to the lab!
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If you live in an area with an Asian district or at least an Asian grocery store, that's the most likely place you will find bittermelon.  You will probably really hate the bittermelon taste, as westerners don't tend to develop a taste for this "vegetable".  

http://www.special-tea.com/productinfo.html  This site has a picture of what bitter melon looks like.  You can do a Google search for more sites with recipes, even for bitter melon juices, such as you mentioned.
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What was the stool test you took?  I ate 2 bites of a bad fish taco in the US in 2004.  Developed a sour stomach, started vomiting nightly. 6 mos later had a hysterectomy.  4 wks into recovery after antibiotics I started vomiting every 20 mins for 10 days.  They put me on 3 days citpro helped for a couple months then back to throwing up every 20 mins and hospitalized.  This happened every thursday for 4 Thursday's in a row.  Drs. Wanted to take out my gallbladder even though tests showed no stones swelling etc.  I said no. I went to a naturopathic dr who uses microscopy and put me on a parasite cleanse/program.  Felt pretty good til 2007 then it hit again.  Back to hospital then back to ND got better again.  In 2010 started to feel it coming back, after exposusure to new sheets in plastic zipper bag, had that new fumigation smell.  Back to ND got better but got a huge wart at end of treatment. ND meds didn't change the wart, MD said file it with emery board, compound w it and duct tape it. To big to cut and would be painful and leave a big scar. I didn't do it and instead tried a licensed Chinese oriental med dr that had cured my niece of MS.  The wart fell off into second day of treatment!  I have been on the OMD program for 1.5 years. Only had 1 vomiting attack within the first 2 wks.  But the body aches headaches and GI issues still existed and put me down many days.  In January I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack or stoke.  They found nothing.  I just got bk from 2 wks at Mayo Clinic, AZ to fig this thing out. Diagnoses Fibromyalgia.  Since I had done stool test in past that always were neg. They dIdn't think it was that.  I even went to the parasitology center in AZ while there and they say it's my amalgam fillings.  My ND has also been saying fillings all these years.  I had 2 replaced with porcelin over the last couple years, I have 12 to go.  @ Parasit center he has u do a biocampatibility blood test to test over 3000 dental prods used for sensitivity.  Only about 300 bucks. Can order it yourself from the biocompatibitly center in CO.  Turns out I'm highly reactive to many dental porcelain products.  So glad to know before having more done.  Still I was the office mom person who never got sick til I ate that fish and sick ever since.  While there are many 1000's of parasites the tests only can detect about 50.  I would sure like to know what mine is and get rid of it.  Til then all I can do is try to build my immune system.  This last yr on the OMD oriental med dr prog I took the diet even further than the dr said thinking I could figure it out.  Only salmon, halibut, and wild game for year and a half.  Gluten free since last May, dairy free for yr and a half etc.  Still getting worse.  I believe smog triggers, along with fumigation from new stuff coming from other parts of the world and newly built remodeled projects, even electronics and radio wave stuff.  Needless to say I'm scared of everything now.  Trying to focus on the good days and live as clean as possible.  Pls post the name of that stool test if you can.
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Please note www.ParasiteTesting.com ... The Parasitology Center and lab in AZ that tests for every living parasite known to man in the world!  Google: Dr Omar Amin, the owner... He travels all over the world to study and research the parasites... The last i spoke with him he was flying to Africa to study the parasite that the brain and kills the victim...
I urge everyone to order his tests to be sure all is tested in you and treated properly... The lab includes the drugs, etc.. needed to kill those found in you... The "bad" parasites, bacteria and fungus, etc... pending on tests ordered...
IBS - 8 of 10 cases are parasites!
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i found this thread interesting because i think i have a "bug" and not fibro. i looked into Lyme and had  3 negative tests.
a year of 8 Dr's
no one has ever suggested a stool test!
lots of blood tests.

excruciating joint muscle pain, in the whole body. started in one place and within a few months all my limbs, joints and spine and neck. pain "attacks"
mind is screwy, extreme fatigue. or insomnia.

did lyrica for 4 months but could never up the dose because of edema and weak bladder blurry vision depression.. in the end just weaned off and it was easy cause the dose was low for a few months.

now i am weaning off cymbalta as it does not help with my pain and is bad for liver..i have HEP c...


stool test it is!!!
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What is the fecal test that you had.I developed many of your symptoms and have very progressive doc who is treating the immune system with gama globulin. I am also doing a parasite cleanse. Pastel2
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I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful information here.  I had been wondering about parasites for a while now because I've had severe stomach bloating when I eat, eczema, anxiety, and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005.  I also had a miscarriage earlier this year.  My stomach bloat started while pregnant and has not gone away.  And this is something very unusual for me.  

At first I thought it was a wheat problem.  I cut wheat out of my diet, but after about a month of going wheat-free the symptoms came back.  I had heard from a Dr. Oz show about oil of oregano doing wonders for eczema so I thought I'd give it a shot.  My symptoms of not only eczema, but the bloat seem to be decreasing.  

Through research I have found that oil of oregano if used at 200 mg per day for 6 weeks, will kill parasites.  Raw garlic and lemon with water will also do the same.  And these are not new remedies, by the way.  My great grandmother on my grandfather's side used to drink lemon water daily.  My great grandmother on my grandmother's side used raw garlic in everything, especially infused with oil.  

It's sad that modern medicine will neglect the old remedies.  Sure, medication is good, but sometimes it does come with a price.  I hope that the medical community can one day embrace "folk remedies" because many of the natural cures are far better for us since they cause less damage to the body in the long (liver or kidney disease) and short term (side affects).

Again, thanks for all the great info!
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I have had much of your symptoms and after years of trial and error
( including my gallbladder removed) herewith is how I got better:

Cut out saturated fats, wheat products, dairies, white sugar, red meats starchy veggies and (very important)  processed food of all kind including canned tuna and whatever else comes canned.

My diet consists of: lean chicken, turkey, eggs white, low alkaline veggies, low sugar fruits such as berries all kinds, 75 or higher dark chocolate, 1 week x month consume goat milk and yogurt, beans: lava, black, chick-peas, white. coconut, sesame, walnut, olive oils. olive, squash, sweet potatoes.

first week of the month; fresh juices: kale, carrots, swiss-chard, beats, parsnips, celery, cabbage you can sweeten the taste by juicing half green apple also fresh ginger and 1 row garlic.

in cooking ad the following herb, and spices onion, garlic, rosemary, sage, oregano, spicy green &red peppers, turmeric, cumin, lemon, lime, apple cider vinegar.

In addition I do soak for as long as I can stand it w/ 3% peroxide and epson salt afterword apply castor oil to my joins.

I know all this takes works but my quality of life (which is very important to me) is much improved and by doing it I have avoided 3 surgeries.

I came to the conclusion that we are the expert on our body not the doc.

PS Last week for the first time in years had a pork sausage and was sick for 2 days.

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