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How to best treat fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed several years ago with fibromyalgia.  No one has, yet, been able to really tell me what it is or how to treat it.  I'm only 37 years old and in pain on a daily basis.  They've given me Cymbalta, which I swear does nothing.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Here are various online treatment plans for both fibro and CFIDS... from the experts:


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Thank you.  Any help I can get will be such a relief.  It lets me know that I'm not crazy!
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hi plateletgal
this is my first time posting on fibro forum .I  was dx with fm 12 yrs ago .I have found gaberpentin works best for me as it is a muscle relax .also a heat pad .the hardest part of fm was accepting what I could not do any more .I have also learn t to pace myself ,as on my good days I would try and catch up on everything

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The best treatment is finding the "cause" of fibro and treating  that.  Have you had testing for autoimmune disorders, lyme, viruses etc??
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Lyrica seems to work for me, however the side effects include drowsiness and weight gain. I also take baclophen, which is a muscle relaxent and Celexa for my depression. It is also used for fibromyalgia.  If you are having trouble sleeping and don't want to take something addicting, Then take melatonin. It is a herbal med. Good Luck and Take Care.

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try alternative treatments such as massage, chiropractic, yoga, accupuncture, etc. GOOD LUCK!
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