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I can not believe my doctor!!!! What do you guys think?

I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with Fibromyalgia; I also have DDD and scoliosis.  I am a 29 year old female and the winter is really really hard on me.  My arms hurt, my legs, my neck, back, and hands hurt; my skin burns and I get really bad migraines.  I was going to a pain managment doctor and he was extremely rude to me.  I would end up crying after every visit; he basically accused me of lying to him.  Every doctor I have spoke to in fact has told me that I am too young to have this many problems.  One of my really good friends works for the doctor I am currently seeing.  He was really great and understanding.... At first.  He told me that he could help me and that Eventually this would all "go away."  My son recently got a rash on his stomache and arms, so I called his doctor and scheduled an appointment.  I was scheduled to see my doctor on the 23rd of this month; however, he prescribed my meds on the 19th... well anyone that has medication of any kind knows that the next month my meds would be available on the 18th and then the next month on the 17th because 30 days is always one day shy of the first RX accept in months of 29 days.  My sons appointment was today so I asked if I could get into my doc today.  The nurse asked me what I was there for and I told her I had to get my refills because I didn't have anymore so that is what she wrote on my chart.  My doctor came in very aggrivated and told me that he could not "take part in this" and that I am ADDICTED to my medication.  He then told me that because I am not making an effort to go walking outside *BECAUSE THE COLD HURTS ME SEVERLY*  that I am not even making an effort to get better.  He then asked me how many pills I take a day.  I am prescribed to take 4 lortab a day and lately I have had to take  4 a day and I am not sleepin well at all.  The cold makes my whole body ache terribly.  He told me that I had to be taking more than that because I was out of pills.  I looked at him seriously confused and said NO SIR I am not out of pills I asked to see you today because My sons doctor is RIGHT UP THE STREET FROM YOU. AND I hate to drive my son in this type of weather.  It is horribly cold, snowing, and icy.  Needless to say he had me so upset I began to cry.  He then told me that He would switch me to a pain clinic and offered me THE PAIN DOCTOR I HAD JUST LEFT and another one.   ????????????????????????
I just do  not understand SERIOUSLY.  I am beginning to seriously believe that there are NO good doctors out there.  How can a doctor sit there and tell you that you don't hurt like you say you do and ACCUSE you of being addicted???!!!!???!!! WTF???  excuse my language but i am seriously soooo tired of this bulll crap.  Because they go to school for a lot of years they have the right to sit there and demean me and my feelings and my pain?????  I am seriously starting to become depressed... I am at the end of my rope.  I do not enjoy hurting, I do not enjoy taking these meds and I do not think this is funny or some game.... THIS IS MY LIFE.... If it wasn't for my son I would seriously give up and shoot myself... But I can't because he needs a mommy and he is my whole world... he is the reason I fight everyday to get up and keep going....
Do I sometimes take a extra pill a day? YEP I sure do if i am in serious pain I will take one... does this make me a addict?  am I a horrible person because I do not like to lay in agony?  I take hot baths, I use heating pads, I have a heated blanket for goodness sake... I have done everything and tried everything that they have EVER asked... and yet EVERY doctor ends up treating me the same way...
WHAT DO I DO???  What do you guys do?  Anyone who takes the time to read this THANK YOU... SINCERELY... I am just soo sick and tired of this... its not right... i shouldn't be sitting here crying right now wondering if I am losing my mind and crazy.... I do not imagine this pain it is real... and yet every doctor I go to seems to think I am a liar..... I just wanna give up
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OMG you sound just like me :)

I was diagnosed with FMS and CFS when i was 18. I was ignored by most people and looked at like a hypochondriac, even my own family.

I had a doctor tell me he couldnt see me anymore because I cried too much!!!!

I went through some really hard times. I am now 33 and the pain is still here and I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago with Stage IV endometriosis.  

Most of the time I dont tell people the pain I am in because 1) they dont want to hear it, 2) they dont care, and 3) they have never experienced pain like this.  They will never ever ever understand until they are in that position.  

Don't give up :)  I am hear to talk if you need someone to vent to or even ask questions etc.
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I am sorry to hear that you have and are going through this as well... it is like living in hell... and no one really wants to listen or even cares... Who in their right minds would even WANT or PRETEND to be in this kind of pain?!?! It makes no sense what so ever to me.... Have u eventually been able to find a good doctor?  Have u been able to find meds that worked for you?  I just keep thinkn that there HAS to be one good doctor out there... doesn't there?  Even tho I want to give up, everyday I wake up and look into my 3 yr olds eyes and I know that even if I am living in hell.... it is worth it for him... he needs me... and I need him too....  I think that when I walk into this new doctors office I am going to "interview" him... and if he doesn't foot the bill I will continue lookn... They are paid to help me... they aren't paying me... so you know what? either they are going to listen and care or I will just keep lookn... Im done with the B.S. Either they want to listen and want to help me or they are simply their to think that they are better than everyone else and kno everything... perhaps this is wrong of me to think this way... i'm just so upset and angry... and I think more than anything I am hurt.... its  not right... its not fair... but then whoever said life was?
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WOW so sorry everyone!! My Doctor told me last visit when I wanted to try the new FIBRO/CFS treatment used to help and has even cured HIV and cut MS symptoms way back its called LDN, http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/ I asked him to call it in to my compound pharmacy, he said since I am his only patient with CFS he has no desire to learn more about it and wont prescribe off lable drugs... OMG WTF? are you kidding me? What do we pay them for? EASY STUFF ONLY?  Off lable, I said the "label" dose is 50 mg 3 times a day I am asking you Dear Dr for only 1 MG once a day, and you wont even do that? OMG.. thats 150 x LESS than lable doseing!
He wont even give me a firm diagnosis. BUT I have been ill since 1984 but didnt know all the things were related until I had to reserach what an endrogrin doctor suggested back in 2007. Im sick of it all.. at least I know whats wrong with me now its does not make life any easier to life. I am home bound with fatique and pain, I do get out and do water excerise 3 times a week other than that and 30 min at the grocery store a week, thats my life.. I HATE IT! I used to be so active in the early throw of the illness, but once you hit 50, your body will not forgive so easily now..
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I am so sorry!  This is exactly what I am talking about!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE DOCTORS?!!!?!?!?  I thought that a person goes into the medical profession to HELP people.  Not to judge, or tell someone how they feel or demean someone else.  Not to tell another human being that their pain can't possibly be as bad as the say it is or to tell someone that they have no need to learn of their illness because he or she is the only patient they have with this problem.  WTF?!?!?!  I am so saddened by all of this... something needs to be done... something has to give, something has to change.  You know I am sorry that there are people out there who lie and mistreat their meds... but WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES.... this is ridiculous... and it is so sad... what are we supposed to do? we have to live in pain daily and these doctors want to simply sit back and do what?  NOTHING.... except make us feel worse...  Just for ONE DAY i would like for my doctor to feel what I go through to deal with the pain I deal with and then look me in the eye and say the things he has said.... OMG... i used to wonder why ppl commit suicide... now i understand... it is because you feel so low and so down and no one cares and no one understands... its like living in your own personal hell.... and ppl who could actually understand you and help you... WON'T... simply bc they don't want to.... that is what it comes down to.... seriously...
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Kimmie, thanks for the reply, I can see I am not alone. I urge you to research that website I put up last post. I belong to another fibro/cfs website where I found out about LDN, and many of the ladies are having GREAT results with it. THEY say they got their life back, I want that! I will not stop trying to get well, but it will take awhile I dont have med ins right now so paying money I dont have for my Dr to tell me he isnt willing to help me since he is TOO LAZY? OMG really pisses me off. He suggested I go to the country hospital where they have training doctors. Im not up to a 13 hour ER visit you know? I have to be feeling pretty darn good to sit in a FREE ER room! Oh well, GOD only gives us what we can handle. I hope I am doing someone some good some where with my replies and my research. I shutter to think what is going to go next on my body. Tonight I am having some tummy issues, I hope its nothing serious!!
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Most Doctors don't understand fibro and CFS. They may say they do but they don't. It makes me so sad to hear what you all have had to deal with.

   I am 24 for and officially been diagnosed 3 years ago. But I have had pain since I was 7.  I know people think I'm lazy because I don't work and stay home most of the day. I try to work but never can keep the job for more then a month or so because I just can't handle it. I go out with a group of people and am so wiped out after 2 hours.
I could go on and on about this but I'm sure you are all in the same boat with me.

         I'm so sorry to all of you who suffer like me with Fibro and CFS . Try to keep your head up. I know its hard. But we are all in this together.

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