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I hope I can get some answers....

I have in both of my thighs alot of pain, burning, tingling....It hurts to walk, stand and do anything where I have to use my legs.....The doctor has tried a couple diffrent things for pain but nothing takes the pain away. I do not know what else to do.....please does anyone have any ideas of what it could be or what to try next.....thank you
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Hi there. I can totally understand your pain-I've had pain  in hips for a long time. My rheumatologist has tried kenalog injections but they did not work, I've also had demerol and tordal injections in e.r. but all they did was make me loopy. I went to an orthopedic doc last week because I am at my wits end with this never ending pain but he couldn't find anything wrong with my hips. I don't have any answers but hopefully someone else will. Hope you feel better soon.
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I know that pinched nerves cause alot of pain, burning and tingling in my hubby's leg. Have you had an MRI of your back?? I hope they are able to help you find some relief.
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