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I think I have Fibro

I have recently been diagnosed with IC, I see that I have quite a few of the other related disorders.
Right now I have a terrible ache in my arm.
It stopped me going anywhere this weekend.
I'm just resting. I did go to the orthopedic doctor today who did IMS on it, Intra muscular something, involves electrical impulses.
How can I find out about a diet to relieve symptoms. I don't want anyone around me to know what is happening to me.
I want to keep it a secret.
I live in a country that is extremely hot and humid in summer up to 40 degrees C with high humidity and very cold in winter which is what we have just experienced. down to -13 degrees C.
I have  no one to advise me what to do. I seem to have been at the doctors almost every week forking out big bucks.
Can someone help me please?
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Fibromyalgia is classified as muscle pain and stiffness throughout the body along with sleep disturbances, hormone dysfunction, GI distburbances, and a range of other symptoms.  I am not familiar with the IC diagnosis.

If you read through the health pages at the top right of the screen, you can learn a lot of information about treatment and underlying causes of Fibromyalgia.

As far as a diet for Fibromyalgia, it consists of a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and for me, I only eat chicken or turkey and no red meat or pork.  I also stay away from foods containing white flour and sugar as both promote inflammation. Problematic foods for some seem to be wheat, corn, milk and milk products and eggs. Also the elimination of MSG, aspartame, caffeine, and processed foods are important.

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