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"IWillDoThis" To help Alleviate Fibro Symptoms

"IWillDoThis" inspired me to title and start this thread!

Please continue this thread with your suggestions and also your comments and questions.
Your participation will be extremely valuable. It may help improve the life of a fellow member (and your own)
Thank you and God Bless you all!

My two  cents (sense of wisdom ?)*in dealing better with Fibro.

"For substance P-a neurotransmitter related to pain, use cayenne pepper powder, flour and water and make a paste-poultice to put over a cloth and then over the painful area.
For taming the effects of high tartaric acid (associated with fibro and other similar conditions) take malic acid. Tartaric acid is a muscle toxin that feeds off yeast metabolites and sugars. A very low carb diet avoiding sugars,flour,grains and malic acid supplementation up to 1200mg daily will make a huge difference.

Water soluble CoQ10 supplements also help with cellular energy production.
Cellular energy (mitochondial impairment)  production is compromised in Fibro.

EVCO-extra virgin coconut oil- to replace ALL other cooking oils, will result in LESS inflammation, as there's no alteration using EVCO with heat. Also is anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral! Go to the coconut research center website for more info. Also check out Oil Pulling with EVCO.

DMSO 30% solution with distilled water and only 10% solution for neck line and above -lab grade- applied in thin coats over clean painful areas is a great way to relief pain fast and to also get the antioxidant benefit s of DMSO.
Not available easily! Must be purchased from veterinarian supply shops, as it's not FDA approved. A very fundamental remedy for horses and farm animals. People that grew up in a farm will relate to this. Just follow the aforementioned instructions. Works real good for pain. I managed to take care of my bout of pleurisy a few months ago, using DMSO, Reiki and Self-Hypnosis. Otherwise, I would have been out of commission!
I was functional and actually managed to go to work without missing a day.

Magnesium oil, made from MGCl-magnesium chloride flakes and hot water 50-50. Place in plastic spray bottle when cooled down and spray all over body and rub. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then shower. Great way to supplement,-as most fibro sufferers are Mg deficient- and also pain relief remedy. Do daily
for a couple weeks to build up Mg stores, then do every other day."
*Taken from an older post of mine.

Hope this is helpful and please continue this thread with your own suggestions!
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Thanks so much for these helpful tips, I recently just bought EVCO not realizing all it's benefits - I'm so curious I will be reading up on it.  I am closing the book on pain management and opening a new book of natural ways to manage this condition - your posts mean so much to me.  THANK YOU.
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What is EVCO?  Is it a drug for pain or what?
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EVCO - extra virgin coconut oil.  Old cookie - I subscribe to a fibro e-zine and recently I read an article about how powerful food is in our diet - eating french fries can cause 3 months of fibro pain, fried foods are not good for us so I've been trying (with Niko's help) to start introducing better foods and some alternate therapies into my life.

I've swapped EVCO for all other oils when I cook, it's great for your hair, body and I have even tried oil pulling with EVCO.  You can google "benefits of coconut oil" if you want learn more.

The free fibro magazine I subscribe to is: National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association - NFCPA - google it and sign up for their magazine.
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Thank you for the info re EVCO...where do you buy it as I've never seen it in my grocery store...maybe a hlth food store?
I will for sure subscribe to the magazine you speak of.
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Hey Cookie - you can find it at like a whole foods type store - more of a market usually.  It comes in a jar with a screw top and is a solid at room temp.

I'm also trying all the things that Niko suggested above and I'll let you know how they work out.  I've ordered my DMSO and await it's arrival, I've ordered the magnesium chloride flakes (MCF) and I found a great book on Transdermal therapy that I ordered used off amazon - I was reading about the benefits of MCF and it's pretty incredible if it helps.  The book talks about people with fibro can have trouble absorbing magnesium by mouth and soaking in it gives many benefits.

I'm also using Helichrysum Essential Oil which is a great old remedy for pain.  Helichrysum acts as a muscle relaxant and can unknot muscles when rubbed on as well as help general pain.  a little goes a long way and I'm using it straight out of the bottle to massage on my neck as well as blending it into other carrier oils I use for massages.  I would DEFINITELY recommend you try this - You can go to amazon and try it - it's much cheaper than other sites I've seen and it is helping me.  Again a cheap alternative to try.  I think the vendor that has it for less than $10 on amazon is called edensgarden.com.

I also use herbal plasters that can be purchased at oriental supermarkets or off the internet.

Some things to try at least.  You should really do some research on DMSO and draw your own conclusions - having grown up on a farm I can't believe I forgot about this.  The opinions vastly vary but if you live in chronic pain it might be worth a try - just make sure you only buy from vendors who sell it in a glass bottle - DO NOT buy it if it comes in plastic and educate yourself about it.
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Just an update for those of you suffering with fibro pain  that I am either the initial stages of trying all that Niko suggested or just waiting for certain items to begin the process.  I'll update to let you know what is working and how it is working but I just want to encourage EVERYONE suffering with fibro to NOT let this get you down, to NOT give up in seeking relief.  

Educate yourself on some of the things discussed in NIko's post - not everything will appeal or be right for everyone but even incorporating a few of the items might be helpful.

The main thing amazing me right now is that MOST people are magnesium deficient - deficiency mimics fibro pain.  This is a very inexpensive easy thing to try and what if it works?  If I could encourage every migraine, insomnia or fibro sufferer to read the symptoms of magnesium decificiency and then read up on the benefits of transdermal therapy.  For less than $10 you might greatly reduce your symptoms.
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Iwill try this and going to market now..  Thanks Danny.GOD BLESS
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Wow! This is some great info. Thanks so much for posting this. I am going to try these for sure.
Hi! I'm new to this forum and have Fibromyalgia. I am so excited to come across this post as I'm all for natural stuff instead of loading my body with more medicines. I have trouble sleeping because of Fibro pain and also have extreme fatigue. I plan on doing the Magnesium Transdermal Therapy and the Malic acid supplement . I have been searching online and looks like most of the Malic acid supplements come with Magnesium. Can I take these supplements while using the Tansdemal Magnesium oil? Is there such a thing as Magnesium overdose if I use both? I can't seem to find Malic Acid supplemetation alone. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!:)

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Hi ConcernedFainter.

You may purchase malic acid without magnesium.
Just do a search for "Pure Malic Acid Powder Supplement".
Apparently magnesium enhances its bio-availability, however,
I have not read any studies related to this.
Magnesium overdose is very rare, although people that take excessive milk of magnesia as a laxative or anti-acid, may experience some symptoms and possible calcium deficiency.
Excessive magnesium intake has a built-in safety mechanism called:
"loose stool syndrome" lol!  Not from transdermal delivery, but from oral.
Magnesium is NOT recommended for people that suffer from kidney disease. Check with your doctor if you have any kidney issues.

Hope this helps. And post again. Share your experiences.
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Thanks Niko! I am excited and hopeful:) Also, going to replace Splenda with Organic Agave light syrup in my morning coffee. If you have any more tips, please keep posting..this is indeed very helpful! Thanks again!
I will definitely be sharing my experience :)
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Avoid all tart candies, throw away that cream of tartar in your kitchen if you have it, avoid jolly rancher candy, too. Apple cider vinegar has mild acids (acetic acid and malic acid) that help to flush the bad acids out of your system. A chewable vitamin c will add ascorbic acid, another beneficial mild acid. I take about 2 tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed with water to make it easier on my esophagus. A couple of hours later I balance my ph with an antacid calcium supplement. It also helps to cleanse excess stomach acid. Stronger acids like tartaric and phosphoric acid are very harmful, so avoid the caramel-colored soft drinks that contain it. I take it on an empty stomach so it will go right to work. Another benefit is the vinegar helps to flush the positive ions (salt and aluminum) that make our blood too thick, you will feel more clear headed rather quickly as more oxygen is able to be delivered to your brain. The mother of vinegar makes the unfiltered vinegar better by supplying branch chain digestive enzymes to your digestion, another benefit.
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Please keep this thread going,one of the best ive read!! It works-if you work it! Danny  and i feel much BETTER!!
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Thanks NICO,your the man!!
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Magnesium chloride brine spray can be purchased already in a spray bottle, but is more spendy than getting the flakes and making your own spray.

It is the best neck muscle relaxant I have ever used, very effective if sprayed on after I do forms of trigger point and active release on my neck muscles. Just wipe off the salt residue with a damp cloth after the mag spray has dried. Magnesium in muscle fiber completes the ATP muscle recovery process driving out "stuck" lactic acid. Malic acid helps this process in muscles.

Herbs and supplements used for aiding digestion can also help with overall muscle tightness when taken on an empty stomach. Ginger root, turmeric, holy basil and Bromeline (pineapple top enzyme). Not nearly as effective as magnesium though. These work like anti- inflammatories, they don't aid in the chemistry process of muscle recovery like magnesium does..
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Just seeing this.  Very interesting.  Thanks Nico for getting this started.
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Hi Patricia!

You are "my kind" of a person! lol!
It is very refreshing to read your post. Congratulations on your successful
reversal of fibro. You do remind me of my own quest for wellness- seems like another life now that I'm enjoying the best health ever.

One word of caution though. I'm not a moderator in this community
(I moderate a different one), however you may risk getting your post flagged
as spam or for breaking forum rules. I understand you have great intentions
to help and advise fellow members - we both come from similar backgrounds and ideologies- but posting websites- specially our own! whether promoting your services or not- is not allowed.
I'm only mentioning this, as you are new here and I wouldn't like to see
your membership in jeopardy because of this. (it doesn't get re-enforced all the time, but why chance it?)
Posting websites and links is allowed in private messaging between members, though.
Anyway, welcome to MedHelp and we'll see you around.
The forum needs more people like you.
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I guess I "called" this. Wow! That was fast.
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I wanted to add my two cents for anyone that comes across this wonderful thread (Thanks Nico for the recommendation!)

This is a sort of FYI about the Magnesium Chloride. Some of these technical names can confuse people.

For centuries people have used magnesium to help with muscles soreness, inflammation, and relaxation. In today's world you often find things advertised as Bath Salts or Bath Bombs. It's mostly Epson Salts with Fragrances or essential oils. The technical name is Magnesium Sulfate. While Epson Salt baths do help they aren't as effective as Magnesium Chloride. W/o getting too scientific the effectiveness has to do with how your body absorbs and expels the Sulfate vs the Chloride.  The Chloride is easier for your body to metabolize.

Unless you know your essential oils, when in doubt use Lavender. :)

ALSO, you can find Spectrum Coconut Oil in Wal-Mart. (I don't have a Whole Foods with in an hour and half of me.) You can also find LouAnn's, but you'd really better off to go with the Refined. :) ordering Online through a places like www.Iherb.com is very cost effective.

With Coconut Oil, not only does it have the amazing health properties Nico listed, but it has amazing practical uses. (rule of thumb, a little coconut oil goes a long way.)

Some examples of how I use Coconut Oil.

1) It makes the BEST "Magic" Hard shell chocolate covered topping. (Home made Chocolate Covered Strawberries Anyone?!)

2) Best eye make up remover ever plus it helps puffy eyes. (Anti-Inflammatory!) I use this with Olive oil as my daily moisturizer too!

3) My son begins to get an inflamed ear ache. I swab coconut oil asap. It conditions dried and cracked spots and helps kill bacteria.

4) Help protect your hair from Chlorine in the pools, UV Rays, Over Drying chemicals.

There is so much more! It's worth the investment.

Okay, that's my two cents or more. LOL
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wow what a great thread...thank you!  Do you, Niko or anyone else have any suggestions on how I can stop my hair loss?  Ive been trying to figure out what part of fibro causes hair loss...if that even makes sense?  I have many symptoms...but this is the one that bothers me the most bc Im beginning to hate looking into the mirror.  Thank you ~BIG HUGS~
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Suspect causative factors
1. adrenal fatigue and stress
2. Impaired nutrient delivery/deficiencies
3. Unresolved Thyroid dysfunction (despite standard lab results)
Any one of these or combination of these. There could be other underlying factors as well.
The problem is with fibro that there are no known causes nor cures.
It is, to my opinion, a multi-faceted syndrome with a wide symptomology as well as a wide etiology.

Love & Light
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Thank you Niko, I wrote this before I read your message =).  I sent a pm back when ever you have the chance.  i know you are busy =)!!!  ~BIG HUGS~
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thanks great info.

i am not taking any more of their antidepressants that "may help with pain"  they make me depressed!

i will concentrate on food..my diet air water love peace and supplements.

i am very under weight and need to gain. here come the smoothies with coconut oil again.. did that for 3 months once.. tasted good.
this time get more serious. cut the sugar, white flour..etc..

be well
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Thanks for all your information, but it still doen't help me with all my allgery problems.  Not knowing why I'm allgeric to everything now is what most of my problem is at this point.  The doctors not being able to pin point the problem bothers me even more.  Can anyone give me an idea as to why I've become so allgeric to things?
Naturelady, if you are still suffering with undiagnosed symptoms please look into parasites. Also search YouTube videos and google info; for example search  “food allergies and parasites”. This turned out to be my problem of unexplained different symptoms that none of the doctors I’ve seen were able to help me with until I went to a naturopathic doctor.  Also, I may get bashed for suggesting this (like so many others) but what’s worth considering for treatment, although controversial, is Master Mineral Solution (MMS) and DMSO. In my research I’ve found many who also suffered terribly with allergies/food allergies and others with debilitating diseases such as depression and many others. Before my many hours of research on this controversial method, I was very reluctant to try this; so glad I did! Great results. FYI, dont look for conventional doctors to agree with this treatment; research this treatment thoroughly yourself and make up your own mind. I want to also add my sister in-law also tried it with great results after suffering with a debilitating condition of swollen painful legs. Also it’s unbelievabley NOT expensive, under $50. I bought the book “MMS Health Recovery Guidbook”. I hope this information will help someone out there suffering with no hope.
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Buenos Dias natureladykm!

Well, I think you need to rebalance your immune system.

Approx. 80% of your immunity is within your gut, so you may need to correct any gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, and to improve your healthy flora, before anything else.
Probiotics might be helpful, but they have to be high quality.

For starters I would eliminate any grains, sugars, flours (corn -non GMO- and rice should be fine)  for a few months and see if this helps.
This is the most offensive food group.
The second most offensive group is dairy.

It probably took many years for your condition(s) to develop and please do not expect any immediate results, as this would not be realistic.

You may also post at the allergy community, nonetheless, you're welcome to comment or to ask questions here anytime!

Best Wishes.

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