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Introducing MedHelp's Mood Tracker !

For anyone interested in tracking your mood, click on the "MyMedHelp" link above.  When you get to the page, click on "Trackers" and select the "Mood Tracker".  Fill in the form and follow the instructions for setting up your own mood-tracking system!  You can set the tracker so everyone can see it, only friends, or just you.  It's a great new feature which combines your mood, symptoms, medications in one easy-to-use tool and also shows a graph !

Take a look at mine .. give it a try -- and let me know how you like it !

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Other trackers also available on MedHelp:

. cholesterol tracker
. hep C tracker
. HIV tracker
. ovulation tracker
. pregnancy tracker
. thryoid disorder tracker
. weight tracker
. blood pressure tracker
. addiction recovery tracker

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Sounds cool!  How about developing one for BiPolar?????  That would be great!
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I can certainly  forward your request to the MedHelp manager.  What exactly would you like on the bi-polar tracker ?
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The mood tracker allows you to track your general mood as well as any mood disorder, which includes Depression and Bipolar. If you find any missing symptoms or treatments, please let us know in the MedHelp Suggestions Community. Hopefully, the mood tracker will meet your needs. Thanks!
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