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Is it Fibromyalgia?

New here, have no idea if I'm in  the right place. But here goes...I've been waking up having severe stiffness...I mean severe. I feel like I need a team of people just to pull me out of bed. It wears off after about 15 minutes but until then it's extremely difficult to walk and at times to breathe. I have a good mattress but it does seem that I don't move much during my sleep. I have sleep apnea and have a cpap machine so I think I've come accustomed to not moving much. I also have hypothyroidism....I don't know if that might be causing this problem. I've also started having weird "twitches" all over. They first started in my eyelids...very annoying..and now they are not only there but they are all over. At certain times I can feel 6-7 different twitches all at the same time in various places. I'm only 42 so this is really starting to scare me. Does anyone have any ideas??
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Hi, I am 41 and have some of the same things going on.  My body hurts like crazy in the am-although, not more than 20 mins.  Sometimes my feet feel like the bones are breaking just to walk.  I have had some twitching, mostly in my hand.  I doubt your mattress is doing this.  You need blood work.  Ask your Doctor to run rheumatoid labs on you.  Couldn't hurt.  best of luck
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I have alot of the same symptoms that I have.  I personally have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Your best bet is to find a good Reuhmatologist of Pain Management doctor, so that they can better diagnoses.

My main reason for entering this forum is the fact that my stiffness now continues all day long. I have a difficult time exercising as a unfortunately very ill and cannot get my body to do anything. I twitch all over and have severe back pain, to the point that I am on Oxycodon, which scares me to death.  If anyone has any ideas that may help my syptoms please let me know.

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I was dx'ed with Fibro last month. Agonizing pain and stiffness, especilly in the morning. I would fall asleep with the remote and I almost had to pry it out of my hand.  Now that I am on Lyrica, it is not happening, neither are the tremors I was having.  But of course I have awful fatigue now and not sure if it is the drug or the fibro.  Oxycodone is not that strong, it is vicodin really. I have taken much stronger things, and got off of them surprisely easy.  Spelling is a problem too. lol  Good luck to you all. It helps to hang around and get support here on MH.  Having this stuff is pretty lonely!
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Hi, I am 26 and before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Sept. 07; among many other annoying symptoms, I would get muscle twitches all over! Like you, it started in my right eye lid and pretty soon I was feeling twitches in muscles that I didn't even know were there. You may need to consider upping your dose of thyroid medication. While trying to become stabilized on thyroid meds I have noticed that when I am slightly hypo (and my dose needed to go up) I begin to get the twitches again. I know that MY muscle twitches are from my hypo thyroid. I would not discourage getting other suggestions checked out; but maybe try a higher dose of thyroid med first to avoid things that may be unnecessary.
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