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Is there help for me?

I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I am wondering will I every have a fulfilling life again? I am in constant pain and I am always tierd. I am using the little energy that I do have to try to maintain employment. I wonder how much more of this m body can take. I take pills to go to sleep and pills to get me going in the mornings. Is there any help out there????
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Hi ! Welcome to MedHelp ! I have CFS and I may have fibro (secondary).... and I can tell you that there is hope. You do have options and there has been a lot of research that has been done on fibromyalgia and that is still being done.

You may want to check out our health pages. We recently had Professor Garth Nicolson join us and discuss the infections that are found in fibro, CFS and other illnesses. I think you may find those links interesting... there are treatments for successive infections and I don't think most people with chronic illnesses realize the role infections play with their symptoms. To my understanding, this information is fairly new and so most physicians aren't aware of this yet.



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Thank you for your words of incouragement. It is great to finally to find others who know what I am experiencing and going through. I thought that I was in a world by myself.
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You are definitely not alone. I'm sure others here will chime in.... we have illnesses that are complicated and misunderstood. And unfortunately, politics play a role with a "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" or "fibromyalgia syndrome" diagnosis.... so we have to face that and ignorance almost on the daily basis.

Welcome aboard... you are among friends here.
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I too have chronic pain & constant illness.  I have had test after test and I am very close to a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  I've recently started taking vitamin supplements to boost my immunity.  It seemed to help.  I started on a Magnesium, Vit K, Vit D & Calcium supplement just Friday.  Did you know that Magnesium deficiency is related to the following ?  Fibromyalgia, ADD, Asthma, Mitrovalve Prolapse (75% of Fibro patients have.  It creates a click or murmur & valve doesn't close completely), nose polyps, anxiety disorder, scoliosis, sleep apnea, muscle weakness, neck pain, muscle cramps, depression, elevated blood pressure.  I was shocked because I have so many of these. Obviously I think, could the answer be so simple as nutrition?  I don't know about you, but I am positive I don't eat enough magnesium, or probably many other vitamins.  Most of the food today is so processed that I bet most americans don't.  I figured it is worth a try.  Right now I rely on pain medication & the patience & tolerance of my family & employer.  I will report a few weeks in & let you know if I see any differences.

In the mean time, hang in there!  One thing my doctor did do is put me on 2 different kinds of anti deppressents:  Zoloft & wellbutrin.  This has made my sleep cylce better, my energy level higher & my mind more clear to cope with the hard times that come with a chronic illness.

Take Care,
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You are sooo right about magnesium. One of the links I posted in the Health Pages is an article titled, "Low Levels of Magnesium & Zinc Associated With FM Pain, Fatigue".

I purchase the powered magnesium because it is easier to absorb and people who have chronic illnesses usually have digestion problems.  

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Welcome and Hello....I have also been diagnosed with fibro/cfs, it's been 3 years since the diagnoses.  I would like to comment that sleep and rest is very important.  Be sure that you do not have sleep apnea or obstructive sleep problems.  Do you snore? Do you wake with a super dry mouth? I did and it took 2 sleep studies to diagnose the problem.  I now have a CPAP machine and it does help...I am still very tired all the time, when I come in from work I usually make it only a couple of hours then off to sleep I go.  I am trying to find work that I can do at home....not easy.  I have tried to eat right and take my vitamins, but somehow, the best I can do is a hit or miss.
Will you ever have a Normal life again? I can't tell you, I can tell you how I've adjusted my life so that I can enjoy the things that are important to me, my husband, my grandchildren, my family, riding my motorcycle...Yep....I ride it, I have to plan 2 days of rest after a very short ride but, I ride.  What's important to you and what isn't? Can you get your hubby or someone else to to the market?  Do you have a crockpot instead of standing and cooking all that time?
Good luck, ask lots of questions and research, research and research.

Kerri in AR
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Thanks again, I am trying to deal. I am taking a combination of Lyrica and vicotin to help me sleep at forst it seemed to be helping but after working two days straight I am feeling like I was in the begining. I now know that I am going to have to plan out my days more carefully and pace myself more. I think that as soon as I feel no pain I want to be back to my old self and I can not be. I have to pace myself and take my time. I am so thankful for all of the suggestions and support that I am receiving.
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Hi!  Just wanted to comment on the Lyrica.  I took it for a while, but the side effects seemed worse than the Fibro itself.  Swelling was so bad that I felt like my skin would break apart.  I agree with all of the others about the vitamin deficiency.  Vitamin D is extremely important.  I did not know about the magnesium.  Good info.  Will go tomorrow and pick that up and try it.  This winter has been extremely hard on me, but I no longer take any medications.  I am very sensitive to drugs.  Sometimes I do not even want to take vitamins, but I know that they are the best for me.  Also, water aerobics is VERY helpful.  Keep those muscles moving.  I know it is painful, and you are so tired, but the more you can use your muscles, the longer you will have them to use.  Do not give up.  I have been blessed with a high tolerance for pain, and it still gets bad!  But just take it one day at a time.  
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I understand about the pain. Magnesium really helps the pain due to muscle spasms.  There is a product called D-Ribose which now has magnesium and malic acid added to it (called Corvalen M). The combo is suppose to really help with fibro/chronic fatigue muscle pain and energy. It comes in a powder and I found if you mix it with lemon/lime gatorade, it tastes really good!
I believe we are deficient in many nutrients due to chronic infections which contribute to these disorders.

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