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Is this Fibro?? I just want to know!

Ok so my doctor doesnt seem to have a clue whats wrong with me. He just thinks im crazy. Im hoping maybe someone here has experienced this and can tell me what this is!! lol

For the past year and a half I have been having a lot of issues and it doesnt seem to be going away.

I have a really hard time going to sleep and staying asleep some nights (stress makes it worse of course) and I have to switch positions several times in the night because it makes my body hurt every way I lay if I lay in the position for too long. When I wake up in the morning I feel stiff and achy.. The worst area is the joint near my armpit/shoulder/chest area. It feels sore pretty often and it definitely hurts after laying on either side for too long.

I also have pain in my hips that will radiate down to my legs and sometimes to me knees. That pain isn't as often as the shoulder pain though. When I wake up I feel very groggy and stiff but after a few hours the pain starts to subside and its mostly not noticeable until the evening again. Like right now I'm having pain in my left shoulder blade (on my back obviously lol) that happens only sometimes. My pain definitely gets worse when im stressed or anxious.  A lot of the time the pain seems to migrate. It will be on area one day and a different area another day.

All of my pain seems to be related to my lymph nodes. The have slowly enlarged one by one (they dont keep enlarging, once they "swell" they stay the same size or go down a little). The first was about 7 years ago and that was in my armpit, it slightly went back down but never fully. Its always been a little tender. Then it was the ones in my neck, and under my jawline. Then the ones right next to my armpit close to my armpits and around my chest below the collar bone but above my breasts. Then the ones in my groin on either side and they cause radiating pain down my leg. Then the ones in my very lower back. I have "flair ups" where they get more tender and cause more pain but then go back down some and don't feel so bad. Stress definitely makes it worse and also alcohol. I have stopped drinking alcohol because it would cause my body to flair up ALL over. Also a new symptom is pain near the the bottom of my ribs sometimes. Also I have this weird muscle spasming on the left side of my middle back when I lay on my back and side. Its kind of on and off, it doesnt hurt its just really annoying!

I dont know what to think of it???
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Since you have swollen lymph nodes over multiple areas of the body, the body aches and pains could be due to conditions causing these swollen lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes across multiple areas or generalized lymphadenopathy can be due to viral infections such as mono or EBV or cytomegalovirus or due to bacterial infections like TB.  HIV or AIDS, leukemia, lymphomas and other cancers can also be a cause. This could also be due to inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. It is difficult to determine the cause on net. You need to run tests for a confirmed diagnosis. Fibromyalgia could exist with the above mentioned causes. However anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and low vitamin D or B12 too could cause generalized aches and pain. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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I was dx with fibromyalgia by a doctor in one city in 2008 moved to another city in 2010 and started seeing another doctor (with the notes/medical record from the first doctor).  The doctor in the new city started me all over again!!!!! I am having to go thru all the "rule out" test again.  The new doc has now sent me to the rheumatologist and the neurologist.  WELL, hundreds of d$llars and 2 years later, I still don't have the dx or the meds.  I am suffering with this pain and numbness and don't know what to do.  I still work full time and plan to continue, but this is the hardest thing I have EVER done.  How can I get my dx to get treatment.  I only want treatment because suffering is not "helping".  Doc gives me a prescription for 3 flexeril a day, but I can't function(like I said before, I WORK FULL TIME)  I just want some relief from the pain and fatigue.  What can I do?
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How likely would it be that I have HIV??? The last time I was "at risk" was when I was with my ex husband. He had multiple affairs. I was checked up until 8 weeks post contact and my blood test was negative. Would that 8 week test be conclusive?? Could being pregnant affect the test??

My current husband is in the military and we have been together for 5 years and he gets a test every year. His last test was 8 months ago and it was negative as well as all his others. Wouldnt he have it too?? I havent had one since the one I had 5 years ago that was negative. I didnt see a need because im in a committed relationship with someone who does not cheat. I dont know my ex-husbands HIV status because we stopped talking, I was only tested for it because he cheated and I was pregnant.

I never thought about it until now but this scares me! I never thought much about my lymph nodes because they have always been very sensitive. They even swelled when I was on birth control and then went back down some.
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I've had a condition that caused the similar aches and body pain and swollen lymph glands that was diagnosed as sarcoidosis it can show up under X-ray and also ct scan which I had they also can chk the level with a blood test called ACE it has to be written down on the lab req it's not one of the regular tests for it. Good luck and I wouldn't worry too much about the HIV and if your really worried go get another test done just to ease your mind
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Well you just totally described my life story from 2009. I had a car accident  and life has never been the same. Slowly deteriating, cronic central nerve pain, lumbar is deteriating and so is my mind. I totally hate life but the love for my children keeps me alive. I could never destroy their life because at 45 mine feels like it's over. I hate nights and mornings are even worse. Funtion is all I do. No motivation for anything at all.I thought my life was horrible when I was younger and and mid 20's and even 30's. From abusers to cheaters, to unemotional and extremely cold hearted people. Now alone once again, lost everything after being a real good Realtor for 16 years. Now I lay here , continplating driving 3 minutes down the road because I hurt so bad and can bearly keep eyes open.  Next comes my breathing mask so I can hopefully sleep for more then 2 hours at a time, we shall see. All I know is I have little to a little larger "knots" deepnear my muscles from arm pit area all the way down to calves. Literally. But life has to continue no matter how painful or lonely.  Trying to be Mom and Dad at the same time wears me down even more, but I have to raise my little ones as they are my only life now. I lost my soulmate when God took him home in 1989 and I miss him everyday. Totally agree stress andanxiety brings it on but then that's daily inmy life. I am tired and drained but I hold onto the love for my children as they need me as much as I need them.  Hold on tight Proudmommmanwife,  this is not an easy road we are traveling but hopefully we will be here to see a cure..... <3
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