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Itching, anyone?

I have had, off and on, this terrible itching! It's back, and it's driving me up the wall! It's nothing dermatological and topical treatments don't do a thing. My Fibro dr says she's never seen any patients with this symptom before. Anyone else have this?
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Yes, my lord it is wretched! In particular I get the itch on my hand and I just can't scratch that itch, as you know. I have to tell myself to stop scratching but it's too hard not to. I have a friend with fibro and she has the same thing. In fact I was complaining about " this stupid itch that won't go away " and then she told me what it was and that it happens to her too. I have read about it since in a book on fibro.
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Yes, I have fibromyalgia and have experienced random itching all over. It was particularly worse at night which is very troublesome for us fibro. folks who already have difficulty sleeping.  Topical treatments and antihistamines did not work for me. Fortunately, it went away for now, but it was indeed horrible.  
I am on a personal mission now with the help of naturopathic practitioner to examine why all the strange symptoms occur-sometimes it's metal toxicities causing so many bizarre symptoms that are diagnosed as part of fibromyalgia.  I had a hair analysis and will receive the results next week. Sounds a little crazy, but a popular website for fibromyalgia even discusses hair analysis and toxicities.  Toxic accumulation of metals in your body will case rashes  among  many other things fibro. suffers experience and is more common than people think. It's worth it for fibro. sufferes to look into natural alternatives!!

My Best to You
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I get itching, and I'm surprised your Dr. doesn't know of this symptom.  My Dr. explained that FM being an illness where neurotransmitters are irritated/ damaged, sick whatever, ( fibro fog today)  that our nerve endings react in an assortment of ways, burning, itching, rash.

I suffer from terrible burning to where it feels like my head and face have Ben gay rubbed all over it.  I feel this as we speak.  Itching is a frequent part of my daily symptoms. My friend has scoriassis  from FM nerves being damaged.  Her feet itch with no visible signs of any skin irritation.

I would like the website address please.  The toxic metals make sense.  Please beware, I know people who have been to naturopathic pharmacists. I know that is not what you are going to.  The people who when to the pharmacists, bought many "cures" for FM symptoms over 500 dollars worth, both of them, at seperate times and none of the homeopathic, holistic, medicines made a dent in their FM.  

Ask many questions and do research before accepting their cures and treatments.
I've been around 15 years with this illness and have seen and heard, not all , but a lot.

With respect,
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I agree, you must be careful and do your research when accepting homeopathic treatment.  I have been fortunate to be referred to the place I go to by others with autoimmune diseases and fibro. who use natural supplements in conjunction with medical treatment.  In fact, the owner of the business has Lupus and created the business to help others. They do not claim to replace standard medical treatment, but strive to enhance it so your body can function at its best. They work with your medical doctors to ensure adequate treatment.

They have seen many people with metal toxicities who had an assortment of strange problems get better after chelating or detoxing the metals from their bodies.  Metal toxicities will cause havoc on your immune system, nervous system, digestive system muscular system (virtually every system in your body). You body simply cannot function properly and absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to feel well when it is metal toxic.

The name of the place I go to is Nutrition Works formerly called Cornerstone.  They are located in PA.  They are Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioners and also Registered Nurses. You can find some information on the web, but I do not believe they actually have a website address. Feel free to research hair anaylsis on the web.  If you research copper toxicity and hair analysis, you will find interesting info.

Warmest Regards
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Thank you so much.  I feel better now knowing they came highly recommended and work with the medical community.

Thank you for the information. PA is a big state but I am not far from Phili and have family in King of Prussia.
I'll see where this place is, thanks again
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I've had great sucess with what is considered to be "alternative medicine". But of course, like anything you try, you need to do your research..... just as Ree said.  I must admit, I've had some supplements that alternative practitioners gave me that didn't work... but also, many medications that doctors prescribed that also didn't work.

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Wow, I *stumbled* into this while looking for something to explain my leg muscle pain which I have had for years off and on.  It hurts when I  press on my outer thigh and draw my fingers along the muscle while pressing down. Same thing on the inside !~   Other times if I press on places on my arms their is the same pain.

This has always been an issue for me, but since about 2004, I have become tired all the time and wake up tired no matter how long I sleep.

And itching drives me crazy. My head, arms legs, day or night. I just thought some of it was old age.  But, the leg muscle pains have always been there . I also have night terrors, (always have had them, but they have gotten worse over the years) so I just contributed that to old age too.

I also have IBS and have since childhood. I just figured I was falling apart due to old age when everything began to get worse back around 2004 or so.  I am 65 .  Just going to the grocery store wares me out!   And, I do housework in sections because I have to sit down all the time and rest in between everything.

Now I am wondering if these are all connected to escalating Fibro!
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I itch from the very top of my head to the soles of my feet.....and everything in between!  I have tried lotions, antihistimines, aveeno, etc.  NOTHING has worked.  I have even taken xanax...hoping that would help.  Sometimes the rims of my eyes itch so bad, I just want to rip the skin off.  It all feels like something is crawling on me.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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WOW... thank you for writing this!!  I have had itching on my right inside forearm for over a year easy, and it does drive me just crazy!  Days I feel I could itch the skin right off!!  I have the burning on places too and so many other symptoms.  

I get the bee stings, cold feelings like cold water on my skin, cramps, and restless Leg, fatigue, hurt all over, and among other many others things.

I had a MRI of my brain and a EEG done, next week I get results..
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Oh my goodness.. Yes!  This is the first forum I have come across where someone has actually mentioned the intense itching that I get from time to time.  Several years ago it was so severe that it was interfering with my sleep, work, and making me feel like I was going crazy.  It feels as if little tiny bugs are crawling all over.  You literally feel as if your skin is crawling.  I did however find a solution and hope that it works for you.  Antihistamine.  Not applied topically, but a 24 hour allergy pill.  What works for me in particular is Zyrtec taken once a day.  You might get the same relief from Allegra or Claritin.  I haven't tried those.  But I can say that my itching episodes are pretty much gone as long as I remember to take my Zyrtec.  You should ask your doc about this!  Good Luck!
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I hadn't thought of this as being part of the FM, because I have so many allergies to begin with and even have MCS.  I've always had dry skin, too.  I never attributed any of this to the FM.  I definitely got terrible itching all throughout the body with Tramadol.  I do get parasthesia, too, and that is sometimes itchy along with the pins and needles feelings.  I get the neuropathy in the scalp as well as eczema, which definitely drives me nuts.  I never realized that this itching you're talking about was the FM.  I thought it was the allergies or the MCS.  I'm glad someone mentioned this.  I wonder if the itching and the parasthesia are part of the same nerve problem, too, since some of the parasthesia definitely itches more than burns.  This is very interesting, since it's something I never thought about as being part of the FM before.  One more thing to confirm the diagnosis for me, too, I guess.
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I am a 61 yr-old female and recently was diagnosed with fibro after years of dealing with the allover pain, fatigue and insomnia.  For years I considered that I might have this condition but was hesitant to mention it since I know that many people still believe that this very real condition was "all in my head".  Believe it or not I had to go through a severe depression and treatment in order to have the correct diagnosis. Intense itching is a very real symptom for me and have to take Atarax to stop the itch, otherwise I scratch and scratch until I bleed.   Being that Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that is intricately connected to the emotions, I  am certain it presents with varying symptoms in different individuals.   Most of them are the same but nervous itching may just be a symptom that presents in some and not in others.
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I have the itchiest skin ever. My big toes especially.  They itch and itch and itch until they turn red and the skin gets hard turning a darker reddish purple color. After a week or so the skin is so thick. I peel it off and the process starts all over again. I was told it was contact dermatitis but all the creams they have given me it has never gone away or even helped. Its irritating.
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I myself itch with my Fibro, I also know that when I itch, my Restless Leg kicks in.....I was in a pinch and took an Ativan to calm my nerves, and about 15 minutes later I took 2 Benadryl.  I hopped in the shower before the meds kicked in to see if it would help.  After that I got into my P.J.'s and the itching and the RLS calmed down.....Hope this helps.
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That's exactly the symptoms I have. I thought they were mites, but there's no sign of bites or rash. The pharmacist was baffled. I suffer from fibromyalgia and it's been bad in the last few days, so I searched to see if there might be a connection and I found this page. Did you find anything to relieve your itch?
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I'm convinced it's Fibro related...I have no allergies (I do have hashimotos hypothyroidism) Low levels of Vit D....however, after doing a 3 day fast and liver detox (using Almased) and then introducing foods in a certain order (proteins, vegetables, fruits, then lastly carbs..)for the following 6 weeks..I found out that large amounts of SALT (caused severe itching) and some carbs like Oatmeal (caused weight gain). These were foods that affected me.

I had a masseuse happen to work my muscles really well..when she hit a spot on my hip..it really hurt sore..like I was bruised there....it turned out the exact spot was causing me itching all day before....this was the first thought connection between the "sore spots" and the itching.

Bigelows makes a mint lotion which in small quantities helps with these itching spots and after hot baths...helps with that crawling itching.

Someone needs to find out what we are lacking in those neurotransmitters or why we cannot repair them at night. 4am to 6 am is the WORST for me.
Note..this is also the time at night the liver detoxes!!!
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Wow I itch like crazy , legs , arms , back and shoulders and head. It does feel like I have bugs . Went to the doc one time and had her check me for bugs,,, none there..I  have not been diagnosed yet by soon I am hoping. First I have positive for RA in my blood factor then I don't , I find this whole medical romp frustrating and confusing. After my year wait to see the Rheumatologist waiting a month now seems like nothing. I sincerely hope he can help me. Mostly pain but itching will be on my list of symptoms.. Thanks for your post as it is nice to know  we are not out there all alone.. Patti
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I just copied and pasted my response from yesterday to another poster.

Here's my opinion.
Dysregulation of neurotransmitters (NT) in FMS, affects the Merkel's discs,
sensory nerve ending pressure plate receptors located in your outer skin.
They translate touch, pressure and texture and send it to the brain, but their default is itchiness when they don't know what  message to send, b/c of the dysregulation of NTs.
Dryness will make it worse.
Energy medicine (spinal release  procedure) might correct it, specially if connected to anxiety and stress.
I suggest testing for NTs if available-tough field in medicine- pm me for link
if you need.
NTs testing should be a must for FMS, as they have to do with sleep regulation, pain regulation, pain sensation, immune function and more.
Take care.
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I know just how you feel. I don't have FM but I do have Sjogren's Syndrome. It's an auto immune disease most often associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It affects the moisture in your body which is one of the main cause of the itching. It also causes severe dry mouth and eye. It is very rare and most doctors don't think of it. Ask your doctor about it.
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I have severe itching over my entire body even my scalp.  My doc gave me aluminum lactate, but it doesn't cure the dry skin.  My lower legs are so scared that I have to wear long skirts or pants.  I started having a panic attack over it so I just took a xanax.  I use a knife to scratch because I don't have any nails and the intensity of the itch is so bad that my nails couldn't relieve it anyway.  I'll probably end up seeing yet another doctor and more medication which I cannot afford, because I hit my coverage gap.  Its bad enough I'm up to 3 morphines and 3 oxycodones with about 11 other drugs.  I'm so sick of seeing doctors and spending what little money I have with these guys.  I'm so pissed off right now.
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I have severe itching over my entire body even my scalp.  My doc gave me aluminum lactate, but it doesn't cure the dry skin.  My lower legs are so scared that I have to wear long skirts or pants.  I started having a panic attack over it so I just took a xanax.  I use a knife to scratch because I don't have any nails and the intensity of the itch is so bad that my nails couldn't relieve it anyway.  I'll probably end up seeing yet another doctor and more medication which I cannot afford, because I hit my coverage gap.  Its bad enough I'm up to 3 morphines and 3 oxycodones with about 11 other drugs.  I'm so sick of seeing doctors and spending what little money I have with these guys.  I'm so pissed off right now.
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Hi jacquieraff.

My, my, "they" have transformed you into a ...walking pharmacy.
Please no more meds! It might be good that you can't afford it.

Sorry, I have no intention to sound critical but, your body cannot handle the effects of all those chemicals in the drugs and stress amplifies it!
The toxicity is coming through your skin.

Your issues are likely foundational ie: serious nutritional, mineral,hormonal, neurotransmitter deficiencies, biological stress, unresolved past trauma,etc.
and simple symptom relief meds and narcos only make it worse in the end.

Please read my earlier post in this thread. If interested in the spinal release procedure, look in your area for an "allergy antidotes" practitioner
and if you can't find any, look into NAET trained doctors or practitioners
who might be able to help you with the severe itchiness.

Best wishes.
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I was diagnosed with fibro a few months back.  While I don't recommend this to anyone, it does works for me: You take a shower using a hand-held shower unit with the hottest water you can stand on the sensitive underside of your wrist. You then apply the water stream about 4" from a spot. It will burn like hell for a brief moment then you move on to another spot. In my case I have it from the neck down to my feet. Remember ... it burns like hell so check to make sure the water isn't too hot. I then apply a good skin lotion. This gives me relieve for 4 to 6 hours but by then my lorazepam has kicked in and I finally get some sleep.
I take oxycodones as well as wearing a 75 mcg/h Fentanyl patch but not for the Fibro. I take them for other reasons (D.I.S.H.) and they will do nothing for the Fibro or the itching, just a waste of money for Fibro.
Jim ...
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I scratched the blood out of my finger, just below my wedding rings, and my thumb last night. It's only been a week or so since I did that to the top of my foot also. That itch is just about enough to drive you out of what's left of your mind. It's definitely nerve related.
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