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Joint pain in fibro?

Hi! I guess I'm new here, even though I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for a while. I'm wondering though... how much joint pain is caused by fibromyalgia? I've been having some really awful joint pain. Not muscle pain that seems to be joint pain. Just general joint pain. Nothing that's been given to me has stopped the pain at all, nor the fatigue, or anything really. Except for one thing. Prednisone. But I thought prednisone wasn't supposed to work with fibromyalgia...? The joint pain also becomes a lot worse when exposed to enough sunlight or fluorescent light. So I dunno. It also seems to have developed along with my veins and such going very thin. I now bruise very easily and have gotten some really nasty bruises off blood tests. And they have a really hard time finding the vein to take the blood test. And also over autumn, when I needed IV medication (for a really, RAELLY bad stomach bug), they couldn't get the IV medication to work. They said the veins weren't permeable or something. All this didn't happen before. So I dunno.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? What should I discuss with my doctor? Could there be any other underlying issue?

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