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Leg, Arm, and Back Pain

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always gotten leg aches, mainly when I walked a lot. My mom always called them “growing pains,” and they were always very severe to the point I was screaming when I walked all day.  As a kid, Tylenol or Advil was very effective in helping with the pain.  

Here are some things that describe my history

 I am 32 years old
 I have two bulged and degenerated discs in my lumbar spine and arthritis
 Recently got an Xray of my leg, turned out fine
 Location of pain: Below my knee in the front, can be one or both legs, down to my ankle. When it’s very bad it can be my enter leg up to my thigh
 Type of pain: Moderate ache
 The pain in my legs is constant, much much worse when I walk or stand a lot
 Has been constant for about 6 months
 Narcotic pain relievers and applying heat are the only things that helps, advil or any other meds don’t touch the pain
 I sometimes feel a similar ache in my forearms, wrists and elbows. This is not constant, but it’s the exact same pain just milder.
 I’ve gotten lots of blood work done, including vitamin tests and I am not vitamin deficient
 I take a multivitamin every day, extra potassium, vitamin d, iron, calcium, and magnesium
 I do have other fibro symptoms such as a lack of energy, headaches, sleep disturbances (wake up from the pain), and  my Dr. tested four of my pressure points, only 1 hurt pretty bad (like I was being bruised) and the other hurt a little. The other spots did not hurt at all.  
 My Dr. gave me Savella to try and I’ve been on it for about a week. I read it can take up to two months to really start working.. The side effect of the sweating and redness is driving me crazy!

If the pain in my arms gets to be the same as the pain in my legs, I don’t know how I’m going to handle this. Does this sound like fibro? Any other ideas as to what this can be?  I know this is a long post and I appreciate any guidance!
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Oh, I could have written your post!!

I wish there was an easy answer... I've been living in constant pain for the majority of my life.  Most of the time, I live in denial that anything is wrong and just keep going.  However, I'm not 41 and for the past year of so, I can't deny it any longer! I hurt.... I hurt all of the time.... I wish I could find relief.

I will tell you that the Savella will help.  It took about 2 months before I started noticing any improvement.  It also took about 2 months before the sweating got better.  I still have an occassional flare up of sweats, but it is NOTHING like it was at first.  So there is hope for that.  As far as the redness goes, I never experienced that? Sorry???

Basically, I've exhausted any and all pain meds that can be purchased over the counter.  I have been reluctant to use any prescription pain meds, but needing a tylenol or 4 each day is just not normal!  ya' know?  

Along with the Savella, I started eliminating processed sugars and flours from my diet!  With this change I saw a lot of improvement in my pain.  Lately,  I've fallen off that wagon too and now I'm back to constant pain.  I guess I need to get back on that wagon so I will feel better.

Good Luck to you and please share your experiences with Savella!
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I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond!  I wanted to thank you for your response, I really appreciate it.
I had to stop taking Savella, it made me feel REALLY bad and actually when I quit taking it, I felt a million times better than I did before.. crazy huh? Things are going good for me and I have started to cut down on the pain medication.

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