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Saturday I pushed mysel as I usually do when I'm having a "good" day. Yesterday, I was zapped. Today, foggy and lightheaded all morning to now...still.
Going to nap to see if it helps. Sometimes a nap helps with the fatigue and I tend to take them when I HAVE to be somewhere later in the evening.
Anyone else have lightheadedness with their fibro..?
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Hi Blueline1991.

A few tips which worked for me and most people I have helped.
1. Limit the amount of carbs you take and eliminate all refined carbs.
If you are able to do a complete elimination of gluten for a few weeks
in addition to the low carb diet, this will serve as a test for gluten sensitivity.
2. Dr. Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation supports the premise that most fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant.
To my opinion though we cannot find a better method to test thyroid function than Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test. (there are several versions now)
I have devoted countless of hours, scanning through the studies and groundbreaking work of Dr. Barnes, The Father of Hypothyroidism, lol!
  Simply brilliant and way ahead of his time!

Instructions For Taking Basal Body Temperature:
Use an ordinary oral or rectal glass (not digital) thermometer.
Shake down the thermometer the night before, and place it on your nightstand.
The first thing in the morning BEFORE you get out of bed, place the thermometer under your arm for ten(10) minutes.
Record the temperature reading and date right away!
Repeat for 10 days.
Normal Range: 97.6 to 98.2
Averages below this range indicate hypothyroidism.
3. Take 6 smaller meals instead of 3 main meals.
Make sure your meals are nutrient rich, made from fresh quality ingredients
organic/pastured/grass-fed/free-range, if possible.
Clean-up your cupboard! No sugars, cookies, cake mixes, chips, white flour, cereals made from refined grains & loaded with sugars and other harmful ingredients, etc.
4. Supplement with quality Omega-3, Methylocobalamin B12, Methylfolate, Vitamin C, Coconut Oil (use also in cooking instead of inflammatory vegetable oils, which degrade fast when heated unlike Coconut oil) ,
Apple cider vinegar raw and organic 1 Tablespoon with some water before meals (best source of malic acid).
5. Get some physical activity into your daily schedule, even if it is a walk
in the park. Swimming, specially breast stroke is the least demanding.
Recumbent stationary cycling is another low impact activity, fairly easy to do for most people
6. Meditation! It has helped change my life!
YouTube has many meditation videos, if this is something you have no experience with. The more you do the easier it becomes!
It can help you lower your stress, sleep better, improve your immune system  and more.

If you're willing to try these, I'm confident that after a few weeks, you will experience a notable improvement.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
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Niko I just stumbled across your forum. I wanted to thank you for the wealth of information in your response.
I have cleaned up my diet just started taking Omega 3's for joint stiffness and had asked if anyone else had tried this.
I also am trying thyroid support supplement in addition to my thyroid medicine.  I have noticed an improvement in that past two days
Thanks again
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Look into underlying causative factors, like Candida and

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