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Link between Fibromyalgia and RhoGam injections with mercury

I am curious how many people are RH-, received RhoGam injection after the birth of their 1st childs birth and now has Fibromyalgia.
In the 1980's, RhoGam had mercury in it. Actually, mercury was in many immunizations (used as a preservative), but have been (supposedly) recently removed from products.  I cannot get much information on this subject. I have found that when given RhoGam DURING pregnancy has shown a higher chance of Austism and ADD/ADHD in the infant, but what are the long term affects in the mother??
If ANYONE has information regarding the correlation between Fibro and RhoGam...PLEASE contact me.  Thank you.
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a fellow fibromite did some reasearch and came acroos something about fibro being around for a whole lot longer..I think what happen was so many people get diagnosed because doctors are stumped..we have had several people come on a site I was on and get info about symptoms and then they were filing for disability..
I think weeding out the mis dx'd the fakers and the real the true dx would be alot less..
It is interesting about mercury didnt immunizations also have it in them?
  we who have fibro seem to search for the cause more then the doctors.. it is just in are nature to want answers..keep us informed on what you find..
I would like to add..aluminum like soda cans,pots pans even deoderant..heavy metal toxisity? I stoped drinking out of cans and I did have more energy at least..
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I find that intersesting and yes I am RH-.... the only wonder I would have is we due have many men with fibro but stay more quit..mdjunction has groups about this
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Interesting question. Not sure of the answer. I am also Rh - but I was never given RhoGam because my husband was also Rh - so it wasn't necessary. But maybe it isn't the RhoGam itself but the fact that it contained mercury. If mercury was in other vaccines as well then anyone who was vaccinated would have been exposed. Maybe those of us with fibro are just more sensitive to it than others?
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Thanks k9,
Years ago when the term "fibromyalgia" arose, med professionals didn't know what to make of it. Seemed like an "umbrella diagnosis". Now, almost everyone I know has been told they have it. It makes me wonder, is it the blood types or is it all the preservatives and "junk" in the processed foods we've been consuming for the last 30 years?
All I know, its miserable and debilitating to some (me) and just an annoyance to others.
"k9"...do you work with dogs? I am a HUGE animal lover, myself.  :)
Take care and best wishes to you.  Julie
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Thank you fellow Fibromite!  We are our own advocates when it comes to our pain and frustration.  I do believe that the mercury used as a preservative in almost all immunizations are, very likely, a culprit. Unfortunately, those particular drug companies are protected against any prosecution.
As far as social security disability, it's very difficult to get it if fibro is the only complaint.
I agree the internet has opened a whole can of worms for those seeking answers to their health concerns. Its can become a doctors nightmare when trying to find a true DX when someone complains of symptoms that are difficult to test for. You can't see pain and testing can be faked by the patient.  All I know is my issues are real and some I wish weren't.
Take care, be good and keep up with your journey to comfort!  W.
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I agree that heavy metals aggravate our problems.  I'm quite glad I had the amalgam removed from my one filling.  It's a long story, but one of those dental clinics for the poor had the nerve to replace a perfectly good composite filling with amalgam--even after I specifically told them that I didn't want them to do this.  I don't understand why they did this anyway, since that wasn't what I went in for.  It made me mad, because I had spent good money on that original composite filling out of pocket many years before.  I knew already I didn't want amalgam.  I didn't know all of the things about heavy metals then, but I knew I didn't want the amalgam.  I was right and didn't know how right I was.

This is the only low income dental clinic I qualify to go to even for dental cleanings.  I don't trust those people after that experience, so I won't go back.

I do wonder, though, how much heavy metal poisoning I've had in my life, since I know many baby teeth had that stuff in it, too.  Plus, I used to use the antiperspirant stuff that we all tend to use as young people.  That's full of aluminum.

I am more than convinced than ever before that getting the stuff removed and using only natural deodorant without aluminum in it, not antiperspirant, was still definitely in my best interests.
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I've never heard of Rho Gam, but there is mercury in all vaccinations, so, yeah, I'm sure that the more vaccines you had as a kid, the more likely you have heavy metals causing multitudes of health problems.  The more I know about vaccines, the more I go the other direction.  They're bad news in general, not the supposed life saving stuff the masses were stuck with.  I'm sure glad I don't have children to have to deal with the vaccine issue.  It's easier when it's just an adult making decisions for one's self.
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Hello, in response to vaccines having mercury...from what I have found, the FDA has removed this from the preservatives...but the "FLU SHOT" may still contain it.  Its crazy!
Thank you for your reply.  RhoGam is for RH negative women that plan to have children with an RH positive man. The first pregnancy is okay, but if more children will be conceived, this shot is given to the mother within 72 hours after delivery. This protects the mother AND the (possible RH + ) baby from the negative antibodies of the mother incase there is any blood mix of the 2 during pregnancy. If a mother, not given this shot, gets exposed to the babies blood (IF THE BABY HAS POSITIVE BLOOD TYPE), moms blood will begin to fight the positive blood cells, endangering the baby.  Thats it in a nut shell. If you are interested in learning more, just do a search on the web. Lots of info out there!!
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OIC.  The issue never arose for me, since I never had kids.  I'm actually getting too old to consider having kids now, too.  However, in regards to vaccines and the FDA removing the mercury from them.  Well, they didn't really remove it entirely.  Mercola talks about this, especially for vaccines and children.  It's kind of complicated to explain, but if you go to mercola.com and look up vaccines or vaccines and mercury you'll find plenty of information about modern vaccines.  I understand the basic gist of what you're talking about with RhoGam here, though.  I'm pretty sure the risk of Rh- mothers and Rh+ babies has been rather small in my huge extended family, because no one ever mentioned something like that.  

I know someone who ended up getting Gullian Barré from flu shots.  It was her own conventional doctor who told her this.  And, there have been documentaries on news magazine shows with people getting Gullian Barré from flu shots as recently as only three or four years ago.  Gullian Barré isn't the only major concern about vaccines, but it is something worth considering if you already have Fibromyalgia.  So, yeah, the flu shots still have it.  The best way to avoid getting the flu or colds, or at least reducing the symptoms is doing what you can to raise your vitamin D levels--if you can.  It can be rather difficult for some people with vitamin D dysregulation or with intolerance to taking oral vitamin D.  But, if you can, find a way to raise it, so that you're at least not fighting additonal viruses to what you're already dealting with.

The more I learn about vaccines, the more I want to stay far away from those needles.  Especially when I'm already fighting Fibromyalgia.  The reason it's easier for adults making decisions to stay away from vaccines is simple:  as adults we mostly have the right to do this.  In regards to having children and wanting to avoid giving them vaccines--it's a huge battle.  Someone is always wanting to force it upon people, even when they have a child who responds badly to vaccines.  There are more vaccines than ever, too, that the little ones get in their first year of life than many of us had throughout our entire childhoods.  This is actually a case of more is definitely not better.  Mercola explains better how this means that there is actually more mercury in the child's first few years in his little body than is allowed in many other areas of our lives.  All of this information makes me pretty glad I'm not dealing with a small child these days.
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I will never get a flu shot.  My mom had COPD and Asbestosis and chronic pneumonia...within a year after getting a flu shot (in the early 90"s), she passed away. It just depleted any immune fighting she had left in her.
Thanks for the info regarding Mercola and Gullian Barre. I'll be looking into these soon.
It makes me angry that mercury is STILL being used...more so that our babies are being subjected to it.
Take care of yourself. We'll see ya later on here!!!  W
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I am a Rh- mom, had 4 pregnancies + rhogam shots, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The problem was and still is mercury as well as gluten intolerance. If I stay clear from fish, treated dairy products and gluten my FM is gone by 90% and I am in remission, have been for almost 4 years. Rh- people have toxic reaction to mercury in any form? Had all my mercury filled teeth extracted.
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